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Mencia on WTF

I hope I'm not repeating a thread but I got around to listening to this one and wondered what other people thought. Things I noticed:

-- Mencia refuses to admit he did anything wrong. At one point he describes how he had a conversation with another comic and the guy told him about a bit he was planning on doing. So the next night Mencia goes ahead and uses it, and bizarrely he doesn't seem to see a problem with doing that.

-- This guy's ego is gigantic. He goes on and on about what an "outsider" he's been his whole life, like he's some kind of rebel or something. And he obviously tries to use this outsider persona to explain why through all of his accolades people still hate him -- we're supposed to believe that the hatred is unfair.

-- He says "literally" so often during this episode that I wanted to punch myself in the face.

--The first night he went onstage he bought a joke book beforehand because he only had one joke!!

-- If Maron's motivation for having Mencia on his show was to clear the air and make the guy more sympathetic, it backfired in my opinion because I ended the show hating him more than ever. He comes across as a sleazy used car salesman. (Which Maron also seems to think based on his followup show)
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Marc is slick. I dont think he had the intention to make Mencia sympathetic for a second. He knows that most of his audience is people who are into comedy (he said it many times) and Mencia is even worse of a comedy boogey man than Dane Cook. So i bet he just wanted to stir shit and he was polite enough to have the man on his show and twist things around.

Marc is a smaaaaaaaaaaart cat.
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Carlos Mencia is a liar, and that came out so clearly in Mark's podcast. It was a brilliant show, because Mark was chill enough to know when to take a back-seat to Mencia and just let the man go, but he was smart enough to know when to at least try to reign him in. Mencia's delusional, self-referential mythologies can snowball on themselves and carry away the whole show, but Maron was pretty good at asking questions that diffused that shit spiral.
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I think Maron pretty much thinks Mencia is full of shit, but also doesn't like Rogan much, so...attributes it to bullies attacking bullies. With just a hint of trying not to kinda sorta sorta kinda make enemies cos he almost sorta kinda kinda sorta wants to not piss off anyone who might help his own career.

I find (ok, 'think' but could write paragraphs to support it) a lot of Maron's thought process seems to be focused on "Why am I not where these other (former contemporary) guys are?" A realization that they played the game and an attempt to play the game himself.

Granted, he'll never totally be able to. But he tries at times.

So you have to read through the lines. Realize that he thought Mencia was the shady shit he ended up showing himself (Mencia) to be, if you put together what he (Mencia) is saying.
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