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Originally Posted by TheInfamousBiGD View Post
It is nice but stupid at the same time. I smoked back to back to back to back. But there is a point where you can't get more high then what you already are. Now when I go on a smoking frenzy I smoke 2 blunts back to back and when I feel like my high is going to start to go down I smoke another one. That would equal around 7 or 8 blunts depending on how much fun I am having.
That's cool. I've cut down a lot now, only do it a few times a year now...
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pills are dangerous and tend to be less and less fun the longer you take them

when will people realize that plants can get you higher, safer?

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Originally Posted by mrdahonay View Post
Me and DaH have outright refused to take prescription pain medication on purpose. If we tried it, and liked it, we'd be fucking gone. Alcohol is about as strong as I wanna go. And like MeMe said- it's somewhat self- limiting. You have to be really committed to die from the shit (short term at least...)
I would like to amend Mr. DaH's blanket statement... Personally, the only time I have been given or taken prescription pain meds was in the hospital after having my kids. Otherwise I've never had a broken bone, had surgery, or anything else that would require pain meds more than a healthy dose of Tylenol.

I was given lortab (I don't even know what it's sister to)... Made me light headed and groggy to the point that I couldn't hold up my head or hold my new baby. It made me itch from head to toe so bad that I couldn't stand it. I had trouble breathing. And honestly, I was still in pain so it did NOTHING for me.

It's OTHER drugs that we've discussed as being potentially easy for us to abuse given the opportunity - give our compulsive personalities.

Alcohol FTW!
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