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Old 10-07-2010, 02:04 AM   #471 (permalink)
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CFNM, NIP & Femdom stories
Ardor's "Podcast"

I read my dirty little stories and give you my crazy pointless views on sex, gender and fetishes.

And I give a babillion shits about this post :-)
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Episode 101 "Google Sucks & Beer" featuring Scott Perez-Fox is now available through iTunes!!! or here:

Happy Sunday everyone!
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A couple of weeks ago, I was welcomed into the Radio Adelaide Studios Down Under to chat about my book "The Hambledown Dream" on "The Final Say" with Lauren Decesare and Caitlin Sullivan and play some tracks off it's unofficial/official soundtrack (yes - you read right). Well that interview is available for download here.

Last night (Sunday night), "The Final Say" welcomed me back into the studio a guest cohost and we had an awesome 90 minutes discussing life, the universe and Robin Gibb getting fucked over on live TV. I also comandeered the CD deck to get in some of my favorite tracks, INCLUDING none other than KATG's own Brother Love!!

For a little pop culture, Australian style check out the episode we recorded last night...

The Final Say - October 10 2010 - DOWNLOAD .MP3
Dean from Australia Dot Com
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Old 10-10-2010, 10:32 PM   #474 (permalink)
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New Litterbox!

There's a new episode of The Litterbox out. You won't find it on our website, because Richard's computer is broken. But that means you can hear him be extra grumpy and hateful towards me, which is always nice. You can also hear Liam threaten to rape just about everybody, in detail. Enjoy.

Here's the iTunes link
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Old 10-11-2010, 08:50 AM   #475 (permalink)
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I have a podcast called Green Sky Radio (I suck at naming shit). Anyways, it's here, or on iTunes. Listen if you want.

Green Sky Radio - A Talkshow Dedicated To Potty Mouth And Satire
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Old 10-12-2010, 02:33 AM   #476 (permalink)
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Audiobuzzed #63: Comedy Cornucopia
"That's disgusting! Who does that?"

Big Jim and Rhian are back! Rhi's computer died. But thanks to the kindness of friends and strangers who want to see her bewbs online, she has a new lappy. Canadian Thanksgiving is coming, whatever happened to the cornucopia? Audiobuzzed is growing! Thanks for spreading the word. Howard Stern's staff made an awesome prank call. Now Rhian knows what a blumpkin is. Greg Giraldo RIP. Australia's Top Model messes up royally. News: Chad Ochocinco sex line, millionaire times two, courts say no to Chippendales, grandma tries to get out of drunken driving arrest by offering something special to the officer, strip club becomes lame because of new laws and turns to prostitution, and the miracle patch will save your life, fatty!

E-mail Audiobuzzed at or; or on Twitter send a message to @Audiobuzzed. And you can call the BuzzedLine and leave a message at 919-289-9331, that's 919-BUZZED-1

Download and subscribe on iTunes or via the Web at Audiobuzzed
Facebook me here!
Twitter me right here!

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Audiobuzzed #64: Dong Display
"I enjoy penis. Fine. There. I said it"

Rhian is back with Big Jim after the Canadian Thanksgiving break. She hosted some friends at the Rhisort over the weekend and went out on the town. There's some skin showing in the Keith and The Girl hottest guy and girl contests. And some of Audiobuzzed's listeners are flaunting their stuff there. Rhian likes to look at peen. Crazy Japanese singing holograms. A new segment: Orgasm of the Week! Chilean miners were better off underground. FBI's GPS trackers are huge! News: Justin Beiber punches a 12-year-old for calling him a fag, Obama streaker didn't get the million dollars, Belgian Roman Catholic Church thinks AIDS is a type of justice, dude busted for weed but cop finds the bong he lost seven years ago, and a surprising stabbing at anger management group class.

Don't forget, the Rhi Roast will happen in late November! We want you to join in. E-mail your roast of 1-5 minutes to or call the buzzed line at 919-289-9331 and leave it as a message there.

E-mail Audiobuzzed at or; or on Twitter send a message to @Audiobuzzed. And you can call the BuzzedLine and leave a message at 919-289-9331, that's 919-BUZZED-1

Download and subscribe on iTunes or via the Web at Audiobuzzed
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Old 10-21-2010, 10:26 PM   #478 (permalink)
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THC 9: Morning After Muffin – “Team Whore Represent”

First LIVE Episode with everyone in the same room!

In this episode the fallen angels discuss:
-Another fallen angel joins us, the lovely MyOhMy
-the logistics and benefits of a poprocks blow job
-a candy bar only for boys
-what does a nun use to masturbate?
-Hungover catering company
-Strange Canadian Sex
-Only children unite!
-Should the first item on any bucket list be , buy a bucket?

Free on itunes! TiltedHaloCast and join our facebook page.
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Old 10-22-2010, 11:39 AM   #479 (permalink)
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A new Scathing Review with Red Meat artist Max Cannon!

A Scathing Review
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Old 11-03-2010, 01:28 PM   #480 (permalink)
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My news/comedy podcast badtimebabble is now on it's 20th episode.
Each episode it feels like we've been figuring out how to make the show better, what works, what doesn't etc. The whole thing has def been a learning experience. Anyways the latest episode is.

Ep20: Two men, in a car, cottaging

This week me and Chris are joined by Leigh Keates, don't let the name fool you, Leigh isn't our first female on the show, Leigh is in fact a guy. A softly spoken hairdresser... But a guy!

Anyways this week we discuss the difference between dogging and cottaging, tramps at Imax films, Halloween costumes, dying pets, zombie weddings and other fantastical things.

So don't delay, listen today or you'll miss out on the best thing since cottaging.. I mean sliced bread!
All the news you never knew you cared about.
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