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Originally Posted by Calypso View Post
Haha! Just caught up on this thread! Didn't know there were so many boners!

My boyfriend now is not a musician... weird, but I shall survive.

And he's pretty fucking adorable.
awww no band love

well, sharing is caring. share the band love!
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After a pretty epic night of roaming around NYC, my 14 yr old friends and I (15) walked down to the Knitting Factory to see some random Jazz show featuring men who's hats looked like clitoris (pl). My one friend passed out in her chair while the other (a guy) sat on me/ I sat on him. Hands roamed but no kissing. Then we got back to my house and piled in my bed. Before we pushed him off to the floor he was cuddling w us and bam! He kissed me. I had no idea what I was doing but I managed to keep the conversation going so the other person in the bed had no idea what was going on.

Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
Teacher in elementary. Saw adults do it so when talking alone with Ms. Evans, I just planted one on her.
An 8 yr old in my Vacation Bible Camp class did that to me a few years ago. I got really mad. I didn't think 8 yr old boys wanted to kiss anything.
Originally Posted by standardman View Post
When doctorsleep says it, it's weird. When fallingwindows says it, it's arousing. When Junk says it, it's flashbacks.
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Originally Posted by roxymodest View Post
awww no band love

well, sharing is caring. share the band love!
He doesn't know how lucky he is!
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