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Second Life in USA Today (today)

Teachers, college students lead a Second Life

English students at the University of Texas-Austin each picked a role model, created an avatar and assumed the role of the avatar for the activity. Among avatars: Malcolm X, Oprah, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates and Teddy Roosevelt. The students conducted conversations in the personae of their avatars.

University of Texas-Austin assistant instructer Joe Sanchez took students to a Virginia Tech memorial built in Second Life. "They felt like they were in a sacred place," he says.

How come I don't see Keith wis his big penis in these pictures?
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I wonder if fake Oprah gets to spend all her fake money.
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I had to write an article about Second Life in my school newspaper. When I told the teacher who assigned it to me what Second Life was really like (I didn't give too many details, she probably would have kicked me out of the class for even saying such things) she got really upset at me and refused to believe it because the news told her that it was just a way for kids to live virtual lives and pretend like they weren't fat and ugly.

Too bad Second Life is really just vagina-shaped motorcycles and having sex with horses.

No one who is involved with any news stations has ever played Second Life, it's obvious by their articles about VIRTUAL MONUMENTS and ROLE MODELS. They should have shown what the students' characters looked like before the project, because I'm sure half of them had huge dicks hanging out.
Sexcuse me? I cunt hear you.
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