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KATG 2939: Nike & Colin Kaepernick w/ Liz Miele and Calvin Cato

Keith's girlfriend's friends; Kellogg's' sexist slogans; Runner's World high; how your porn is racist; Senator John McCain, RIP; Your President, Nike, Kaepernick, and the Black Lives Matter movement September 17, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Kyle’s Friends: Liz Miele and Calvin Cato are in studio. Liz is friends with Kyle Ocasio, so she’s okay; however, the jury is still out on Calvin.
  • — International Section: 10-year-old English girl Hannah-Marie Clayton wrote Kellogg's to complain that the slogan, Loved by Kids, Approved by Mums, excludes dads. The company is reworking the slogan.
  • — Bad Runner: Despite being featured in Runner's World, Liz still thinks she’s just okay at running. The gang discusses the differences between the mythical runners high and being high on drugs.
  • — Institutionalized: Calvin despises porn that makes black people the animals
  • — Disgraceful: Colonel Tran Trong Duyet, McCain's former Vietnamese jailer, praised Senator John McCain so much more than President Donald Trump ever did, even in death
  • — The Country: Nike endorsed quarterback Colin Kaepernick for kneeling in protest of civil rights violations in America. People across the country have been protesting by defacing their Nike products and trying to ban Nike from being carried in stores across entire cities. Keith explains the origins of Kaepernick’s movement.
  • — Black Lives Matter. Police officer Amber Guyger murdered black civilian Botham Jean when she supposedly mistakenly entered his apartment thinking it was her own. Meanwhile, Carla Maloney, a Republican official in Pennsylvania, made several racist Facebook posts in response to the NFL players kneeling, calling them baboons. Mark Knight, a cartoonist for The Herald Sun, put out an incredibly racist and sexist cartoon depicting tennis player Serena Williams.
  • — A Million Seasons: The television series Law & Order is coming up with the new spin-off show Law & Order: Hate Crimes

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