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Pacific Rim

Has anyone got to see this one yet? I went last week and was really blown away by it.

Pacific Rim - Official Main Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Some of it is pretty cheesy, but it's still probably the best giant monster movie I've ever seen. Plus the 3-d might be the most impressive 3-d I've ever seen also.
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I won free tickets to a 3D IMAX premiere of it having no knowledge of what it was about aside from the posters I'd seen around the place.

It is corny, has THE worst Australian accents I've ever heard (I couldn't understand my own native tongue? Hire an Australian if you want the accent, not hard), predictable, and is one of the most fun movies I've seen in a long time. WHAAATT??!??!!?!

It is a great action movie with robits and monsters - fuck yeah! It is not trying to be anything but this which is why the movie rocked. You can't have giant sea monsters being pummeled by dual-human controlled robots and expect any kind of award winning acting and dialogue. It reminded me of Robotech, Voltron, Big Trouble In Little China (just the overall vibe of some of the cheesy parts for some reason), anime, and generally just what a good action movie can be; pure fun.

I went with my brother and it was like we were both kids again, so cool.

I knew it wasn't him but the main guy looked like Zach Braff so bad I kept expecting to find it was his brother in real life.
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I give it a C+, and only that high because I love Guillermo Del Toro.

Pro: Opening montage/intro is badass.

Con: Charlie Hunnam gives the worst performance by a lead in a blockbuster since the Star Wars prequels. Physically he's ok but his voice sounds like a 5th rate anime overdub.

Pro: The Hong Kong attack/fight is badass.

Con: If you have a dairy allergy this movie will kill you because it has dialogue so cheesy it makes Transformers sound like Shakespeare.

Pro: Charlie Day tries his hardest to be annoying as fuck but somehow manages to be kind of endearing and funny - although in a super annoying way.

Con: Final battle in the dark under the ocean where visibility is cack and there is nothing human-made to show off the scale in a movie that's ALL about scale.

Pro: Idris Elba rules.

Con: It seems like Hollywood is overflowing with Australian actors so why are two non-Aussies with shithouse accents playing them in this?

Pro: Rinko Kikuchi is cute as fuck and a pretty good actor too.

Con: The "drift" idea is kind of wasted as a device for relationship development. Also boringly visually presented, which is odd in a movie in which the visual element is the strength.

Pro: Ron Perlman rules.

Con: Spoiler - How did the escape pods get back through the portal without a kaiju carcase passport?

Pro: So many CGI-heavy movies fail to get the feel of the physics right, but Pacific Rim nails it. These things are huge, and they move like huge things.

Con: Seeing the pilots piloting just looks super goofy - like they're doing synchronized tae bo on ellipticals or something.

Pro: Two cool human-vs-human fight scenes (one trial, one personal).

Con: Completely wastes a cool team set-up by giving practically zero dialogue to the Russkies and the Chinese crews.

Pro: Get to see a monster's vagina.
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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Pro: Get to see a monster's vagina.
I was going to post some shit about your review being longer than the film, but pissed myself laughing at the closing Pro

Also, I'm now going to see it in 3D.
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