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I didn't even read any of this but my neighbors are evil cunts. I hate them so.
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Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
Oh yeah I understand that but I still would like to hear what people might do to their neighbors you know? Hypothetically saying.
Oh... then hypothetically, I know a guy who took a shit on his neighbors doorstep b/c they called the cops on him once too often... He hypothetically got arrested though
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sign them up for gay porn use a gift visa Card to pay for it
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I had a similar situation a few weeks ago with some neighbors. They called the cops because my grass was too tall, and we received a notice from the sherrif that we had 15 days to cut it (honestly, my grass was dead and getting into it will just get me angry). Animal control showed up after because he got a report that we had a dog living on our back deck. My dog in an inside dog, if it's a nice day, I'll let him hang out on our enclosed for an hour or so. This is, in fact, illegal. My back yard isn't fully fenced in, so he can't be ANYWHERE in the yard without us being out there with him. Anyways, long story short... I talked to both neighbors directly to my left and right about it. They both informed that there's a guy in the neighborhood and tries to police it and he'd done the same thing to them in the past. I didn't talk to the asshole neighbor, but talking to other ones who were similarly pissed off at him helped me out a lot. So yeah, my suggestion, bitch about him to other neighbors (plus, it'll be a nice way to guage whether you really are being too loud and pissing people off).
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Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
I'm on mcqueen and ray across the way of safeway. I do not know why we haven't met up but we will soon maybe next week?
Which corner? Because that's the borderline between HOAville and the ghetto.

Don't know when we might make it over there this week. Mr. DaH's schedule is whacky. Email me.
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Just kill them.

That'll show 'em.
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Or kill yourself! And leave a note blaming them, that'll fuck with their shit.
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There used to be an apartment building next to the house I lived in during college...and we had terrible neighbors there who HATED my husband and I.

They used to call the cops on us for nothing, like they would make up we were having parties and were really loud. Except, it was just my (now) husband and I who lived there, so the cops would come and be like "They're nuts, sorry, but we had to check"

Eventually they started calling the fire department when the cops stopped showing up. They started with reporting fires. Then the complaints changed to we were getting smoke in their window when we bbq'd.

Once when the fire department came they came out and starting yelling at us, and they got in trouble.

After that, I started smelling something rank in my garden. They put nasty fisheads there, to bake in the sun. (Seriously gross, do it if you want revenge, it'll piss some one off something fierce, I promise)

Then the building got sold and was converted into condos, so they had to move. The end.
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Old 04-26-2010, 01:11 AM   #29 (permalink)
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There's a law that states after a certain time (ie. 10 or 11pm) sound has to be kept down to a certain level of decibels. if you're not following that, then personally I agree with them. Theres nothing more annoying then someone else playing obnoxiously loud music.

My advice would be:

1. Invite them over for a party. I know this may sound weird, them being "cunts" but they might enjoy themselves enough that they won't call the police.

2. Alternatively you can notify your neighbours every time you plan on having a party, stating times that you are planning on it finishing and whether or not you think it will get out of hand. While this may be a bit lame, they will appreciate the thought you put into it and think you're changing.

3. Next time they call the police, (you could also call the place where you bought/rented the house) ask them if this used to be a usual occurrence for them. if it was then you know they're not going to stop, and anyway you get back at them will probably result in another visit from the boys in blue. If it is, they you should probably mention wasting police time.

I'm just saying that from what you wrote, it seems like the parties may have upset your neighbours and theyre trying to get back at you anyway you can. The only way they'll relax is if you sort of give into their demands.
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from what you are saying about the situation it seems to me that they are only the victims of a life without parties and pets, two very important things.

invite them to a party and buy them a dog.

problem solved.
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