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Rosebud Baker

Comedian and writer. Has been featured on Sirius XM and is a writer and editor at Elite Daily.
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KATG 2887: Get off the Bus w/ Alzo Slade and Rosebud Baker

Crystals; tears and anger; racist dads; blue lives; DNA results; drinkers and non-drinkers; comedy roasts; the MTA and the Museum of Sex; Two Less Lonely Girls and Justin Bieber; Trick Daddy and the GRITS & BISCUITS BLOCK PARTY June 21, 2018

Show Notes

  • — They Contain Multitudes: We have Rosebud Baker, who isn’t carrying crystals on her person, and Alzo Slade, who has never owned a crystal, in studio
  • — Tears Of Rage: Alzo recounts the times that anger has brought him to tears, and the times that anger has gotten him into brawls
  • — Bones So Old: Rosebud’s father likes to do racist impressions of Chinese people when they are together, and he recently saw her perform stand-up for the first time
  • — Pigs: Chemda recounts being hit on by cops and successfully flirting her way out of tickets
  • — Blank White Paper: The gang discusses DNA results
  • — Scabbed Over: The gang talks life as non-drinkers and interacting with people who are drinking
  • — ROASTED!: Rosebud is a very accomplished comedy roaster. The gang discusses the differences between comedian roast battles, celebrity roast battles, and street roast battles
  • — XXX-Press: New York’s female bus drivers are being harassed by passengers because of a Museum of Sex ad campaign
  • — Loved Him Since He Had Bangs: Rosebud, along with comic Corinne Fisher, hosts the podcast Two Less Lonely Girls, a show that covers their (fake?) obsession with Justin Bieber
  • — It’s Tricky: During Alzo's GRITS & BISCUITS concert, old-school rapper Trick Daddy, along with his hype man, were spewing some majorly unwoke banter between songs

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