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Old 02-06-2009, 12:37 PM   #1 (permalink)
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I'm in a rut, I have a bunch of great ideas and know i can implement them well, I have a bunch of other shit I need to get done, but i can't get motivated. On the best days when i encounter something really inspiring it helps, but doesn't last more than a couple hours, and definitely doesn't persist through a nights sleep.

so what gets you out of bed in the morning?

what motivates you, what drives you?

how have you dragged yourselve's out of ruts? share a rut story...

what makes an incredibly disciplined person fall into a rut, in my case i think it happened in my head before the discipline started fading away.. what causes a sudden loss of drive?

for you non-thinkers out there i'd appreciate yelling as a form of motivation, post a recording of yourself/use caps lock/pics(no cheesy motivational posters), whatever.
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Old 02-06-2009, 12:54 PM   #2 (permalink)
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You're an awful person and should probably just end it now before you drag others down with you into this hell that your life has quickly became.

Remember, down the highway, not across the street!
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Old 02-06-2009, 12:55 PM   #3 (permalink)
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You need to get laid...problem solved
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Old 02-08-2009, 05:03 PM   #4 (permalink)
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well you were both right, thanks peaches. problem solved.
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Old 02-08-2009, 05:51 PM   #5 (permalink)
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you're welcome
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Old 02-08-2009, 06:07 PM   #6 (permalink)
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It might help if you elaborated on what you need motivation to do. You say you have great ideas but about what? Do you have a great way to kill yourself? That wouldn't be something I'd want to motivate you to do. Are you trying to start a business, get laid, make friends, go to school, build a kick ass pillow fort? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO DO?
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Old 02-08-2009, 07:39 PM   #7 (permalink)
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the pillow fort is a brilliant idea, but will have to go on hold.. i do have ample experience building forts out of orange garden furniture pillow things.. but never the fluffy white variety.

the ideas are business oriented. i need motivation all round. at the moment i'm still riding off previous advice given, from here and elsewhere, hoping i have enough momentum to carry it through tomorrow. i think once i'm in gear i'll be able to maintain.

to that end i think high priority should be given to working out again.. it's been a couple months, but it's a simple routine task that generates more than it's weight in motivation.

to simplify, the most immediate goal is: wake up at 3am, run 3-4km, do 100 pushups, 100 situps.

i'm carbo loading now(not to the extent you're imagining, in fact i don't think i have a right to use that term after being such a lazy fuck).

it'd be awesome to wake up to a few more insults.. i'll try explain why it works tomorrow, but it does. cheese is on the right track, although i feel like someone around here can take it a bit further.
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Old 02-09-2009, 12:22 AM   #8 (permalink)
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Because you're a lazy effer, and you already realize that being a lazy fuck isn't going to help you ever become the person you want to be? Because you know deep down that you'll never accomplish all that you want to achieve? Because you've watched people around you, who you know are nowhere near as smart or talented reach a level that you just know in your soul that you should reach before them?

Yeah, me too. A year ago.

So here's my advice. Leave an industry and a job that you love, with a boss and coworkers you adore, but realize won't ever let you reach your full potential, move 6 hours away to do something completely unknown in an area you've visited just once for a few hours on an interview...

Then watch with your jaw on the freaking floor at how much such a simple thing can totally transform your life. How a job you thought was way too easy, for a company you respect but don't know much about, can motivate you in a way that makes you realize you don't have to sacrifice your life to in order to be noticed, and just be in awe at how often recognition is given to you and your talents...

If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is. I spent years making excuses, like "I love my boss! And my coworkers are some of my best friends! I can't walk away from that" Yes, yes you can. Do it.

No matter how many excuses you make, if you don't take action you can't complain.

At least not with any dignity or self-respect.

If you don't take any advice, and take action to change the things that you can, then you deserve every single failure that comes to you. And that's not just insults, I wholeheartedly believe that, with all of my being.

(How was that? Did I do good? Of course I did, I can say that with dignity)
No apologies ever need be made. I know you better than you fake it.
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Old 02-09-2009, 03:34 AM   #9 (permalink)
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3:30am.. my alarm clock literally told me to 'get the fuck up'... i guess it knows better than me.. i probably shouldn't have stayed up for two days before this first attempt back at my old routine... then again that was my old routine. and excuses are for pansies... i'm here now, awake... it's -2c.. warmest it's been in a while, good timing... no one else is gonna drag my sorry ass down the streets of this town this morning but me. time to push. aannnd.. go.
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Old 02-09-2009, 04:31 AM   #10 (permalink)
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You are a fucking NERD.

"ohhh, i'm sooo good. sooo much better than anyone else. Its just this tidbit motivation thing.."

I can ear your fucking SSLUURRRPPPP!
You are drooling on my computer.
S L U U R P ...

Go feck yerself !
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