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Jimmy Pardo

Comedian and host of the podcast Never Not Funny.
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KATG 2852: Never Not Funny w/ Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy's wife Danielle Koenig, her father Star Trek's Walter Koenig, and the death of Chekov successor Anton Yelchin; comic Brian Holtzman's amazing stand-up; proof of ghosts; sobriety; bullies then and now; Keith's freewheelin' lifestyle April 25, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Comedy Legend: We have Jimmy Pardo, who blushed at us calling him a comedy legend, in our makeshift L.A. studio 
  • — Legend In Law: Jimmy’s wife is actress Danielle Koenig, daughter of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig. Walter mentored his Chekov successor Anton Yelchin before Anton passed away in a freak accident.
  • — Walking The Room: Team KATG saw comedian Brian Holtzman at The Comedy Store who walked the room with his out of touch racist and sexist jokes, and Keith was in Heaven
  • — Bachelor's Grove: Brian saw a “ghost car” while driving through a notoriously haunted cemetery in Chicago 
  • — One Day At A Time: Jimmy has been sober for 19 years. He recounts his drinking years and how he used to lash out.
  • — The Formative Years: The gang discusses the high school and middle school experiences that shaped who they became as adults. Jimmy and Keith recount their experiences with their high school bullies then and now. 
  • — Ice Cream For Breakfast: Keith talks about the freedom that the single life is affording him and his rock and roll lifestyle


Jimmy PardoJimmy Pardo

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