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Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
Or try running for a mile in under 8 minutes. That should be incentive enough.
Sorry to burst your bubble, bud, but I smoke about a pack a day and I run two miles in 13 minutes on a bad day. Just focus on that cigarette you're going to have at the end of the run and you'll be done in no time.
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Originally Posted by slampokes View Post
Stuff like the 6 months point is what I'm curious about - will I always love wonderful awesome cigarettes even though I can't have them? I hear ya on the drinking thing - I'm a big patio person and I can't really handle it right now.

Between chain eating mints and the patch I'm doing okay. I quit once before, on an experimental patch for only 5 weeks, but I started again when one of my friends died. It was lame. I have to remind myself that I'm 25, I'm in shape, I've only been smoking for 5 years, and there is no better time to quit than right now.

On another note: wtf are these electronic cigarettes about?
I'm really sorry about your friend. Holy shit, if anything would make me start smoking again it'd be that. I've started up again over literally nothing.

It's weird. I still feel like, of course, I will always like cigarettes. My biology is that way. Just like the biology of any addict drives them toward any drug. The thing is that after that point, you don't have that intensity of craving anymore, and it changes back into an intellectual choice rather than a weird addict sort of 1/2 intellectual 1/2 insane choice.

I was at the same point you are at now. I was smoking for 5 years, at a lowish scale. I think it's the best time to quit, before it starts creeping up and before you know it it's packs a day and you sound like a man when you talk.

RE: side note... I tried the E-cig the other day at the mall. It's a vapor you inhale, with nicotine and tobacco, but no fire, and none of the shit in cigarettes like cyanide and whatever the fuck else. But it's not monitored by any health agency as far as I can tell, and I'm not sure I trust the product fully. Plus, nicotine is bad for you with or without the other shit- it can cause hypertension etc. To me it felt like actually smoking again, but I tried it a week ago and don't really remember how real smoking feels very well anymore.
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It helped me to quit smoking cigarettes and snus. I've completely switched to it now.
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