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Just go for it and keep in mind she's only in it for the citizenship.
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Pics or it... well, just pics please.
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If you pass on it send her my number.
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Originally Posted by RachaelBachael View Post
Is she Chinese and just in Canada to study?

Originally Posted by golgi body View Post
Chinese people lack souls, so it doesn't matter what you do with her.
but not that racist
Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
Go for it, just keep in mind that if it gets semi serious then doesn't work out, you gotta see the chick on holidays for eternity.
the salient point
Originally Posted by craig0r View Post
Point taken, although I am fairly retarded.

Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
If you pass on it send her my number.
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Originally Posted by dEadERest View Post
but not that racist
I'm not talking about the Chinese as a race, but rather being born and raised in China. American Chinese aren't soul-less. Come on, this is common knowledge. Most of my grad school classmates were Chinese and are fully aware of this phenomenon. It's the reason why they come to the Western world to be educated and stay after they graduate. The taste of true humanity is impossible not to love.

Plus living in an overpopulated country (20% of the global population!) where the government tries to control the reproductive rights of its citizens, censors what should be freely distributed information (e.g. history), and fails to properly enforce child labor laws, I doubt a soul-less slope is going to be concerned if some Canuck mishandles a fling, given she's even up for one.

EDIT 1 - Same goes for Indians (the south Asian ones)

EDIT 2 - Who knew that Wikipedia has an entry for ethnic slurs?
List of ethnic slurs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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