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-John- 02-15-2011 04:22 AM

Manga/Anime? what you guys into?
I just recently got into anime and manga. I first got into anime through The Last air-bender cartoon which led me to watching long running anime/manga series Naruto and Bleach.

After having caught up to the latest episodes of the series i went looking for something more violent and people recommended Elfen leid, School Days and higurashi when they cry but to be honest these shows sucked. they spent too much time on boring and there wasn't enough violence.

Afro Samurai i checked out and its pretty awesome but the sequel wasn't as good i thought. eventually i found GANTZ which is amazing the anime is only about 2 season but the maga is much longer so i started that and its pretty awesome. GANTZ had lots of violence and sexual content.

So what are you guys into? also if you know of any ultra violent anime that isnt mostly boring crap let me know!

Other anime i have watched and enjoyed-
Hellsing + OVA
Gundam Wing
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Code Geass
Bamboo Blade
Dragonball + Z
Devil may cry
Ninja scroll (Movie and series)
Soul Eater
Shaman king
Air Gear

DWarrior 02-15-2011 04:54 AM

Junkenstein 02-15-2011 08:41 AM

dude, you're such a hater. leave him alone.

Afro Samurai would be intersting look wise but the voices grate me. i know its done on purpose but...

Samurai Chanploo pulled the cool take on the wuxiapan genre better.

some expert friend gave me the Shigurui boxset lately, havent watched yet.

Gantz was nice but it pushed the unlikeable characters factor too much.

and i miss black lagoon.

Cretaceous Bob 02-15-2011 08:56 AM


Dude, anime is already one of the most heinous and atrocious facades passing for an artistic medium, but you actually fucking liked the Devil May Cry anime?

I love Devil May Cry and that shit made me want to murder everyone in Japan.

Junkenstein 02-15-2011 09:19 AM

thers bad anime and good anime Bob, like in any medium. Im not a fan but ive seen good ones.

Cretaceous Bob 02-15-2011 09:39 AM

No, I gave people like you a chance. I've asked anime fans for the name of something that will justify anime to me. That shouldn't be hard to do. Still haven't seen anything that didn't suck. And considering how people go on about the mildly bad Akira as some sort of seminal work, I'm completely sure you're wrong.

"Like any medium". Hah. It shouldn't be hard for people to find something to impress me, then. I've managed to find good everything else on my own. But somehow even asking anime fans what to watch I still end up watching something terrible.

Junkenstein 02-15-2011 10:22 AM

dude, i couldnt give two shits about anime, i dont defend it, just said ive seen good ones, like cowboy bebop. 95 percent of it is crap like most stuff.

plus if it aint your thing, it aint your thing. trying to get people into stuff they dont like is a waste of my time personally.

lattaland 02-15-2011 10:51 AM

Ugh, I hate anime and manga with vigor usually reserved for teenagers in love and the mentally ill.
I hate the bland designs and all the needless detail.
I know, I know, anime is not a genre and they make manga about every conceivable subject, well except one, and it's important: HUMOR. The shit ain't funny.
Animation and comics were invented for humor. When it isn't funny it fails on a fundamental level.
At any rate, no one asked me, and I don't wanna be a negative nelly, so I say look for some Astro Boy.

FletchLives 02-15-2011 11:02 AM

i say fuck all this anime shit except dragonball z. i used to get krunk watchin dbz in my racecar bed.

Junkenstein 02-15-2011 11:04 AM

agreed on the humour but thats a problem with anything asian, comedies included. they have a weird sense of funny that just doesnt hit home here.

as for the drawings, theres any kind of style in there but the mainstream stuff does look alike. they have the same issues superhero comics have. most of it is crap so the 2 good ones out of a million get ignored.

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