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Originally Posted by marina View Post
Maybe Marc Maron's WTF would be a better choice? He talks a lot about his addiction issues on the show. He's sober, but he still has problems with food, nicotine, etc. Of course, Marc likes to play up that he's a mess, even if he's sober. So that might not be the best idea either.

There are also AA speaker series on itunes. Someone takes old AA convention tapes and uploads them to their rss.
I agree.

What about the Crazy Mike episodes?
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Sounds like you're super invested in this guy for him being a friend of a friend.
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It's sweet that you're concerned, but the fact of the matter is that if your friend wants help than he will seek help on his own. If you shove sobriety down somebody's throat, they'll vehemently deny any sort of problem and only build resentment. Unfortunately, it will probably take more than a few friends saying "Dude, you have a drinking problem" to get your friend into the rooms of treatment. Many AA/NA meetings are open for visitors (I encourage NA because in my area, there are a lot of younger people. Alcohol is a drug.) so you can be casual about it. Say you're interested in going for you.

Basically, it's his choice whether or not he wants to clean up or not. You can't decide that, or even influence that, for him.
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