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Giulia Rozzi

Recipient of two ECNY Best Female Stand Up nominations and has been featured on VH1, MTV, CNN and TLC.
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KATG 1025: Sabotage

First time I've been offended by the show. August 19, 2009

Show Notes

  • — I Shit On You, Doc: I have Leukemia but Leukemia doesn't have me
  • — Carbonated Breath: Funny story, his brother put Sprite in the oxygen tank he needs to live
  • — Burger Friday: Their ovaries meshed, next minute they're plotting against me, Chemda poisoned my lettuce
  • — Anonymous Skanks In NYC: I'll say it, this guy's a filthy fuck bitch, I'll fight you, you pussy coward bitch, write a blog about me!
  • — Gays Love Jail: I wasn't arrested because I owe thousands in taxes, it's because I'm gay, being gay is illegal!
  • — My Whore Stories: Do you go out and fuck more people so that you have more material?
  • — The Bean Bag Story: I'd come home from school and hump this chair, I was really having an affair with this chair
  • — Your Comedy: My mother is a secret sexy lady trapped in a housewife coat
  • — Whore Laughter Ahehehuh: I expect them to be more pretty, because you know, it's a whore house
  • — Allah Doesn't Drink: A women will be lashed 6 times for pleading guilty to drinking beer
  • — Spamming Your Info: We don't care if you're of age, we just want to steal your info and send you junk mail
  • — Keith's Impersonations: I do a great version of someone I've never even heard talk
  • — Driving While Chatting: $130 fine for potentially killing someone, enjoy your mattress and iPhone!
  • — Tire Explosions: It was the same day John Ritter died, we were saved by a Christmas card
  • — The 3G Sucka: My brother gets phones from the year 3012, in America they hold things back
  • — Passive Aggressive Justice: I told her, I heard you, you stupid bitch; then I ran away


Giulia RozziGiulia Rozzi

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