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A little Podshow stat for ya

So for some reason I thought of the old Bum Rush the Charts promo thing from awhile back, and I went to that web site to check it out, see if maybe they were still promoting bands. Now keep in mind, back in the day Adam Curry talked about this like it was some sort of independent thing, like he had just heard about it from a friend. So you can imagine my surprise when I went there today and it lists all these Podshow podcaster contributors! I can guaran-damn-tee ya those names were NOT on their web page back when the event first happened.

Still, now that we know who was really behind it, what were the results? From cross-promoting this thing to the MILLIONS of people downloading Podshow podcasts every day, how many sales were they able to generate for Black Lab?

It's an interesting question. They claim that 6000 sales at 99 cents each generated only $3500 for Black Lab. But even if you take their word for the 6000 number, that's not really that impressive for Podshow, especially since they claim 1,733,333 downloads per DAY.....that's somewhere around 4/10 of a percent of those downloads converting into Black Lab purchases.

Wow. With numbers like that I guess the advertisers must be knocking down the doors!
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I thought it was always known that the "Bum Rush the Charts" campaign was Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff's baby
and we all know how much he is loved here. NOT.

I remember when it was happening that a lot of the Podshow podcasts were promoting it.

I definitely heard about it on Dawn and Drew and from Scott Sigler.

I always had my doubts about it working.
The music wasn't that great.
I won't buy music to support a cause, I will buy it only if it appeals to me.
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