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Hang 12: Victor Varnado and Alex Zalben

Hang out with Myq while he hangs out with Victor Varnado and Alex Zalben. November 7, 2012

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Show Notes

  • — Hey, Hi, Hello, Greetings, Salutations, Sayonara: Myq welcomes Victor Varnado and Alex Zalben to the studio for his podcast
  • — Sponsored By Marvel Comics: Victor and Alex have both written or contributed to comic books
  • — Detective Daddybear: Alex has a child, which he created because it came out of his body, just like his comics
  • — Scissoring: Victor's desire to bring together sketch groups and filmmakers sparks a healthy discussion about how lesbians have sex
  • — Platonic Shifts: Victor set Myq up with the girl he was in the second-longest relationship of his life with, and then they all became best friends
  • — Mat-three-mony: The end of Myq's first marriage made him realize that he will not ever marry someone else again (whom he hasn't been with for less than three-and-a-half years)
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