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When I was 17 we use to get a guy to buy me and a friend a 30 pack and put it in our backpacks to drink out of a mcdonalds cup all night. One friday we got bored and drunk and went next to the parking garage and started throwing rocks and bricks randomly into the second and third levels for fun. We stopped and ran once the 5 alarm went off and we heard the cops coming. I still cannot imagine the amount of money that was spent to fix the damage.
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To someone else? Messing around with my best friend's wife.

To myself? Cocaine, probably.
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When I was 10 or 11, I was walking home from school and some kid from my class came up and was threatening to throw rocks at me, so I picked up a big chunk of concrete that I saw on the side of the road and he came at me so I threw it at his head.. I remember for a while afterwards when the guy was still in the hospital I kinda didn't know if I really did it or not because I blocked it from my mind, and I guess the guy never did tell his parents that it was me, but rumors did go around the school a little bit so I came to terms with myself that I really did do it.

Long story short, the guy had a concussion, had to get a bunch of stitches above his right eye and was left with a permanent scar there, and he transferred schools and moved away shortly after.
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