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Originally Posted by DaHonay View Post
Are you pointing it out because you think THIS is when the breakup happened?
no, just found it interesting, in retrospect
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Originally Posted by dEadERest View Post
no, just found it interesting, in retrospect
Got it. I've got it bookmarked but haven't had time to listen yet. Just curious. Thx.
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What do we do now?
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Originally Posted by oie View Post
Yeah, Chemda's the fucking sane to Keith's insane. She's like the knife holder to the knife. The butter to the bread. Anyone saying otherwise, I shit on you. May you suffer explosive diarrhea.
I could help with that! A DFA glycerine and olive oil enema up the kyber with a garden hose would do nicely. You could bring down the White House!!

Fuck this teams shit!

Fuck this wierdness!

Get on with it people!
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what do we do now?

simple, we carry on. They sounded cool to me, I smiled most of the way though episode 1090 (I listened after I read forum posts), their intonation was very mellow. After all, if they were going to implode, it would have been in the last 18 months, certainly not now, I would go literally 50/50 on that one.

Will this harmony last? hard to say, but I don't think "they" are the problem here. I think there is more to the 'funding issue' though, I think the funding has to increase to keep the show going. Two people in one flat is an easy ask, but add NYC costs to the equation and income needs to ramp up. They struck me as frugal people when they were a couple .....

It wouldn't surprise me if it ended in a week, or lasted 10 years, who really knows.

As for when this happened? in my mind the dynamic changed a few weeks after the weird KATG incident (post wedding / party / barbecue) with the gatecrasher guy who threatened Keith. I was looking for the shows (not trying hard enough), recently as I wanted to listen to those episodes again for different reasons though, I just found them amusing. There was a golden zone around 3 years ago when every show was painfully funny, now they have more "reasoned" episodes. I don't lol as much as I did back then, but I still listen to every episode.

the bottom line? if you want it to continue, get donating, if you don't, it'll be gone in no time. This is the critical period now .... the listeners have more say (via the $) than any other show around. It's unique .... and be careful what you wish for

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Originally Posted by ryanvc76 View Post
Chemda said they split either July 17th or 27th, which means it has been about 23 months, or damn near 2 years. The "Spring Cleaning" show was actually in December 2007. Not related.
Those dates weren't related to the break-up. They were in response to Keith saying they didn't have/couldn't remember an anniversary. Chemda specifically said that she knows the date of the break-up but will never tell. I think that's a great idea and really respect her for it. It will at least decrease all the Monday morning quarterbacking.
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Just heard the episode.

Knowing what I know now, a lot of past events/discussions seem to make a lot more sense now. Like, "Ah, that figures."

Not taking any sides here; I enjoy each of them equally and still a devoted fan of the show. It will be interesting however to see how future shows develop with this new piece of information out to the public (and what an elation to Keith and Chemda for not having to suppress it any longer).
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If this is all some sort of ploy to win the new "best breakup" category in the KATG awards, I swear to god.......
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did they play the 1 - 10 game and fail?
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Originally Posted by da_ticklah View Post
did they play the 1 - 10 game and fail?
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