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Old 06-28-2008, 08:38 PM   #171 (permalink)
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i think some people are confusing the "WORSE" thing with the "STUPIDEST" thing they have ever done.

For example, one of the worse things i've ever done was pooped in my friends toilet, which got clogged cuz i pooped a very majestic poo, and they didnt have a plunger, so i found a pick comb and used that to break the poo apart till it would flush. I still never told them about that.

The stupidest thing ive probably ever done was when i was younger i used to hide in a fort off the road a bit and shoot bb's at cars. One day a truck went by and i took a shot at it, and the passenger side window just exploded into the lady in the seats lap. They hit the breaks and i freaked the fuck out and ran in the house, past my mom and said i did something really bad as i went and hid in my room. Watching out the window i saw the truck pull up, the lady crying and the driver all pist off. I got my ass beat for that shit.
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Old 06-28-2008, 09:09 PM   #172 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by plaumff View Post
It makes you nice with an edge.
I like it. Am I going for a hug or a ninja attack? You just don't know.
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Old 06-28-2008, 11:44 PM   #173 (permalink)
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I got preggers when I was 16 and stole $150 from my sister to pay for the abortion. Turns out the abortion was free and I did NOT give the money back. I had fun with the $$$ shopping for not baby clothes.
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Old 06-29-2008, 09:53 AM   #174 (permalink)
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worst thing

So many to choose from...

I used to work at Best Buy and there was some douche that i hated. He was having a party at his parents house, who had moved out, so the house was empty. I was a fat drunk at the time and needed an excuse to get drunk for the weekend, so i went. At the end of the night, i was too drunk to drive, so i asked him if it was cool if i spent the night. He was too busy trying to mack on some hot bitch from Best Buy to care, so i did. Then i "blacked out", and woke up the next morning. I recalled a "dream" i had the night before, where i urinated in his kitchen on the floor. Later, I figured out the "dream" was real enough, but my first "black out".

I went to Stephen F. Austin Uni, and had this swimmer for a girlfriend. She was in school government and school related things, and i was just into smoking weed. She wanted to hold some sort of dance, or something, some take me bck to the eighties dance and told me to dj the event and try to get some of my roommates to go. I just went to smoke weed. Then the event came, and it was in a big room, and she had ordered a huge cake, decorations, the whole shebang. And no one came, except for my stoner friend, Smokey, and me. She started to cry, and i walked out. I asked to meet her later that next day in the same area, and broke up with her. She started to cry hard, and i just walked away.

When i was a kid, i have this recollection of running away from a girl, into a fort, and chucking a piece of something at her in her face, intentionally. She went home crying, and had to get glasses the next week because I had permanently messed up her sight.

I had this friend from work who was obese. Everyone kept telling me to fuck her, but i kept saying i dont bang fat chicks. But after a while i thought, what the hell, why not. So i planned to go to her place one weekend, and brought a six pack and some condoms. I drank the six pack of miller high life in less than 3 minutes (no joke), and she goes "Boy you sure like beer!" (insert fat breathing noises here). I proceeded to take her upstairs and fuck her, of which all we could do was doggy style because she was too damn heavy. I was drunk as all hell and kept looking at her ass and wanting to throw up but I closed my eyes and focused on banging this other girl at work. Eventually, the weekend was over, and she was all ready to marry me and stuff, and I just told her that i was going back to school and wouldnt be able to do anything about it. I went back to school, then she said she was pregnant, and I wanted to die. Then, after my first year at college, she admitted she made up the pregnancy, only after I had told my parents and every family member I had about my "son" that was about to be born. Guess she got me back...

I worked a tthe local movie theater, and I collected a bunch of shit (butter, mustard, old cola, hot dogs) into a cup, and went into the movie theater that was showing Stepmom, and waited for a quiet moment, and chucked the cup high into the air and it landed on someone. They had to call the cops and interview everyone. I never said anything...

wow, this is easier than i thought...
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Old 06-29-2008, 03:13 PM   #175 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by haz View Post
i think some people are confusing the "WORSE" thing with the "STUPIDEST" thing they have ever done.
It is somewhat relevant. The stupidest things you have done in your life are the worst and vice versa.
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Old 06-30-2008, 11:23 PM   #176 (permalink)
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Since I do not know what the worst thing I have done is I will list a few that I think are bad.

- Hit my 5th grade teacher in the face with a trumpet.
- Fill up a water balloon with piss and drop it on someone from the roof of my 6 floor building.
- Push my school security guard down the escalator as he was chasing me to put me in detention.

That is all I got on top of my head right now. :P
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Old 06-30-2008, 11:34 PM   #177 (permalink)
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me and my bff from first grade both stole from our teacher [just candy, what else would first graders want?] when we both got caught, i blamed everthing on her :] from then on out the only reason my teacher and parents let me hang out with her was because i was a "good influence" on her. hehe

oh, also... she was my first kiss ;]

since then, nothing too evil.
this would be a post for keith's "lame" list.
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Old 07-01-2008, 04:50 AM   #178 (permalink)
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I can't of anything really bad that i've done, except for a few pranks, but i come from a line of criminals, my great great grand father was the first person in Louisiana to be sentenced to death by the electric chair for killing his wife and his best friend who was a cop, one of my other great great grand father was one of the most famous train robbers of hid time, my great grand father was a bootlegger during the 30's making whisky for the mafia, And my father caused a car crash which resulted in one man dying. so as far as i see
it, it's just a matter of time til i do something wrong (although i will most likely drunk)

everything i said is true, so yes i have a messed up family
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Old 07-01-2008, 07:38 AM   #179 (permalink)
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Me ando some friends when i was about 15 filled a baloon up with as much pva glue as i could the filled the rest of it with water and threw it off a bridge into a car with the top down. It coverd the entire inside of the car with a white goo and we got chased away by the driver.

Fun times
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Old 07-01-2008, 04:26 PM   #180 (permalink)
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Oh God. I just remembered another one.

In college I lived in a dorm on Union Square, pretty high up, with a busy sidewalk below. For fun we'd chuck McNuggets out at the NYU "Bluebird" buses that would go by, and once a guy down the hall caught a live mouse in his sink and chucked that out too (at the patio tables of the restaurant below). But one freezing cold winter night, I filled a glass half full of water and stuffed it with the cheap, one-ply toilet paper our dorms provided us with, making a sort of sopping wad. I waited until the right moment and then let the water-wad loose. A bald black man with a long coat was walking by eight stories below and my wet-TP bomb hit him right on the back of the head. It was perfect timing, and though I laughed at the time, I really regret it now when I think of him walking home in the freezing cold, no hat, with that soggy wet shit seeping down the back of his neck. God I was an asshole.
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