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CHU 45: Throw It in the Fire!

Philosophically speaking, can anyone make Chu feel a certain way? What is a map pack? If you find a grave in the woods, what would you do? “Are you really sorry?” You’ll have to listen to get the answers to these questions! Episodes discussed: 51: Podcast Outlaw w/ Patrice 726: Wanna Fight? 957: Enjoy Yourself w/ M. Dickson 1178: BOP! w/ Micah Sherman and Myq Kaplan 1387: Raise Your Voice w/ Kurt Braunohler 1975: Ballbag Surprise w/ Brother Love 2177: Tom Brady’s Balls for Sale Nice and Hairy Get 'Em While They’re Hot w/ Brandon Collins and Mike Brown 2385: Bathroom Break w/ Rebecca Vigil 3074: Human Shit: The Poo Movie May 12, 2021


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