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Originally Posted by eurotrash karlos View Post
As for when this happened? in my mind the dynamic changed a few weeks after the weird KATG incident (post wedding / party / barbecue) with the gatecrasher guy who threatened Keith. I was looking for the shows (not trying hard enough), recently as I wanted to listen to those episodes again for different reasons though, I just found them amusing. There was a golden zone around 3 years ago when every show was painfully funny, now they have more "reasoned" episodes. I don't lol as much as I did back then, but I still listen to every episode.
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Keep Listening. Most artists and musicians change what they are doing as their lives take different directions. We don't always like where they're going, but you have to respect that they are being honest and true to themselves.

I believe Keith and Chemda when they tell us the reason that they had to keep the break up a secret was for financial purposes. That doesn't mean that it isn't a big let down. I was always under the happy delusion that they were always being totally honest with us about their lives. That's what made the show so refreshing and impelling. I would hope that from here on in, we get the same level of honesty about their relationship as we have had in the past. I would certainly love to hear about the new people that each one of them is dating and each of their opinions about their choices in new romantic partners. But I also realize that this will probably not happen to the extent that I would like it to. How can you fully and openly talk about someone you are dating on the air and not have it blow back on you?

This whole thing so eerily reminds me of Howard Stern's divorce. Here was a guy that I loved listening to for 20 years because he seemed so much like the everyman. He comes out with a movie that's a great love story about he and his wife. Not long after he announces his divorce. Again, we thought we were privy to every part of his life and there was a disappointment to find that there were things that he didn't share. I stuck with him hoping to now hear all about his dating exploits, but the reality was that he had to keep certain parts of his life private, out of respect for other people in it. I think that the same thing will happen to KATG. The show will still be great, but it has to change or else it isn't real. I'm very excited to see what comes next.
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Keith and Chemda's personal lives are really none of anyone else's business but their own. They don't owe anyone anything, so those hoping for or even expecting an explanation from either of them will likely be sorely disappointed.

I listened back to 1190 multiple times last night in my own attempts to get my head around it. And do you what? From the inflections in Keith's voice I got the sense he was ripping himself apart privately, revealing this.

And I go back to last week where Chemda was having that on air panic attack. I reckon they were gonna drop it then but it all became too much.

I await 1191 with bated breath...
Dean from Australia Dot Com

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