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Streaming KATG on iPhone app

Hey all,

I'm planning on getting an iphone (finally) when my contract with Sprint ends. Obviously, one of my first apps will be KATG. I am trying to decide what data usage plan I need. I don't plan to stream the episodes every day, but I'll just say I'm going to average 3 a week... in any of you iphone user's opinions, will I get away with the 2gig plan??

I'm trying to delude myself into believing I won't even need that... but I think that's a pipe dream.

Also, what are some of your favorite apps?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions!
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You're going to want the unlimited plan, trust me
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I'm sure I do... but they're getting rid of the plan as of today... So it sounds like streaming the episodes may be an occasional luxury... it's not like listening as an mp3 sucks... I just want the option of giving live feedback.
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Originally Posted by Rufio View Post
theres no more unlimited, go with the Pro, its the $25 per month one, it gives you 2Gbs of data per month and charges you $10 if you go over that for each gig. the one thats 15 only gives you 200mbs and charges you another 15 for every 200 you go over. if you plan on streaming regularly, or downloading apps through 3g you're better off with the pro plan

I hope I can keep my unlimited plan with the iPhone 4...we'll see. I've had it for almost 3 years!

Also, keep in mind, that WiFi doesn't eat up your usage. Look at what's cheaper around you. A lot of places have Boingo (or similar) WiFi hotspots that may be in your area and allow you to be on WiFi more than 3G, for a cheaper rate than AT&T's new BS rates.
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