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Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
OH that bitch has upset the waiter gods. You don't fuck with one of your own. May she have bad table karma and get shitty tips from old people forever!!!!
I know, I couldn't believe she would do that to a fellow server. She in the back making ice cream more often though, still though she worked in food service, that is all that matters.
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Didn't Harry Potter catch the snitch?
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Originally Posted by marina View Post
Never share pills with cunts.
Marina, you always give great advice
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My teacher snitched on me for making growling and sex motions at the exchange student. He smiled at me like 'oh, child ..blah blah.' But I knew he wanted it.
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Originally Posted by DrunkenButterfly View Post
Marina, you always give great advice

Originally Posted by roxymodest View Post
first: look for this girl.
second: slap her across the face, while calling her a cunt.

that's so fucked up marina. and they were only caffeine pills right? GEEZ...people and drugs.
That girl was fucked up. One day she was anorexic, another she could eat the most out of anybody in the world, one day she was a boy hungry pothead, the next she was shoving me into a wall because I didn't believe in Jesus-Our-Lord-And-Savior.

I have a feeling that she's had many more troubles just being herself than I could ever give her.
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That's hilarious

That must've sucked major balls, you win cause that was wayyy worst than mine. My parents would be like 'I knew it, we're raising a whore.' They think I am the most disgusting chick ever cause I'm always in my bathroom (its the only room with a lock) and I always click away on the internet (cause I'm on some on some mildly inapporiate website like KATG)

Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
I got a week of detention when a 7th grade study hall monitor saw me mime masturbating over a girl who was bending over to get something from a vending machine.

The worst part was that he made me call call my mom and explain why I would be home late all week. I made the call in the teachers lounge while several of them could over hear and were snickering. I like to think that they were laughing at him, the super nerdy, unpopular teacher. But I'm pretty sure they were laughing at my total humiliation.

FUCK YOU, forums! for making me think about this suppressed memory.
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