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Originally Posted by The Gunner View Post
I haven't downloaded anything new in about 5 months cause we aren't allowed to, but I used to be suscribed to (other than the 3 KATG ones):

Team Drunk Ottawa
The Department of Defence Podcast (can't remember the name of it)
TowerPod (they used to play a lot of Austin music, but I only ever listened to the ones with Bob Schneider on it)
Channel Frederator
Schneider is the SHIT, right? I used to watch him every time he was at The Saxon Pub. And Monte Montgomery doesn't suck much. At all... i mean, not at all. I own all his shit.. I even paid for it.
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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
I'm glad to know I'm not the only
dork who listens to Dan Carlin.
Yeah Dan Carlin is good stuff. It's good to hear a completely off the wall point of view on politics. Definitely helps me see other sides to a story and keeps me more centered politically; otherwise I would probably be as extreme as Oberman
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Originally Posted by Eats Paste View Post
Schneider is the SHIT, right? I used to watch him every time he was at The Saxon Pub. And Monte Montgomery doesn't suck much. At all... i mean, not at all. I own all his shit.. I even paid for it.
Thread drift ... Texas boys, how'd ya'll like Robert Earl Keene?
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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
Yes! Uhh Yeah Dude is the shit, they're probably my 2nd favorite podcast,
(1st being KATG).....I always find myself laughing out loud when I listen to the show.

Craig's List segments are hilarious

"I'm looking for a married bro, quick jerk, I rub my juice on you
lick it off.....NO FAGS"

---that always cracks me up.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only
dork who listens to Dan Carlin.
I'm with you on this! Iwish BOth UYD and Dan Carlin would put out more shows. I think one of the major reason I got so hooked into KATG was the fact that they do it daily. I NEED it
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Astronomy Cast- Informative talk about the science and wonder of Astronomy
Point of Inquiry- Podcast of Skeptical Inquirer. Interviews and news on Science and skeptic-based topics
Science Talk- Podcast of Scientific America. Topics based on scientific innovations
Scott Sigler Audio books
The Skeptics Guide to the Universe- Entertaining and informative panel discussion on skeptical/scientific topics
Smodcast- Kevin Smith and Scott Moser talk about stuff
Vital Signs- Medical scenario/conclusion. Based on real patient situations

Then anything KATG. I've been through the entire KATG library 7 times consecutively since around episode #25. My daily dose of ignorance

Good thread. I think I will try a couple of these podcast mentioned above

Last edited by Ubertapper; 07-15-2008 at 08:08 PM.
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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
The Bugle - Audio Newspaper for a Visual World (hilarious news podcast)
Saweet. Downloaded the most recent episode to check it out
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Lex and Terry
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In order of my need to listen:

-Never Not Funny (listed first only because it's weekly, and I pay for it, but if you're interested has the best 25 minutes of each episode in video)

-Keith and the girl

-WNYC's Radiolab (Brilliantly done, but only podcast seasonally, they're on hiatus right now)

-NPR's the Bryant Park Project (Daily morning news, usually listened live, but being canceled by NPR in a few weeks because of funding. Major bummer. It was really great while it lasted)

-APM's Sound Opinions on Demand (Talk/music show about the history of rock and roll)

-This American Life

-NPR's Wait, Wait don't tell me

Podcasts I'm going to start listening to because of this Thread:
Armchair Kid Nation
Uhh, Yeah Dude
The Adam Carolla radio show

Thanks for the suggestions all
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I haven't got a chance to listen to UYD, but I took in 2 eps of You Look Nice Today (latest one and oldest one), and after I got over the initial disorientation of listening to new voices, I deem this podcast fucking incredible. I had to rewind the segment about mouth-breathers a few times...pure gold. This show is chock full of smart humor and wordplay. I think this might become a new regular show for me (aka another 30 minutes of my life being unproductive).

About Never Not Funny, I was at the side watching some clips, was one of the hosts of that podcast a semi-famous stand up comedian a while back? I remember he had a special on TV, and whoever I'm seeing looks and acts exactly like him. I could look into it, but I'd rather just throw it out there and see if someone knows what I'm talking about.
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Besides the obvious
Vinyl Cafe
Dr. Rock
Naive London Girl and Wanda
School of Podcasting
The Scream
Going to give Smodcast a try
and my own two ones in my sig.
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