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I hate perfume. I like the smell of clean skin up close. Perfume gives me headaches.
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Originally Posted by Dina View Post
i must be a tard i do not get that
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Originally Posted by roxymodest View Post
otherwise: i don't understand how lady musk isn't a turn-on for you guys...unless this lady's lady musk is of ANOTHER world. then i'd understand...
Lady smells are hot, don't get me wrong. This is just a particularly musky musk.

Why has scenternet not been invented yet? this living in the future shit is a bunch a bullshit.
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Originally Posted by angstak View Post
Help me internet:

The girl that i am sleeping with is great. She likes it when i choke her. She likes a finger up the butt. When we are done fucking we are often bleeding and/or bruised.

The problem? she doesn't smell like a girl. she refuses deodorant, perfume, fancy soap, etc. This is obv. not a deal breaker, but how do i tell her i'd like her to smell like flowers while i slap her around?

Take her swimming before sex.
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Originally Posted by brotherdarkness View Post
Is this your answer to everything now?
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Just the occassions where bitches need to be pushed down stairs. So, most things.
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Originally Posted by Dina View Post
i must be a tard i do not get that
Would it help to tell you that the photos in order are of:
1. an eye
2. a chia pet
3. Ted Roosevelt
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roxy... you know my name O_O

good idea tho, if you want her to wear it
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