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Episode 11 of The Mundane Chatter Podcast is up

Here are the shownotes:

Show Notes for Mundane Chatter 2.0 Episode 11: The Power Of Social Media
Host for this episode: Julio And Claudia
Retraction: regarding my horror movie watching history
Using exercise ball instead of seat a la Leo Laporte
The hassle Episode 10 was on the editing floor
Not a fan of the new NYC license plates
Five ways to organize your life

News Items:
17 lost pyramids were found in Egypt with new satellite survey
New Study shows half of American’s won’t be able to raise $2,000 for emergency
What keeps Poor People Poor
Twitter buys Tweetdeck for $40 or $50 million
The power of the masses in Social Media:
Sen. Ron Wyden puts hold on Protect IP Act because it doesn’t serve greater good
Corruption in Russia is bad for honest business men
Italian seismologists to be tried for manslaughter

Our trip to Cloisters

Julio’s Blog
Claudia’s Blog
Nipples of Fate Blog

Opening Theme: I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton
Closing Theme: When You Go by Jonathan Coulton
here is the link to the show.
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The Vinyl Countdown
076: Ensconced
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Comedy Podcast inspired by KATG

Tom, Jorge and Adam are a rag-tag bunch of Australians crushed together by the twin hands of fate and beer to record the weekly podcast Unnatural Selection in Melbourne, Australia.

To celebrate their 50th show they will be recording a live podcast at Gertrude's Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy on the 6th of July at 7.30pm.

Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door Event Details

Come support their first ever live show, and they might do another!
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TiltedHaloCast 23: Maple Syrup and Miracles – “Disco Ball Balls!”

This week The Angels discuss:
- Beebs
- Gnome whores
- pejazzle
- 7year old boobs
- stupid questions
- twitpic is real public yo



Uncast #208: Out Of The Woods

Apologies ahead of time for the terrible background noise. It was a terribly hot night and fans were necessary. We jump right into cutlery, food, racism and a hot waitress at Urge Gastropub named Laura S. and a waiter with a hot voice. Rhian talks about the amazing meals she made. Two days in a row of fancy awesome dinners. She hasn’t done that in a LONG time so it’s a big sign of victory. Also because they tasted FREAKING AMAZING! Victoria tries to one-up with her awesome breakfast but I think Rhi gets the victory in this one.

Rhian comes up with an idea for a new musical based on blending fantasy, children’s stories, myths, Bible characters, etc. Denmark tries to ban Marmite (those damned Danes!) and we discuss horse herpes which brings up Sherpa Prostitute Sex. Whore news this week includes an old saint’s severed head and a man only wearing olive oil getting busted by cops.

"It's like when your pussy broke back in your hooker days." - Keith
"Rhi is living Viagra" BigJim50_
"Exactly. If Rhi says the word he has to die." Junkenstein

Lushrain & Rhi's #37: Good and Girthy #236: Butch's Tiny Penis

My medical journey:
Life Fast, Die Pretty.
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Episode 139: “I’m Ryan Dunn and this is Driving Like Randy Savage” – 6/21/11

This Episode iDB and Amber talk shit about:
  • I GOT A JOB!!!!
  • Birthday tomorrow, Natalya turned 1 years old last week.
  • New website layout – shout to Anthony Crown for the hook up.
  • Jackass Star Ryan Dunn passes away.
  • 3DW Shocker In Endicott – Leads us to the Warzone on July 9th
  • I blew $7 on a crane machine trying to win an angry bird.
  • The Green Lantern movie is obviously a dud. Bad reviews all around but Jiinx fuckin loved it.
  • Props to So Sick Social Club for making the bill at this years GoTJ
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is just around the corner.
  • Playstation Welcome Back Program trick figured out. Double Games!!!
  • Playstation 3: Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Plainswalkers
  • Playstation 3: Streets of Rage 2
  • Fingerbang Theater is live.
  • Jiinx told me about: Marvil vs Kapcom
  • Warriors Kharma Videos (Trailer)
  • And more!!!!!

Download and enjoy: Original Geeks Podcast Episode 139
Host of the Original Geeks Podcast , Pro Wrestling personality for 3DW, Underground Shitty Nerd Rapper.

Subscribe to our feed:

Your source for all geek related shit and all things fresh hosted by Ian Daddybones & Jiinx


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209: I Don’t Need Dirt On My Snatch

We describe the Vancouver riots, how hot it is in Ottawa, creating useless robots and other shit. San Francisco tries to ban circumcision, we still hate LeBron and Victoria doesn’t understand that. Can you get syphillis from a vampire? Victoria brings us the “Dutch Corner” including it’s ovens, hookers and pot bans? Rhian becomes incensed and goes off on the bullshit “laws” on Canadian Medical Marijuana. She also has a doctor’s appointment and she describes the latest in her life. No one needs to see peen on a plane! We discuss Game of Thrones a bit, including don’t fuck with Sean Bean.

Latest Episode - 250a: Porn Church
Last Upload of Pics: January 7, 2012

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“When my mom drinks whiskey, she pees on me."
Kyle, Allysa and James discuss drug addiction and having addictive personalities, Kyle issues a public apology to someone he tormented in Junior High and Miley Cyrus is a DUMB CUNT.
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Episode 140: I Love Graham Crackers (aka Harry Potter > Jesus) – 6/29/11

This episode Ian and Amber talk shit about:
  • Worked my first full week at the new job. First paycheck this week.
  • New art is coming soon. Big Drew Graffix. New TWM signature video.
  • Thank you for all the birthday tweets and wall posts.
  • 3DW Presents Warzone – July 9th – Video is online
  • Speaking of 3DW, we had a photoshoot for National Police Gazette.
  • No MK Legecy Episode 9. Apparently its for Comic Con.
  • iDB loves the Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • I ignored my Mom’s phonecall on my birthday – Proving a point
  • I hate the store radio. I find myself singing to songs I shouldnt be singing.
  • Do it yourself WipEout soundtrack -
  • That CM Punk promo was the best thing to happen on TV since WCW got bought.
  • Playstation 3 Demo: Sonic Generations
  • PS3: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
  • Movie Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules – Had to take it back.
  • Movie Review: HP: Order of the Phoenix UE
  • Movie Review: HP & The Half Blood Prince UE
  • DVD Review: Best of WCW Monday Nitro
  • and much more.

Right click to download
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What Could Go Wrong?

Bad Movies, Anime, Random Encounters and some various news for shut-ins. Give us a listen from iTunes, check the pitiful website, or here's the feed.
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The Mundane Chatter Podcast 2.0 Episode 15: Revisiting Egypt’s Lost Cities

Here's the link to the show

Here are the shownotes:


Show Notes for The Mundane Chatter Podcast 2.0 Episode 15: Revisiting Egypt’s Lost Cities
Hosts for this episode: Julio & Claudia
Special Guest: Felicity

Random Things:

Got a new temp job lined up for next week
Playing around with Thunderbird and figured out how to do a Rich Text signature
Loving Firefox 5
Want to get in on Google+
Not sure about

News Items:

Follow up Story: Dominique Strauss-Kahn may get off
Salma Hayek having baby mama drama
To catch an NBC Anchor
Turtles cause delay at JFK
NY Gay Marriage not likely to sway other states
CEO of GoDaddy is an elephant killer
Netherlands makes Net Neutrality a law
Final sales price of Myspace is 30-40 million
PopGames To Be Acquired for 1 Billion
New study shows that diet soda makes you fat
Op-ed: Smoke breaks are good for your health
Apples on top most pesticide-contaminated list

Back To The Meat And Potatoes Of It All:

Finally had a chance to see BBC One’s show “Egypt’s Lost Cities”
Our thoughts on this special
Peter Falk, passed away recently
We’re going to try to watch some things in his memory
Our niece, Felicity


Julio’s Blog
Claudia’s Blog
NoF Geek And Gamer Pants Party

Opening Theme: I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton
Closing Theme: When You Go by Jonathan Coulton
Interlude Music: Waltz Of The Proletariat by Al Phipp and The Woo Team
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