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Bobby Mitchell

This KISS-loving, cross-dressing, hard-rockin', funny sonuvabitch has musical and comedic talent to spare. Or so we thought. We took some of his and now he's just so-so.
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KATG 1989: He’s Got Legs

With Mike Lawrence and Bobby Mitchell – The controversial WrestleMania party, Mike Lawrence on Last Comic Standing, comic book movies and Ant-Man, KATG being taught in colleges, Bobby Mitchell update June 5, 2014

Show Notes

  • — A Couple Of WrestleManiacs: Mike Lawrence, who's still friends with Keith after the WrestleMania party controversy, is in studio
  • — Like A Funny Serial Killer: Mike appeared on Last Comic Standing but did not advance past the preliminaries
  • — Not Very Marvelous: Mike discusses the state of comic book movies as well as the director shake-up regarding his favorite superhero of all time, Ant-Man
  • — Future Tourism Hotspot: Keith thinks the Middle East would markedly improve with some color
  • — #YesAllWomen: Mike offers his take on Internet commenter outrage about feminism and jokes about child deformities
  • — KATG 101: Chemda’s Iraq war What’s My Name interview is being taught in a college literature and psychology course; Keith’s tweets were also used as a college teaching tool
  • — Betty Mercury: Old school KATG guest and cross-dresser Bobby Mitchell calls in (just as Mike talks about how he enjoyed wearing a dress) to update everyone on his life in Florida

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