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I was 18 and in college... Prior to losing it I did believe in saving myself for marriage (I went to a catholic grammar school and an all-boys jesuit high school so those ideals were very cemented in my young adult brain). Then I met my first gf and just thought she would be the one for me so if we're married in mind and spirt the actual ceremony can wait, right? course that lasted roughly 10 months or so and then we went our separate ways and then I fell in love with my current wife (wow 11 yrs already). Do I regret it? no not one bit b/c the pressure was finally gone and I realized I wasn't damned to hell afterwards (yeah you can call me agnostic/athiest nowadays)and b/c even though it didn't last it was a good life lesson that prepared me for the wonderful relationship I have now
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I was 19 and it was more of a "lets get it over with already" situation. I don't regret it but the actualy experience was not great but what I hear from my friends it seldom is.
I am sure I will never forget it as it involved a hospital visit afterwards as - don't dare to laugh - I had to get stiches because I did bleed so much.
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Hmmmm ... I was 16 she was 24 we were working together as lifeguards & swim instructors all summer. I don't regret it and it was a very (*ahem) informative summer. Some of my subsquent girlfriends should probably have sent her a thank you note.
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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
If you did, at what age did you lose yours? Did you regret it? And what do you think about saving it until marriage? Is it really that much of a special thing?
18. Nope. Dumb. Nope.
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17. Not at all...great fun! I respect people that have the staying power to save themselves, but at the same time, like Keet said, you got to try on some shoes before you choose the pair you walk out with. As for special, it depends entirely on the context (and more importantly, the person), sometimes it's been special, sometimes less so.
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I was 16 and ready. Don't save it. You can't live with someone forever that you don't have good sexual chemistry with. That's just dumb.
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Originally Posted by NoArmsJames View Post
Did I ever tell you my idea for "Jesus: The Porn"? It's gonna make me babillions.
Too late. Dark Alley Media already did it.
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i was either 20 or barely 21. i think 20. whatever. it was kind of unimpressive but definitely got way better. it wasn't a huge deal to me. i passed up a lot of opportunities to do it earlier, not because i was "saving myself," but because i just didn't feel like i needed to at that point in my life. i'm glad i didn't start having sex in high school because i probably would have banged a lot of weirdos and ended up getting knocked up just because i was too young and retarded to know how to be responsible. and i think i realized that at the time which is why i held out longer than most people. i don't think i was missing out on much because, let's face it, how good at sex can teenagers be? at least by the time i was 20/21 i knew some things and could make it better than me just laying there like a scared kid and the guy i was with was my same age (and a lot more experienced) so he wasn't just humping me like jackhammer-style and cumming in 2 minutes.
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Just before I was 16. Sex was exciting and I wanted to be the first one of my friends to do it. Wouldn't say I regret it, but I don't care that I did it. Now that I'm slightly older I think 16 is too young for sex. People should be at least 18. And not having sex before marrige is stupid. What does that prove?
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Originally Posted by NoArmsJames View Post
Waiting for marriage is foolish. What if you wait and find out you're not sexually compatible?
Agreed. You don't buy a car without test driving it, know what I'm sayin'?

I was 20. I had a party at my house, towards the end of the night, this girl I had been sweet on was left, we were both drunk, went down on each other and I figured "i'm fuckin' 20, I'm not waiting any longer." It was uncomfortable, she was a lousy lay indeed. If we had waited till marriage, I may have married her and then been totally unsatisfied sexually. Probably would've ended in divorce. (yes, i've dumped girls because they were bad in bed)

Instead of divorce, things got akward between us and she slept with my friend 2 weeks later at a party that HE was having. Three of us witnessed the event from his rooftop.
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