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Legally, fuuuuccck yoouu!!!
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Originally Posted by jveight View Post

Because Soccergirl shot all the footage, she owns the copyright to it. The tape may be yours but the footage on it is hers. (Ownership of the recording equipment is neither here or there, btw)
This isn't art that she came up with. If you videotape a NFL game, you don't own the copyright even though you filmed it. She was filming an event as a favor to another party, and she knew it wasn't hers.

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Originally Posted by Ichabod View Post
I was in 'stripper love' with SG that night.
what you wanted her to dance up and down your pole?
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I'm listening to 575. "Nobody cares about their show as much as we care about our show", says Keith. Well, you went to Atlanta unprepared and she did you a favor. Things didn't turn out all nice and tidy. Work it out privately.

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Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
There is a simple solution.
Wait until Soccergirl gets around to it.

SG was filming on her camera, therefore legally the intellectual copyright on the content of the tape is hers,
regardless of who owns the tape.
I'm sure she would have given the tape over if asked before she left.
She has stated that she will pass it on when it is feasible.

SG doesn't get paid a cent to do her podcast, she works as a librarian (archivist).
She relies on donations from fans to update her equipment but mostly she pays for it out of her own pocket.
She is fan of KATG and Brolo and gives them a lot of cross promotion.
Give the girl a break.
So did SG send you here to defend her?
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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
So did SG send you here to defend her?
No, I listen to both shows.
I was just surprised at the reaction to someone who is a friend of the show.
She takes ages to get her own film out.
I'm sure she would get it done faster if she could.
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Originally Posted by Stranger678 View Post
So we hate her now, because she isn't dropping whatever she is doing in order to hook up KATG. seems a little thin. Why not wait a week or two and then start hating. She might ACTUALLY be busy. Ya'll some vengeful mothers around here.
exactly, just like they all made fun of and hated brolo until Keith said it was ok to like they all love the brolo...fukin sheep...think for yourself
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Originally Posted by smallnorth View Post
I'm dreadfully confused here.

When Keith says "your precious podcasting community" who's "your"?

Us forums trolls? Adam Curry? Soccergirl?

I can't figure out if I'm helping the show, enjoying the banter or just fueling my own anger.

Fucking hell Mallet, do you want a community or what?
I think he's talking about other podcasters.

30:25 - podcaster talks about podcasting being a "beautiful community". Keith calls other podcasters assholes...
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Anyway ...................................

I just saw the Atlanta show you did a nice editing job with what you had to work with McNally

And you didnt even go to Film school ......Im just saying
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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
doesnt she have like a ton of listeners or something?

she can't afford a damn hd or new computer?

she can't be that broke. i thought pretty / popular girls had it made. lol
You just on that pretty and popular people getting shit one of SG's listeners brought her a bed
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