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Alex English

Comedian featured in the New York Comedy Festival and host of the monthly show 'Cool' at The Standing Room in NYC.
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KATG 2574: Bring Wine

with Alex English – Changing your name; how to use a condom; white vs. black porn; coming out to your mom; Facebook silliness; Chemda’s silent gathering and Keith’s UFC; revisiting the country February 20, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Modern Day Philosopher: Keith is writing down some pretty radical ideas for his 14th Annual Stand-Up Extravaganza.
  • — English, Alex English: Alex discusses why he changed his name from Alex Newell
  • — The Fun Uncle: Alex’s uncle was in a motorcycle gang and helped parent a 12-year-old Alex by giving him pornography and teaching him how to put a condom on a wine bottle
  • — Black And White Porn: Alex noticed that black gay porn always has some sort of crime or danger involved
  • — How Do You Fuck?: When Alex came out to his mother, she asked him if he was ‘the man’ or ‘the woman’ in his relationships
  • — Ambush Gay Intervention: Alex’s mom surprised Alex by staging an intervention at church with famous pastor Marvin Winans to discuss his homosexuality
  • — Acting A Fool: Alex likes to take screenshots of the ridiculous things his estranged father posts on Facebook and send it to his mom
  • — Be Quiet And Eat Your Fruit Salad: Chemda hosted her first silent gathering while Keith was watching UFC
  • — Country As Hell: The gang discuss accents and revisiting the small towns they came from


Alex EnglishAlex English

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