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Old 06-18-2014, 01:18 PM   #1 (permalink)
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WOW the number 2000 is a big number


I remember it was some point in the 80's last day of elementary school one year. I was sending outside with one of the teachers and a few other students. We were talking about the year 2000 coming up in the next dozen or so years. I mean the year 2000 thats the fucking future right.

Guys KATG are in the future now. They are about to do show #2000. Think about it they are going to be getting flying cars and tele-porters really really soon.

Anyway there was a point to all of this. KATG has been life changing for a lot of people including myself.

Does anyone remember how they started listening and more important than that when was that moment where you said oh no im really a fan and part of a thing that matters to me? This is the point I cant go back.
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You had me at, "Hey all you assholes..."
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It was March 10th 2007. I know this was the date because it was the same day Apple TV was released. I found a podcast tab and know nothing at all about them. I went to internet and did some research where I found the site podcastalley and KATG was at the top of the list along with some other podcast. I gave the other podcast a try and hated them. I only gave KATG a try because they were from Queens like I am.

I loved it. I loved it to the point where I stopped listening to it right away and downloaded the back catalog from show 1. I needed to know and learn everything. There was a back story here and I know I would be interested in it. I was not wrong and not disappointed.

I have never heard people on the radio speaking so open and honestly. It was the kind of entertainment I have always been looking for.

Been an everyday listener since.
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i found KATG through Mugglecast; they were bitching about being beaten…again…on podcast alley. i downloaded my first show (684: Three Years Down), plugged my iPod into the car, and took off. i was confused by the prayer, but by the time the guest offered to take naked pictures of Chemda, i was in.

it felt real and big when people started hanging out at my house. i've hosted a good many of you in my home over the years and it really cements that this is my chosen family; you assholes are the love of my life.
Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
Originally Posted by aunt_helen View Post
Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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First experience was when the Podshow Contract episode was on Digg. I remember liking it.. and I think I started listening from there. I don't remember when I was actually 'hooked', but it couldn't have been long after that. My first email related to Keith and the Girl seems to be my forums registration on 11/15/06. Podshow Contract ep was March 27, 2006, so I guess somewhere in 2006 I got hooked

I did stop for a couple years, but I have NFI why. I moved (2008) and stopped having to travel as far for work, and just fell away. Then I re-discovered it in 2010ish or something, and got hooked all over again. Been listening since....
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Old 06-19-2014, 02:51 AM   #6 (permalink)
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1. Some time in August or September of '05 discover the trailer for a new sci-fi action movie called Serenity.
2. Google "Serenity movie" and discover it's from some guy called Joss Whedon and in one of his blogs he mentions something called a "podcast".
3. Download the "podcast" he mentioned and discover that show is asking listeners to vote for them at something called "Podcast Alley".
4. Discover Podcast Alley has a comedy section and download several shows to try out, including the catchily titled Keith and The Girl.
5. Discover that Keith's ridiculous accent is one of the most entertaining sounds in the world and download every single back episode.

It's been a sunshine of my life ever since. Always wondered whatever happened to that Joss Whedon guy though.
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Old 06-19-2014, 12:07 PM   #7 (permalink)
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I don't remember how I first found the show, but it was back in 2007 when I had a data entry job that gave me 6-8 hours of day of solid solo iPod time. I was hooked right away! By the time I got laid off, I had listened to every single episode at least twice.

After that, I fell out of regular listening. I would pop in for a listen here and there, but my life at the time didn't make it very easy for me. Some years later, my girlfriend was asking me if I knew of any cool podcasts and I suggested Keith and The Girl. We fired up the latest episode: 1190 - A Whole New World. HOLY SHNIKES. The breakup! I couldn't believe it!

I fell out of listening again until one day my girlfriend told me about the latest round of episodes regarding Patrice. I started listening again and was blown away not by what Patrice had done, or the fact that Keith had gotten married, but the fact that Keith had a dog? Who was this man?

Now I'm back in the habit. And it feels so good. HUAR! NO BRUMSKI!
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can't imagine 'life' without katg
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My first listen was on feb 2006! I purchase my first iPod and put on ally music! I was new to iTunes and the whole deal, but when I got sick of my music one day I figured i would play around and see if I could find something new on iTunes. That led me to podcasts, and like many others, podcast alley! Where KATG were fighting it out with Don and Drew! I think the first episode was 287 and they were advertising show 300, which I bought! I have been a regular listener ever since.

There have been so many stages of KATG, from when they would tell clown stories, to "the best fucking story fucking ever fucking told" to brolo singing sanatra, the roller coaster with Max, the podshow debacle, kid nation, brumski, the breakup, the wedding, hugsy (boy or girl), KAMEDY with Jessie Joyce, the emergence of little baby faggot (narrated perfectly by Pat Dixon), the trips all over the world...and on and on and on...

And the best part is, the well doesn't seem to be drying up! I remember thinking, what are they going to talk about if they aren't telling clown stories from the weekend...what are they going to do when podshow dies, or that douche bag who lived in his car (nick star?) finally apologizes...

And that's the best part, the sheer talent and ability to continue on without missing a beat; the constant evolution of KATG, that's why I listen...

Oh and I DO give multiple shits about this, and I am relatively sober right now...oh and male 32, Edmonton Canada...."A" cup....

To sum it all up, thank you Keith and Chemda!

FYSY, no brumski!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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2,000 eps is a huge milestone. It's a great accomplishment and Keith and Chemda should be congratulated, elated, and everything imaginable. These two are literally: The Best.

What KATG is. It's more than a number. It's not as simple as a podcast. It's also much more than a phenomenon. Some spark that fades. KATG isn't some architectural wonder. You look at the number 2005 and do a count. "Oh they started back then; doing the math they've been around. They must be a success." KATG doesn't work like that.

It's exactly what it is. Described on the forums. By every fan. "I remember when I first heard Keith and the Girl."

So we do every day. Every day with KATG. Some have done it 2,000 times. Some more. Some just started. All we know is: don't ever stop.
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