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CHU 54: WYD Eggplant Emoji

It’s show notes time! Now imagine Jim Carey as The Mask saying it! This week on Chu & A, instead of business ideas, I try to trick the team into a free therapy session, and it sorta works! Then we get into the meat of the episode; bothering to correct someone, blaming others for your issues, inhalants, Dad Emails, et cetera. IS HE INTO YOU OR NOT?! 108: Find Patrice a Job w/ Patrice 319: Two and a Half Apologies 779: KATG Marathon - The Magic Number w/ Mike Mattera, Jesse Joyce, and Dan Allen 1015: Making Boys Cry w/ Dan Allen and Ray DeVito 1437: Into the Wild w/ Hennessy 2026: Blinded by the Light w/ Greg Behrendt 2221: To Tell the Truth w/ Liam McEneaney 2442: Shindig w/ Tanael Joachim 3126: Shooter McGavin w/ Lucas Connolly August 4, 2021


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