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I said 5 minutes would be an overstatement. But that aside, all of the promotion is tagged onto the end. No content follows it. Someone who has listened for a while would realize that pretty early on. I think recently the only thing what would push up her drumming support to a full 5 minutes (which I still don't think it's quite that long) would be a clip asking her audience to send submissions or suggestions for her upcoming 300th episode.

I agree that she handled the situation with KATG very poorly. Essentially she withheld their own content from them after agreeing to supply it. I can understand how someone's loyalty to KATG would cause them to become disinterested, but it didn't happen with me. I enjoy her content, so I continue to listen. No, her shows are not always A+, but neither are KATG's. And to add my two cents on some of the comments made during the 72 hour podcast, specifically those criticizing the way she drew out the relationship between her and George Rhab, she was reading a diatribe she had written concerning the situation, not discussing it conversationally. I think that should have been taken into account before bashing the style she delivered the story in. It wasn't meant to be short and concise.
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That was another thing that sort of bothered me about soccer girl, was her relationship stuff. I feel like if I bring it up I'm going to get classified as a prude, and I want to make the disclaimer that i'm obviously not the relationship police, I'm just saying what bothered me specifically. In pretty much all of the open relationships i know of there is the established couple and then there is the outside, new trim. There's usually some rules regarding new trim, and new trim is always just that, theres no romantic relationship with new trim, unless you're in a poly-amorous relationship, in which case everybody loves each other. So, a person being in a ring-giving sort of relationship with new trim was a little odd to me, and I'm not sure if I just wanted to be titillated or if it was more of me wanting to know my podcaster better but it sort of bothered me that I would hear all sorts of shit about her that she never talked about on the show.

Although, I have to say that her abortioncast was possibly one of the best shows I've ever heard, and that it deserves a Pulitzer. Nobody's ever done anything like that to my knowledge, and it was not only incredible, but journalistically relevant.
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Oh man I totally want a link to the abortion cast.
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I have to admit, if it wasn't for soccergirl I never would have heard of KATG. I use to listen to her show back in 2005. She mentioned KATG and D&D, and played a sample of KATG talking about brolo during the podcast expo and how he was kind of a douche. After that I couldn't stop listening to KATG but quickly stopped listening to SG.
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Old 06-23-2008, 09:43 PM   #15 (permalink)
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I never liked her show or her. I just don't get the whole "I'm so deep... listen to my profound thoughts...Now look at my tits!!!"
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Old 06-24-2008, 09:09 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by crazy4hec View Post
I never liked her show or her. I just don't get the whole "I'm so deep... listen to my profound thoughts...Now look at my tits!!!"
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I tried to listen to her show shortly after KATG first talked about BroLo and the rumor between the two of them. I couldn't make it through one episode. So my not listening to her definitely has nothing to do with their issues about Dragon*CON.

Originally Posted by KzooKid View Post
She may be a tard, but her rack is a gift from the heavens. Keep up the shitty videos, at least we have eye candy.
Trust me when I say, that there are plenty of KATG listeners with far superior racks.
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