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Christian Finnegan

Comedian known for his roles on Chapelle's Show and Are We There Yet? and his Netflix comedy special The Fun Part.
Christian Finnegan has been on 36 shows

KATG 2424: Chemda in the Sky with Diamonds

with Christian Finnegan – Black Lives Matter and cop-killing; 6 women accuse Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment; Keith reviews the Bob Dylan concert; Chemda reviews acid; WBLS’s Quiet Storm host Vaughn Harper dies July 10, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — I’m Not Done Yet: Christian Finnegan, man of many credits, is in studio
  • — What A Fun Time To Make Racial Jokes: Christian is the co-host of a new television show called Black and White. The gang discusses the recent police shootings of black men and the killing of 5 cops in Dallas.
  • — FTPee: Chemda talks about her sweaty, piss-stained protesting experience. Elsa Waithe was arrested while protesting and made the cover of the New York Post. Michael Khalili calls in to debate Black Lives Matter’s protesting effectiveness.
  • — Gingerly: 6 women have come forward with claims that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed them
  • — The Songs They Are A-Changin': Keith reviews the recent Bob Dylan concert he attended
  • — Hugs And Drugs: Chemda reports back from her first-ever acid trip
  • — Quiet Storm: Former WBLS host Vaughn Harper died at age 71

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