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Last Week on KATG

Last Week on KATG
Let's recap! Listen as hosts Rod and Karen Morrow talk to Keith and Chemda about the past week's episodes. Dive into their behind the scenes takes on the highlights, the lowlights, and everything in between.

265: Shows 3776 - 3779

Posted: 2/19/2024
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1. Anne Heche 2. Megan Rapinoe 3. Samara Wiley 4. Ruby Rose 5. Candace Parker Honorable mention: Virginia Woolf Thanks for stopping by, Ballard! See you next week!

264: Shows 3770 - 3775

Posted: 2/12/2024
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This week we cover soup tossing, stalkers, and drumroll Beyonc!!!

263: Shows 3766 - 3769

Posted: 1/29/2024
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Rod is joined by Keith and Chemda to discuss the last week of KATG shenanigans. This was recorded live in front of a studio audience doing some accounting work.

262: Shows 3763 - 3765

Posted: 1/22/2024
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This week we talk about being senseless at Taco Bell, more NFL sports ball talk, the KATGuh winners, and putting your penis away. Aren't you glad you have a Last Week that can do it all?

261: Shows 3760 - 3762

Posted: 1/15/2024
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I have a dream that one day that one day Keith will be able to watch the Steelers win a Super Bowl again. I have a dream that Chemda will be able to learn yoga in Thailand. I have a dream that Karen will not have to deal with any family members that she doesn't like. I had all these dreams while I was sleeping during the first 30 minutes of Aquaman 2.

260: Shows 3756 - 3759

Posted: 1/9/2024
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Were back celebrating 2024! We discuss Weather on the 1s, Keith being down with O.P.B. (Other People's Beds), and Chemda vs. Chemda.

259: Shows 3752 - 3755

Posted: 12/8/2023
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This episode was recorded live in front of a studio audience. Last Week is sponsored by Shopliftify and Minimum Rage. Have a happy holiday season, and well see you next year. RIP Norman Lear, you were a real one!

258: Shows 3747 - 3751

Posted: 12/4/2023
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This week we talk about Cheaters-Con, our new friend Neil, and Godzilla movies with no Godzilla. We discuss people being dumb enough to rap about their crimes on wax as well as caffeinated water. Also, we can't wait to get my hands on that coloring book!

257: Shows 3743 - 3746

Posted: 11/20/2023
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Rod is joined by Keith and Chemda to discuss all the guests being amazing people and no off-the-mic drama happening AT ALL. That's right, no amazing revelations like when Karen hosts the show. Sorry to bore you with a hilarious recap of the last week between friends, Shawn. This episode was recorded live in front of a studio audience

256: Shows 3739 - 3742

Posted: 11/13/2023
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Rod is smart, and hes PowerWashing our way through Chemda leaving and Keith and Craig making up. P.S. Shawn, we know you love this. See you next week.

255: Shows 3735 - 3738

Posted: 11/7/2023
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This episode all comes down to the question, "Why are you in the kitchen when you could be cuddling?" See you next week!

254: Shows 3732 - 3734

Posted: 10/30/2023
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Its me, Karen! I won the random studio audience golden ticket from Last Week, so Im back in the house. This week we talk about fast food, CSI, your health portal, and sex talks.

253: Shows 3728 - 3731

Posted: 10/23/2023
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This episode of Last Week on Keith and the Girl was filmed live in front of a studio audience after the audience got done eating a sub from Jersey Mike's and putting away all the groceries.

252: Shows 3724 - 3727

Posted: 10/9/2023
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Last Week on Keith and the Girl was recorded live in Charlotte, North Carolina in front of a studio audience. Enjoy your time off from KATG because Keith and Chemda won't be.

251: Shows 3721 - 3723

Posted: 10/2/2023
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This week the studio audience gets to be a part of the show! We talk about White People News, how KATG be bussin, how rizz we are, and we cover Part 4 of The Keith and Craig Bromance.

250: Shows 3718 - 3720

Posted: 9/25/2023
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Rod gives you a recap of last week's KATG shenanigans live in front of a studio audience!

249: Shows 3714 - 3717

Posted: 9/18/2023
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This week we talk about The Bear, gaslighting, and men having feelings. We also discuss Drew Barrymore causing the house of cards to fall on talk shows and Rod and Karen loving themselves some Taylor Swift.

248: Shows 3710 - 3713

Posted: 9/1/2023
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It's Rod with Karen on background vocals! It's almost Labor Week time so we had to catch up with Keith and Chemda to discuss all the shows that happened in the last 4 days. And it's a lot of shows! Let's go!

247: Shows 3706 - 3709

Posted: 8/28/2023
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Karen: Im back in the driver's seat! We talk about pimping not being easy, the RNC clown show debate, and pranks that I would have to move some furniture after Rod did them on me.

246: Shows 3702 - 3705

Posted: 8/21/2023
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In a special Last Week on KATG crossover, Keith, Chemda, and Rod Morrow cover everything new in the KATG universe, including Erin Valentines Hawaiian death threats, Keiths personal relationships, and some weird third thing. Hey everyone. This is Rod. I just want to say that I thought this episode was going behind the paywall on the website. I asked Keith to take it down but he betrayed me. There are some things that I said about Blue Beetle that I believed were "off the record." Please unsubscribe and stop listening to this podcast right now! Also, send all death threats to @keithmalley on Twitter.

245: Shows 3698 - 3701

Posted: 8/14/2023
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Rod and Karen are joined by Keith and Chemda to talk about the Queen Bey. Oh, and they also talked a little about last week's Keith and the Girl shows, if you're into that sort of thing.

244: Shows 3695 - 3697

Posted: 8/1/2023
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This week everything was big. We talked about Big Barbie, Big COVID, Big Raspberries, and The Man. Ill make this short so that Chemda can start her recovery.

243: Shows 3692 - 3694

Posted: 7/24/2023
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It's Rod. I'm rolling solo in the hosting chair this week. Don't worry, Karen's laugh is still in the background, and I still messed up the guest names. One of the guests may have been an asshole. Tune in to find out who it was!

242: Shows 3688 - 3691

Posted: 7/18/2023
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Rod and Karen are joined by Keith and Chemda to discuss God's perfect little angels, one and all.

241: Shows 3685 - 3687

Posted: 6/30/2023
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Keiths dad wrote to Keith! Kinda. Also, a special guest dropped in to discuss Roseanne! Have a wonderful KATG Day, and see you again soon for another Last Week!

240: Shows 3682 - 3684

Posted: 6/28/2023
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Rod and Karen caught COVID! But theyre still alive and giving you a recap of the Last Week on Keith and the Girl. Won't you be their neighbor?

239: Shows 3678 - 3681

Posted: 6/19/2023
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Welcome to Last Week on Keith and The Girl. We come to this place for magic. We come to Last Week on Keith and the Girl to laugh, to cry, to care. Because we need thatall of usthat indescribable feeling we get when the lights begin to dim. And we go somewhere we've never been before; not just entertained, but somehow reborn. Together. Dazzling images, on a huge Zoom screen. Sound that I can feel. Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this. Our heroes feel like the best part of us, and stories feel perfect and powerful. Because here, they are. [Timpani Roll] AMC Theaters Last Week on KATG: We make podcasts better.

238: Shows 3674 - 3677

Posted: 6/12/2023
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Grab your popcorn and your new AI overlord ChatGPT as we take you through the last week on KATG. We talk about Keith and Chemda taking time off, Keith enjoying Spider-Mans Spider-Verse, and IKEA being an adventure. Remember, Keith didn't call anyone a bitch, and if you want an episode edited, the answer is No.

237: Shows 3671 - 3673

Posted: 5/25/2023
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Rod and Karen are back in a flash to recap all the behind-the-scenes stuff on KATG this week. Don't forget to buy crockpot liners!

236: Shows 3667 - 3670

Posted: 5/21/2023
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What IS clever? We answer this and the other pressing issues related to this last week of KATG episodes. Just remember: if a psychopath is on your side, rethink yourself.

235: Shows 3663 - 3666

Posted: 5/14/2023
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Before you get upset with anything that was said, just know that Rod and Karen can see both sides of the issue! No snitching!

234: Shows 3659 - 3662

Posted: 5/7/2023
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Keith was on a good run this week with being right!, and we discuss how Jesus, well, He gets us. All of us.

233: Shows 3655 - 3658

Posted: 4/30/2023
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Take a moment out of your busy day to tune into this week's episode of Last Week on Keith and The Girl. This one dives deep into the nature of truth, beauty, and identity, and we answer the hardest question ever posed on the forums: Books, movies, or God? Please enjoy all of the behind-the-scenes juicy nuggets, and blessings on all your houses!

232: Shows 3651 - 3654

Posted: 4/23/2023
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Rod and Karen are here to recap your favorite podcast with your favorite hosts! We have a new sponsor, more Minimum Rage, and youll find out which guest was an asshole in the past week. We also get into the writers strike, old TV show theme songs, and, of course, sucking tongue.

231: Shows 3648 - 3650

Posted: 4/2/2023
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Karen here with another episode of Last Week on my birthday! This week we talked about me being the cold cut queen, DMT, ChatGPT, and blooping everywhere you go.

230: Shows 3645 - 3647

Posted: 3/27/2023
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Hi all, Bianca here. I asked ChatGPT to write the episode description this week. The following is what it came up with. I'm not scared of this robot! "Overall, Last Week on Keith and The Girl featured a diverse range of topics and guests, with Keith and Chemda offering their unique perspectives and insights on each issue."

229: Shows 3642 - 3644

Posted: 3/19/2023
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Theres no time to waste. We finished the episode at 3:42 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 19th! The balls in Keith's hands now! I didn't even have time to check this for spelling or grammer. Leave the typo in! Go, Keith, Go!

228: Shows 3638 - 3641

Posted: 3/12/2023
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It's been 18 years of glorious episodes lol! Keith, Chemda, and Bianca give you their behind the scenes takes on the past week. Some of those guests were saying crazy stuff, haha. It was cool! You should listen if you want lol. No worries if not!!! JFYI!

227: Shows 3635 - 3637

Posted: 3/5/2023
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This week we talk about having a McBellini with your McDonalds breakfast, used sex toys, and the Chris Rock special.

226: Shows 3632 - 3634

Posted: 2/27/2023
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What's up, cokeheads! Your favorite crew is linking up again to talk about cocaine, movies, what time we record Last Week, who the assholes were, hating men while having a period, and Rod's tribute to Black historical figures.

225: Shows 3629 - 3631

Posted: 2/20/2023
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This week we talk about how you should always bet the opposite of Chemda, and we discuss Chicken and Watermelon, Uber rides, and all things last week.

224: Shows 3627 - 3628

Posted: 2/13/2023
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All aboard the Last Week train! Next stop, sunny California. This episode is mostly Keith, Chemda, and Bianca reminiscing about The KATG Marathon and The Magic Mike Trilogy. Bottom line: we're fine with it.

223: Shows 3625 - 3626 and The KATG 2023 Marathon

Posted: 2/6/2023
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Rod and Karen are here to recap the shenanigans of the last week of KATG. We talk about the documentary "Don't Pick Up the Phone", gun pins in congress, Captain Asshole, those who didn't show up to the marathon, and Bianca's dating life compared to Newsys.

222: Shows 3622 - 3624

Posted: 2/1/2023
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Welcome to Last Week on Keith and The Girl After Dark. In this erotic episode, Bianca tries not to fall asleep. The hour is late and the content is great. That's the Last Week guarantee! Brought to you by RodThese Shoes.

221: Shows 3620 - 3621

Posted: 1/24/2023
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Its me, Karen, and this week we talked about me being a real New Yorker! Enjoy, sweetie!

220: Shows 3617 - 3619

Posted: 1/17/2023
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Happy New Year, Last Week-lings! Bianca's back and she's ready to get you caught up. Learn the truth behind Chemda's desire to travel the world. Hear Keith's take on the cinema at large. Let Bianca's beautiful singing voice transport you to a time when you too felt young and free. Stay blessed.

219: Shows 3613 - 3616

Posted: 1/16/2023
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Live from New York, it's Rod and Karen! Were here to give you the first Last Week on KATG of 2023. We cover the new MLK statue, Keith's emotional development, the fate of Lucie Pohl, Elon Musk's improv chops, the behind-the-scenes internet struggles of Chemda and Xerxes abroad, and who the better friend is to Keith: Adam or Craig?

218: Shows 3610 - 3612

Posted: 12/15/2022
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Bianca Brady hosts Last Week on KATG with this special episode reminiscing on KATGs recent episodes and the weekend that Keith spent away for his moms funeral.

217: Shows 3607 - 3609

Posted: 12/5/2022
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Bianca has been stricken with the novel coronavirus, but she's here and ready to chat regardless. The episode is really good. Everyone is having fun, loving it, and getting their yuks off. Seriously! It's funny. You'll like it. Don't be weird.

216: Shows 3605 - 3606

Posted: 11/28/2022
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This week we talk about the right time to call 911, Vegan Thanksgiving, and ringing the bell at the deli. And you know we covered the Dancing with the Stars controversy! Also, dont forget to keep a ho-bag so you will always be ready.

215: Shows 3602 - 3604

Posted: 11/21/2022
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Were back with another edition of Last Week featuring all of your faves. We get into the real behind the scenes shit that these other shows are scared to talk about! We solved the mystery of Friday's off the rails show. We discovered which guests were assholes. And we rate Pete Davidson's dick credit score. You don't want to miss this one, unless you're a loser!

214: Shows 3599 - 3601

Posted: 11/14/2022
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Take a look at me now! Keith, Chemda, and Bianca expound on and opine on life's big questions. What's it all for? What does any of it mean? Is it even worth asking if no one treats internet polls with the respect they deserve? Also, everyone is sick, broken, and ready to get high on DMT. Press play to let the good times roll.

213: Shows 3596 - 3598

Posted: 11/7/2022
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Im Karen, and I'm the Captain now. This week we talked about All Bros No Hoes and No Nut November. Keith's hatred for the Karate Adult runs so deep that he watched all 5 seasons of him. We cover a lot, and if theres assholes, well sniff em out.

212: Shows 3593 - 3595

Posted: 10/31/2022
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Welcome to a spooky Halloween edition of Last Week on KATG. Bianca is here again with her most dastardly, demonic, and devilish takes on the topics recently discussed on the main show. What's your creepiest paranormal encounter? Have you ever been boned down by a ghostly wang piece? Do you think Chucky would be a good podcast host? Answer here or on Reddit, if you dare!

211: Shows 3590 - 3592

Posted: 10/24/2022
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Welcome back, Last Week-lings! Bianca has you covered. The crew is a bit haggard, but we climb out of the mud to bring you the episode of your dreams. We talk Brother Love vs. Craig Klein, Sam Evans' personal sexual proclivities, and Nick Vatterott's pride at having worked in the service industry for "10 years or something." It's funny; I write the description immediately after we record these episodes, and I have the hardest time remembering any details. It was a fun chat! We laughed! Keith's side hurts! What more do you want from me? Beauty AND brains???

210: Shows 3588 - 3589

Posted: 10/9/2022
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Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, We come to you on YOUR day to discuss the happenings during the last week of KATG. Please pray for these poor heathens with their stories of sucking off dad, raising hell, and scamming chicks. In HIS name we pray Amen

209: Shows 3585 - 3587

Posted: 10/3/2022
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Welcome back to Last Week on KATG, available exclusively to you, a VIP! This week, Bianca stakes her claim as one of our nation's foremost guests. She has a lot of experience in the field, and she's willing to share her wisdom with the community at large. The trio analyzes some game tape of Keith's adventures in guesting thus far, and they create a game plan as he heads to the west coast for the finals. Will he end the season with a winning record? Only Craig can be the judge!

208: Shows 3582 - 3584

Posted: 9/26/2022
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Its me, Kaaaaaren! Were back for another fun-filled week of Last Week with 100% more Rod. We talk about Keith and Chemda betting on Dancing with the Stars, Adam Levine finding himself in White People News, and we discuss how these new hoes ain't nothin like the old hoes. King Rod pulls out his crown to talk about his win over Keith, so, not to be outdone, Queen Karen pulls out her crown too. (Thats meeee. Oh nooooo.) You never know what youre gonna get in Season 2 of Last week! Stay tuned!

207: Shows 3580 - 3581

Posted: 9/19/2022
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Season Premiere alert! Join Keith, Chemda, and Bianca as they kick off Season 2 of Last Week with a bang. Keith's filing system is unbeatable, Jerry Seinfeld is a babe, and nobody is an asshole. There's only one word that can adequately describe what you're about to hear, and that word is "YEET!"

206: Shows 3577 - 3579

Posted: 9/4/2022
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Its me, Rod! Today marks the official wrap on the first season of Last Week on KATG. I'd like to thank Bianca and Karen for their contributions to the show. Of course, we couldn't have done it without Keith and Chemda as well. With the finale of season one we bring all the major storylines to a close and even end on a cliffhanger. Will Keith and Chemda be back in a week? Will Bianca be hosting the next episode? Only one way to find out. Tune in for the next season of Last Week on KATG!

205: Shows 3575 - 3576

Posted: 8/29/2022
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We are sending this episode to you chock full of sweet treats. It's sort of like a cardboard box from Israel in that way. Our brave podcasters meet on Zoom yet again to discuss last week's hashtag content. We talk on mic check-ins of off-mic mic checks. We talk ableism and Atlantic City. We talk cats vs. dogs. Bianca discovers that she and Newsey are two peas in a pod. Please comment below to tell us which drug and/or hat you are. Blessings!

204: Shows 3573 - 3574

Posted: 8/22/2022
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Keith and Chemda had a lot to say this week, and it prompts our talk on Tony Pizza and Danny Vega being CANCELED. Shout-out to Governor Moonwalk for helping Jesse Crosson get out of jail so that Jesse could go out and help with prison reform. We also discuss DMV fees. What are we really paying for?! Its too much

203: Shows 3570 - 3572

Posted: 8/15/2022
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Here we go yo! Here we go yo! So what's the, what's the, what's the scenario?! Well, the scenario is that Rod and Karen are here to give you a recap of all things KATG from last week. Pour some water on your head, because this is gonna be a hot one!

202: Shows 3567 - 3569

Posted: 8/8/2022
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Hi! Im Karen! Rods mom might be loving Chemda more than Keith. Uh-oh. We also discuss VR porn and what wed all do with our lottery winnings. Keith and Rod have an air fryer war, but the gang can at least agree on one thing: they love seeing people go to prison for Jan 6th. Also, Woodstock 99 was lit, but thats because theyve burned it down to the ground. We talk about the love of NYC no matter what that rent is and the insane KATG deals that Keith and Chemda somehow never get quite in their favor.

201: Shows 3564 - 3566

Posted: 8/1/2022
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It's another great episode today with your #1 pal Bianca "Dale Carnegie" Brady. Bianca hides in plain sight behind the paywall making fun of everything you hold dear. Nothing is safe from her acerbic and discerning eye. She's got gripes, and she's got snipes. Listen to her brutal take-down of space. James Webb, watch your ass. She's coming for you like Jaws came for the Orca. Prepare for the chomping of a lifetime. Sponsored by:

200: Shows 3561 - 3563

Posted: 7/25/2022
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Rod and Karen are ready to recap the last week of KATG shows. They discuss which guests were assholes, Space, The Gray Man, Cheaters, Craig's Photoshop skills being cap, Bianca's hair bussin', Newsy pushing P, Keith wanting the smoke with Craig, and so much more. Sponsored by: Inaudible

199: Shows 3558 - 3560

Posted: 7/18/2022
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Hi, Last Week-lings! Caroline here, coming at you live from the top of the rock (Bianca's head). You've heard of Maverick and Goose, but Bianca and Caroline? We are the duo to watch. I'll be Bianca's wing woman for the next 3-5 months, barring any calamity that may befall her (she has a history, lol!), so make sure you say hi and introduce yourself in the comments. This episode has a lot of juicy nuggets. Keith, Chemda, and Bianca turn the pages of some open books to find ... not many words. There's a lot of singing, and don't forget about the big Silent Trailers reveal. It's revealed AF!

198: Shows 3555 - 3557

Posted: 7/11/2022
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This week we talked about voting being stressful and not knowing Dirty Dancing had an abortion in it. We discussed R. Kelly as well as Keiths divorce saving the day. Keith be knowing all of grammar rules, and I, Karen, thank Keith for going over this to help me look good for the people. Editors note: Karen actually sent the description using emojis and Jesus what a mess it was trying to fix the spacing. Enjoy.

197: Shows 3552 - 3554

Posted: 6/27/2022
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My dear Last Week-lings, take a deep breath in. Now, exhale. Ahhhh... Do you feel better? No? Try making an ingratitude list. Do you feel better? No? Move your social media feeds to a new folder on your phone. Do you feel better? No? That's okay. I'm here to validate you. This episode is full of the Bianca takes you know and love. We discuss how to talk to your kids about drugs, what to do when you see a mouse, and spending every holiday at the DMV. I would advise you now to live, laugh, and love, but I don't want to insult your intelligence. xoxo, Bianca

196: Shows 3549 - 3551

Posted: 6/20/2022
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It's Rod and Karen, and it's the day after Juneteenth. This is probably the day that all the Black people stopped celebrating and started being pretty pissed off that they worked all that overtime for free! We recapped all the guests and all the topics this week, and we also have the Father Malley TV show pitch, and we review the Mormon documentaries on Netflix. Also, get all your Father's Day gift discussions right here! Sponsored by 1-900-Flowers, use code: LastWeek

195: Shows 3546 - 3548

Posted: 6/13/2022
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There's something happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear! Listen to this week's Last Week for more "updates" on Bianca's "boring life," as well as some updates on Bianca's boring life. She's trying to open up a little bit more. But, as always, THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS SHOW IS ABOUT. We do our best to move briskly along in spite of her self-indulgence. We've got listener letters. We've got bicycle anecdotes. We've got Morbius 3 "Morbin' on Up to the East Side" in a deluxe apartment with ... bats?!! Sorry about the doorbell. Love you all.

194: Shows 3542 - 3545

Posted: 6/6/2022
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Keith is scamming the scammers first Jerking off on trains? Only in New York Chemda goes camping and plays Hide and Seek with raccoons Bianca is getting new body parts We got to the bottom of the true title of Chu & A

193: Shows 3539 - 3541

Posted: 5/23/2022
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Welcome to the show! Bianca is hosting, so you know it's been a boring week. We made sure to genuflect before the power of the mighty silver screen. That's show biz, baby! You learn something new every day. You're welcome. From Wikipedia: A silver screen, also known as a silver lenticular screen, is a type of projection screen that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry and passed into popular usage as a metonym for the cinema industry. The term silver screen comes from the actual silver (or similarly reflective aluminium) content embedded in the material that made up the screen's highly reflective surface.

192: Shows 3536 - 3538

Posted: 5/16/2022
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Gather up party people it's about that time Rod and Karen are back with a brand new rhyme Keith and Chemda are here too And we're sponsored by Rod, These Shoes We got a little Marty DeRosa pillow talk In therapy about to rub his penis off Does Billy Procida need a heater? His ex said they need to see other people And he better help himself to some therapy Chemda revealed the name he left a mystery But moving through like 2 am shrimp parmesan That had Keith's stomach screaming like "Oh man, cmon!" Bianca is the real MVP for hosting with a migraine And she was still her cheerful self through all of the blind pain Newsy had a boring week of sucking and fucking And even had time to give Casey James a little something something The Diamond Dogs found out what makes Blucas tick And it's not a surprise Andys a big ol dick Silent Trailers is last up this week and to keep it brief I believe this chaotic crew discovered how to beat Keith You just need to cheat and have a lot of self-belief Okay that's enough of the comic relief You know Rod, I keep it light but forthright Bianca hosts next week so I'll see you in a fortnight

191: Shows 3533 - 3535

Posted: 5/9/2022
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Welcome to a very special episode of Last Week co-hosted by Bianca and her headache. This one is full of surprises. Men are learning about their feelings later in life, and we love that for them. Marijuana sometimes makes us too high to function, but that isn't marijuana's fault! We also call out the weird liars on the forums. Okay, so you understood Moon Knight AND you're not afraid of being buried alive? Yeah right.

190: Shows 3530 - 3532

Posted: 5/3/2022
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Karen: Im doing points cause I wanna be like Rod. Let me know if this works! We all got to see each other in real life and we find out that Keith is soft Son you crazy for this one - Son being Keith Chemda apologizes for spoiling movies?

189: Shows 3527 - 3529

Posted: 4/25/2022
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Keith, Chemda, and Bianca are here today to answer the age old question, "What if God was one of us?" If he was one of us, he'd be Steve Harvey. It is written. We also talked about the latest dad emails, other guys who are bad, and 4/20 throughout the years. L'Chaim and a half to all of you Last Week-lings. I love you!

188: Show 3526 and KATG Week 2022

Posted: 4/18/2022
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187: Shows 3523 - 3525

Posted: 4/11/2022
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It's a Rod and Karen week, so you know it's about to go down. Topics: Sponsor The Slap Karen stunting on the poors Chemda's billion-dollar idea Treacherous vaginas COVID Episode recaps Newsy's sex life Enjoy KATG Week!

186: Shows 3520 - 3522

Posted: 4/4/2022
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Bianca is overwhelmed by what God is calling on her to do and be in this episode, but the phone has rung, and she must answer. The daring trio go over the Vessel for Love series of episodes from last week. We know that the only take you've been missing has been Bianca's, so now that you've heard it you can put the whole affair to bed (not in a cuck kink way). Thank you, you're welcome, I'm sorry, I love you, goodnight.

185: Shows 3517 - 3519

Posted: 3/29/2022
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Hi! We discuss Myq having the kindest Fuck you Keith, we get an update on Chemdas asspipe, and we cover the ad reads that are meant to be interrupted. Oh, and somehow The Lawnmower Man is a real movie.

184: Shows 3514 - 3516

Posted: 3/21/2022
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INT - DUNGEON, NIGHT A thunderbolt claps so loudly the room shakes, and a bolt of lightning illuminates the dank dungeon, revealing Bianca in a floor length cape. BIANCA: "Welcome back to Bianca's twisted memory palace. Let the recap commence! *thunderclap and lightening* The topic: last week's episodes. The players: Keith and Chemda. The third eye: weeping." Camera pans up to an owl in the rafters. She is wearing a Fourth Love bra. The owl blinks widely as we hear Bianca's maniacal laughter off screen. CHYRON READS: Will Bianca's dastardly, devilish, devious plans come to fruition? You'll have to listen to find out. Fin.

183: Shows 3511 - 3513

Posted: 3/15/2022
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Hi! Let's get straight to the bullet points. Sponsor Game Theory with Bomani Jones Airbnb stuff Karen's Cleaning Corner Episode recaps The Batman Murderville Impossible White Man Movies Chemda's Classic Movie Review Corner Keith's Grammer Holocaust Corner Rod's Remind The Audience To Watch Game Theory with Bomani Jones Corner Bye!

182: Shows 3509 - 3510

Posted: 3/7/2022
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Hello, Last Week-lings! It's a Bianca episode, so you know it's got to be brisk, baby. The dynamic trio toasts the 17th anniversary of Keith and The Girl, but any sentimental musing is abruptly halted in order to address the business at hand. We sure had some doozies last week. Dive in as we try to make sense of the senseless, explain the unexplainable, and describe the details of a story that were acted out in the telling. I hope you liked this description. Now I feel self-conscious. Ok.

181: Shows 3506 - 3508

Posted: 2/27/2022
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This week the group discusses Treys background, Karen not knowing she was watching Shakespeare, and opinions on The Tinder Swindler. Athletic Greens boosted Keiths energy to a disgusting level in Silent Trailers. The gang discusses the tears.

180: Shows 3503 - 3505

Posted: 2/20/2022
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It's a gaggle of global goofballs today on Last Week. Subjects discussed herein include: the Super Bowl halftime show, different methods of finding a door, and the travails of modern romance. Bianca is back on Twitter after a 7 year hiatus. Follow her @biancaLbrady.

179: Shows 3496 - 3502

Posted: 2/12/2022
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It's the first ever international edition of Last Week. Rod is in NYC! Chemda is in Spain! We're all over the place! This episode also set the record for the most guests to recap, so if you're playing the Karen Name Accuracy Drinking Game, please, PLEASE get a designated driver.

178: Shows 3493 - 3495

Posted: 1/31/2022
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My my, hey hey to all the Last Week-lings tuning in. Please groove out to this scintillating discussion of last week's episodes. We go silly, we go deep, and we share a sneak preview of the upcoming KATG marathon. Bianca Brady is famously a miner for a heart of gold, and so she asks the tough questions. Is it better to burn out than to fade away? We may never know, but if you take a look at my life you'll see that I'm a lot like you were. Press play to keep on rocking in the free world!

177: Shows 3490 - 3492

Posted: 1/24/2022
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Its me, Karen! Im back, and I allowed Rod to join me. We talk about what hooked us and Chemda to Hookers at the Point, self-cheering, and trimming those lady parts. We told Keith and Chemda that we talked about adopting Bianca and how Steve Harvey has the best judge show of all time. Thanks, and don't forget to watch out for cars while on camera.

176: Shows 3487 - 3489

Posted: 1/17/2022
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Welcome to the future. It's 2022, and Bianca Brady is here to blow you away with her stunning and insightful takes. Please @ everyone you've ever met to let them know!

175: Shows 3484 - 3486

Posted: 1/10/2022
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What's better than Rod or Karen? Rod AND Karen. The dynamic duo is starting off the new year tandem! Worst Guest of 2021 Unproblematic old people dying Cuck ex-husbands The Great American Novel: The Musical The podcasting life of Matt Bachus Chemda's unfiltered texts with Newsy "Hollywood" Craig not watching movies The mystery of the Keith "Spider-Man" Beating SOLVED! All this and MORE will be revealed in this episode of Last Week on KATG!

174: Shows 3481 - 3483

Posted: 12/14/2021
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This week we talk about karaoke singing being dangerous, never having the birds and bees talk, and the vaccine causing you to explode. Happy Holidays!

173: Shows 3478 - 3480

Posted: 12/6/2021
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Are you ready to hear Rod hold Keith and Chemda accountable for being puppets of the liberal lamestream media information silo complex? Well you've come to the right place. The place where we all come together and find the REAL truth about what's going on. Segments: Where to sit in a movie theater People wanting to make movies about their own lives All the good restaurant workers quit or died Care package unboxing Anxiety for the family during holidays Is Keith about to propose? Keep fucking dangerously, Newsy The 3-Hole Punch Trapper Keeper Smut Club Chemda on Trump The best "I told you so" is the one never said Till all are one, Rodimus Prime* *cues Stan Bush's The Touch

172: Shows 3476 - 3477

Posted: 11/29/2021
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Welcome back, yall! This week we talk about listener letters, Keiths love of trolls, COVID toes, and Spider-Man. We find out that white noise puts a lot of KATG fans to sleep, lobster is greatness, and KATG may podcast beyond the grave. Also, Keith and Chemda are doing things for the novice as well as the experts. Enjoy.

171: Shows 3473 - 3475

Posted: 11/22/2021
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This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that we had some behind the scenes drama to talk about. We're talking no-shows and self-blows, bros! I'm talking pissing, fisting, hat-fishing, the mile high club, sucking your dick, and more! Oh, it got weird. See you around, sickos!

170: Shows 3470 - 3472

Posted: 11/15/2021
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This week we talk about getting excited about getting Kickstarter alerts, dealing with Daylight Saving Time, and that poor Alec Baldwin movie. We talk about Keith having an issue with anyone over 62 and Chemdas Sex in the City adventures. Keith and Karen give a review of Karen and Eternals, and Karen hopes she did Bianca proud.

169: Shows 3467 - 3469

Posted: 11/8/2021
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Guess who's back, back again. Brady's back, tell a friend. That's right, folks, she made it! Join the very not-dead Bianca as she recaps last week's episodes from the plane of the living. We talk about where she's been and what she's been up to before MOVING BRISKLY ALONG (respectfully) to the business at hand. Has Chemda started a new religion? Can you pay for OnlyFans with an NFT? Will we be laughing about this one day from our barracks at Elon's labor camp on Mars? Ya gotta listen. I implore you to listen. Love to you all!

168: Shows 3464 - 3466

Posted: 11/1/2021
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm a podcaster! Question Of The Week: Have you ever been in love with yourself? The JFOD Conspiracy Corner Mel Gibson will return with or without the N-word Fast Food Fights Mary Jo Pehl was making sense, and Karen also makes sense That time Rod was robbed(?) The SHIT button on airplanes No more Hornets games for Rod and Karen :( Spoiler: We talk about Spoilers A sneak preview of The Dad Emails Part 468

167: Shows 3461 - 3463

Posted: 10/25/2021
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Its me, Karen, and we keep the ball rolling with fake restaurants in food apps, Netflix making 3/4 of a good movie, and being shattered. Keith and Rod finally agree on the same type of movie. Can you believe it? Also, Scooby Doo and the gang solve real life mysteries. Plus, I found out what a muffler was, and let me tell you, its not what you think it is.

166: Shows 3458 - 3460

Posted: 10/18/2021
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Hello Sheeple! The GOAT is back this week, and he takes you on a journey through all things KATG. If you didn't know who "The GOAT" was referring to in the first line of this description, know that its me, Rod. I'm The GOAT. GOAT means Greatest Of All Time. And that means no matter what I say or do, Criag loves it. Even when I'm saying things that make Craig feel bad. So don't feel bad for Craig. Know that Craig would LOOOOVE this episode. Oh Keyth and Heemda were there too. I think that's their names. I can't be bothered to remember because I'm so great. I don't have to care about anyone but myself. Hell, I don't even care what we talked about. Doo doo on your heads! See you cucks in 2 weeks when I'll still be The GOAT and you'll still be whatever it is that you are. Just remember that whatever it is you are, it's not The GOAT. You can't be. Because that's me. Rod Morrow. The GOAT. Greatest Of All Time. Sincerely, The GOAT* *Greatest Of All Time aka Rod "The GOAT" Morrow.

165: Shows 3455 - 3457

Posted: 10/4/2021
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Hi everybody! Its me Karen, your favorite co-host for Last Week. This week I talk to Keith and Chemda about Colin O' Brien not being a terrible person, going dutch on dates, and not paying people enough to be COVID bouncers. We don't see anything wrong with R. Kelly going to jail, and his time in jail ain't nothing but a thang. Keith is the king of meditation, Chemda takes out birds, and I kill plants in no time flat. Also, Keith brings homework on dates and I can see your colors.

164: Shows 3452 - 3454

Posted: 9/27/2021
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It's time for Rod and Lucille to get to the bottom of who started the rumor about a certain comedian's untimely demise. Thank you to everyone who watched our virtual show to bring in my birthday! Segments: Hypothetical Question of the Week: If you could bring 1 KATG guest back from the dead to do 1 episode, who would it be? Was Keith's apology accepted? Is this thing on? No one knows when they're live Focus on the Family How to break up the RIGHT way The porn store experience Your ex got engaged? Problem solved! Keith likes White Savior Movies, and so does Rod Jackie The Grope Man Martling Misdemeanor butt-grabbing Vincient is trying NOT to be racist now Follow Men with the Pot on IG Love ya'll, Rod

163: Shows 3449 - 3451

Posted: 9/20/2021
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Its me, Karen. Instagram went from haircuts to ass, and Im here for it! Also: all things point back to the casino, robot sex, subway O.J., etcetera. You get it. Keith, the king of comebacks, is killing it in Silent Trailers, and if youre not rooting for him, somethings wrong with you. Hope to see you at the TBGWT live show, and well talk soon. Love ya!

162: Shows 3446 - 3448

Posted: 9/14/2021
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Its me, Rod, and Im back with a brand new edition of Last Week on KATG. This week we have sponsors! Segments: Hypothetical Question Of The Week: If you could only watch one actor's movies for the rest of your life, which actor would it be? 9/11 Pumpkin Spice The Vaccines Moved Goal Posts OldBitchuaries The N-Word And White People Rod Raps! Drake Vs. Kanye Is Down To Earth Adam Brown Dead For Real? Fucking The Police Audi 5000, Young 'Vola

161: Shows 3443 - 3445

Posted: 8/30/2021
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Hey everybody. Karen here, and Im back to recap another week for you. And to say a whole bunch of mispronounced names. We learn that Keiths dad can really take credit for everything, and Chemda is going to get to the bottom of Keiths family outings. May your pimp hand be strong.

160: Shows 3440 - 3442

Posted: 8/23/2021
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What's up Last Weeklings? Thank you for tuna-ing in to fellow piers finishing up the week! You're in for a very fishy episode today a real whale of a time. Segments: We reel you in with our Hypothetical Question of the Week Was it splash oar sploosh with Robert Mac? We solve a murder fishtery How Rod was found gill-ty of speeding The crew try to stop Casey James Salengo from drinking like a fish Alex English didn't seem shore there were other fish in the sea Keith's catfishing of his dad fails to get a bite Rod schools (of fish) Keith about movies again If you dig this episode, then drop me a line! Love, (Fishing) Rod!

159: Shows 3437 - 3439

Posted: 8/16/2021
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Im back, baby! We talk about Keith and Chemdas haters, Keith enjoying What If?, and gangbangs having way too many rules. Porn, you lied to me! We discuss the latest COVID news as well as yoga balls. Keith keeps Chemda and Karen in check because he is the Fact Checker. Enjoy Rod next week. Love, Karen

158: Shows 3434 - 3436

Posted: 8/10/2021
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What up Last Weeklings? Rod is back, and he delivers again with a recap of everything Last Week. Oh you want segments? I got your segments right here. Hypothetical Question Of Week: If you could bring one hated enemy back to life, who would it be? (Spoiler: Chemda didn't answer because she's a good person.) Show Reviews Free Britney (A little bit) The White History Moment Which Guests Were Pieces Of Shit (Will Rod's dry spell continue?) Scam Calls And The People Who Fall For Them (Me) Rod And Keith Argue About How To Enjoy Things (Again) Periods (Who needs em!) Peace, love, and soul, baby, Rod

157: Shows 3431 - 3433

Posted: 8/2/2021
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Karen: I, one of the many great hosts of this show, am back. This week we discuss a combined movie universe and if Chemda needs a PR person to interpret her TV reviews. Does Chemda know what a comedy is? Anyway, Keith says he knows how to swim better than most of you, quite frankly, and I agree. Also, I still feel like I am the number one host but we all need to be treated equally so Rod is number one also? ... Sure. Anyway, see you soon!

156: Shows 3428 - 3430

Posted: 7/27/2021
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Hey ya'll, Im Rod. Rod is here with his spiritual advisors to give you the latest dirt on everything KATG last week. Not that it matters who is your favorite host or anything because we're all someone's favorite, aren't we? We have all new segments, so pay attention to the list below. 1. Hypothetical Question of the Week: Would you smash your variant? 2. Tweet that made me think about Chemda 3. Show reviews 4. Shout Out to Xerxes feat. Xerxes 5. Chemda Diary of the Day 6. Keith's Poll Logic vs. Rod's Movie Rating Logic 7. Rod Cleans Up Behind Karen Forgetting To Review An Episode Last Week 8. The Handy J Exit Strategy Review See ya'll soon!

155: Shows 3425 - 3427

Posted: 7/19/2021
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Your favorite host is back, baby! This week we talk about how running away on your Big Wheel is never a good idea, we use The Google to find The Hamilton, and we start a whole new game! This week, everyone gets 2 points and a blow job! Kyle was the MVP of Silent Trailers, a boxful of farts should have a delivery service, and poop jokes never get old. Also, per Keith, Loki should die in a ditch. See you in 2 weeks! Love, Karen

154: Shows 3422 - 3424

Posted: 7/12/2021
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What's up, Last Weeklings? Rod is hosting today. We're gonna get to the undercover controversy this week. Which KATG guest was a real piece of shit behind the scenes last week? Who didn't try to split the bill with Keith at Kyle's birthday dinner? And how do you win a copy of the Keith recommended comedy movie The King of Staten Island? If you want to win a physical copy of The King of Staten Island, respond to this forum post with the correct answer for this week's "What Can I Say" game show. One lucky winner will be chosen to send their mailing address to me! Does Karen ever give you guys free stuff? I don't think so! Love, Rod

153: Shows 3419 - 3421

Posted: 6/28/2021
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Im back with another episode, and let me tell you, we had a ball! Speaking of ball, be like Keith and trust the Magic 8-Ball to get you through it all. Also, Chemda is finally in the fully vaccinated game, and Keith and Myq have one mind. Robots are going to kill us all, so go ahead and love your line dancing. Chemda gives her review on a movie that she got from Keith. Movies and bacon for everyone to enjoy! And lastly, I am the best host of Last Week. See you all in 2 weeks! With love, Karen

152: Shows 3416 - 3418

Posted: 6/21/2021
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What's going on, folks? Rod is back with some KATG talk for your ears. None of the guests were horrible this week, so it looks like I have to turn water into wine. But don't worry ya'll, this episode is going to give you all the Alzheimer's, holocaust, and slavery talk you can stand. If you don't enjoy this episode then you get your money back *guaranteed! Love, Rod *You are actually NOT guaranteed to get your money back. Actually, don't even ask.

151: Shows 3414 - 3415

Posted: 6/14/2021
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Im back with all of Keith and Chemdas hot takes from Juliagate. We opened, closed, and opened the book again on this subject. Also: New cars are like spaceships, and men always look sexy while they drive. Keiths drawing puts him in the Big Nose Club. Chemda is counting her days to freedom to go outside again. You should practice doing a blow job with your dentures before you do the real thing. Laughter at a funeral is good for the soul. And lastly, dont forget you can always google it. Love, Karen your #1 Last Week host

150: Shows 3411 - 3413

Posted: 6/7/2021
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What up Last Weekers? Were hitting episode 150 in full stride and full of PRIDE! Get your new KATG merch ya'll! There's literally a shirt for EVERYTHING. Oh, and play along with Keith and Chemda in our new favorite game show segment What Can I Say? We of course recap the episodes from 2 weeks ago. We talk Mathew Klickstein's lightning round. We get into Maddy Smith raw-dogging the world. Courtney Maginnis shares her own brave revelation. And what will Keith do now that Chemda has "1188" on her side? Love ya'll (but not like Karen loves Arby's)! Rod!

149: Shows 3408 - 3410

Posted: 5/24/2021
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Karen: This week we talk about why BLM gets you a 1 star review and why people are scared of Chemda. Also, what makes Chemda happy? Drinking milk bags. Yall picked on the south, but we got something right using that word. Keith forgot about Kyle for a split second and enjoys his makeup. Keith finds a way to shock people by researching them before they come on the show. Everyone loves a good commercial break. We talk about Vincent speaking his truth. Lastly, bitch, dont forget I am your favorite host of Last Week. See you all in 2 weeks!

148: Shows 3405 - 3407

Posted: 5/17/2021
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What up last weeka-fuckas? We start off the show with a brand new game that's sweeping the nation. The game is called What Can I Say?, and we encourage you to play along at home. Shout out to Vincient. Masks Masks Masks. Joe Rogan vs. Fauci. Seth Rogan is no longer invited to parties. Ellen deals with misogyny and being a bit ... assholey? Xerxes bike story finale. British accents make it all sound less scummy. And our long national nightmare is over ... Bennifer is BACK, BABY!!! See you at Silent Trailers! Love, Rod

147: Shows 3402 - 3404

Posted: 5/10/2021
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Karen: I am back in the house. This week we talk about air fryers, sex toy reviews, and how big does JUICY really need to be on your ass? Keiths stepson is learning about taxes the hard way, and Chemdas aversion to movie titles is discussed. We also discuss Caseys dads car accident, and why you dont show up early to events. Also, a wedge of lettuce is a ripoff, and treadmills are killing kids. I learned about broccoli rabe, Keiths YY chromosomes, and hanging lips. Listen to learn something new today!

146: Shows 3399 - 3401

Posted: 5/3/2021
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It's a Sue-Nami of excitement this week. Shakshuka Remix Glenn Close is the key to racial healing in America Craig slides down the Cool White People list Break up with your QAnon family All commercials are for drugs Dubs vs. Subs Keefs and possessive esses in the Black community Newsy is finding all the tea Chemda and Myq will get you high Alright, see you in 2 weeks my Last Weeklings!

145: Shows 3397 - 3398

Posted: 4/26/2021
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Karen: Glad to be back after an amazing KATG Week! The internet decided to keep the greatness of Chemda away from us. Shout out to Xerxes! This week we talked about Keith getting powers after his vaccine shots, Chemda breaking gender barriers on Diamond Dogs, and Keiths dads best friend. (Spoiler alert: he doesnt have one.) We found out that technology is making it hard for cheaters to cheat, Chemda is leveling up to Childhood Trauma in therapy, and we love people who add the letter S to words that dont need it.

144: Shows 3395 - 3396 (VIP Night)

Posted: 4/18/2021
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Its VIP Night LIVE! Its Daddy Issues, Diamond Dogs, CHU & A, and the Last Week wrap-up for April, 2021!

143: Shows 3393 - 3394

Posted: 4/12/2021
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What up, Last Weeklings? Oh we get right into the shit this week. DMX is dead. Long live DMX. Liz Miele seems more like a cat apologist than anything to me. Are Chemda's useless movie reviews useful? The answer will shock you. Do dogs kill more people than cats, or are cats just better murderers? Don't be a bitch. Get your vaccine. Sandra Oh. *wink* Don't miss Virtual KATG Week! Get your free tickets today! Love, Rod

142: Shows 3390 - 3392

Posted: 4/5/2021
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Its me, Karen! After having a wonderful birthday, Im back to kick it with my 2 favorite people, and we learned a lot. Kyle finally broke Keith. This caused him to keep hummus and carrots around for no reason. Blockbuster could have bought Netflix, but now Netflix is doing a documentary on Blockbuster. And I watch Netflix so much, it keeps asking me if Im still there. Always, Netflix! April Fools Day is only for fools. White Boy Summer was in the wrong font and cut short. Cant wait for Keiths doc series where Keith plays his dad. Danny was the asshole, and Chemda knew something about movies. Lastly, dont forget to check your VIP account to get free passes to KATG Week. Me and Rod will be there to celebrate, and we cant wait to see you all there!

141: Shows 3387 - 3389

Posted: 3/29/2021
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Hey Last Weeklings, Rod here. I'm back and I have questions! Why is your penis in a dead girl's phone? How do you run a safe space? Which guest wanted a part of the show taken out? What the hell is Kennywood? How did Steak and Blowjob Day: The Redux go? This and more on this episode of Last Week on KATG! P.S. I forgot to talk shit about Dana Gould taking a phone call during the show because I don't give a FUUUUUUUCK! I loved him anyways! Suck on that, haters!

140: Shows 3384 - 3386

Posted: 3/22/2021
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Welcome back to hang with your host with the most, Karen. Thats me! This week we talk about me getting my COVID-19 shots and our apartment flooding. Steak and Blowjob day is on our menu of discussion along with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Woody Allen is still a piece of shit, and Keiths dad is still out here trying to sell life insurance in a nursing home. Dont forget to have your daily boob moment because life is just a simulation.

139: Shows 3381 - 3383

Posted: 3/15/2021
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Hey Last Weeklings! Guess who's back? The second most listened to host of Last Week on KATG at the moment, ROD! We're not gonna get political on this episode, so feel free to tune in, Jack. This episode got so hot and heavy you might need to self-medicate with some soup dumplings or heroin - whatever chills you out like the dulcet tones of Wyatt Cenak. It's a judgment-free zone up here in VIP. Happy belated bday, Apia! ROD OUT!

138: Shows 3378 - 3380

Posted: 3/8/2021
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Karen: Your girl is back with another episode of Last Week. We cover me being the MVP at home, Keith and Chemda turning that Sweet 16, and car scams. Dont invite Keith to anything; you already know what the answer is. Cats are scary and will eat your face if you let them. Also, if you let Tiger Woods roll up on you, you will lose on the golf court. And finally, Bob from Bobs Burgers may have a new enemy.

137: Shows 3375 - 3377

Posted: 3/1/2021
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Dear Keith and Chemda, I said a lot of reprehensible things in this episode and I would like it taken down. If my uncle ever hears how I jacked off while he was in the hospital it may cause my family to disown me. We all know podcasts are admissible as evidence in court. (Just ask Keith's dad!) If nothing else, can we take out the part where I expressed my unabashed love for Kenan Thompson on SNL? I know we made several references to that during the show but I would like it deleted. I also totally flubbed the order of the episodes and forgot my notes for episode 3375. I'm sure your paying listeners and fans will understand that they just aren't getting a show this week because I was a little bitch. Love, Rod P.S. Please delete this email after responding to it because I have.

136: Shows 3373 - 3374

Posted: 2/22/2021
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Karen: Your favorite host is back again. Glitter is going to outlive us all, watching tv with your mate may not always be a good thing, and cast iron skillet care is not for everyone. Sometimes falling asleep around people is not always safe, and jokes during sex is healthy. For the record I want smacking dicks to be a sport. And if I retweet you, the love is real.

135: Shows 3370 - 3372

Posted: 2/15/2021
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My name is Rod and I'm here to say I love recapping the week in a major way! How did I actually MAKE money on the bet I lost to Keith? What is the "yes and" style of being interviewed? And why is addiction so delightful with an English accent? It's a mystery, innit? I look forward to reading your comments in the forums since Karen never will! Love, Rod

134: Shows 3366 - 3369

Posted: 2/8/2021
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Karen: Im back, baby, with a brand new Last Week! Thank you to all those who lead me to victory for Best New Guest. We overwhelmed the system and came out on top. Keith didnt get rich so he is back to work. Chemda loves to fight. I want a Black Now Month Magazine, and Keith is saving the world with his receipts. I also found out that 2 out of 3 hoes love Keith and the Girl.

133: Shows 3364 - 3365

Posted: 1/25/2021
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Fresh off a KATGuh win, Rod keeps the streak going with the easiest $25 ever made in KATG history! We meet Mrs. Gootz. Chemda says call your representative. And it's the shocking penultimate episode of John Petrie! This episode has it all!

132: Shows 3361 - 3363

Posted: 1/18/2021
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Karen: Im solo this week, and Rod ain't here to stop me from shining. We talk about sports and Keith being 2 recipes away from getting an air fryer. Wanda Vision is good for your vision, and Chemdas recap of The Walking Dead is worth the cost of admission. Guess who is in the running for Best New Guest? This girl right here, so your vote matters like never before.

131: Shows 3357 - 3360

Posted: 1/11/2021
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Its a new year, and it's time for a softer, gentler Last Week on KATG. Rod realizes he got a little carried away with the offensiveness of the show. Please don't run up in the Capitol building to overthrow the government. It's time to heal and come together for the sake of the country. How about we all take a Tuesday off and celebrate Xerxes' birthday? Do not take that day off and storm any government buildings. We're going by the honor system here ya'll. Oh, and Karen was here too, and we like talked about KATG from the last week and stuff. I mean if you're into that sort of thing. I love you the most, Apia. I wrote this episode description. Love, Rod

130: Shows 3343 - 3356

Posted: 12/14/2020
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It's a double team double header from double trouble Rod and Karen!

129: Shows 3348 - 3352

Posted: 12/7/2020
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Howdy Last Weeklings! Guess who's back? Both of us! It's a Rod and Karen Thanksgiving special!

128: Shows 3345 - 3347

Posted: 11/23/2020
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I hope you cucks brought your MAN pants this week because we are taking no prisoners! Welcome to the most offensive KATG recap on planet Earth! This ain't no Nancy Pelosi PC Police comedy! We get OFFENSIVE! Take your SJW virtue signaling and go the fuck home! Oh did I offend your little feelings? Do you need a trigger warning? Too bad! IT'S GO TIME SOY BOYS! Hey ya'll it's Rod. Enjoy the episode.

127: Shows 3342 - 3344

Posted: 11/16/2020
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I will keep my streak of mispronouncing guest names going. We were all over the place this week like JFOD's mind. Don't forget to read about 5G and let your third eye stay open. You never know what you will see. What is time?

126: Shows 3339 - 3341

Posted: 11/9/2020
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Kaboom! Guess who stepped in the room! It's the Last Week forums comments record holder in the building! TOPICS The Keith and the Girl Hall of Fame Give 1,050 pennies, take 1,050 pennies Dogs as uninvited podcast guests Making friends with murderers KATG dropping books, marathons, and Kickstarters Keith's legendary Lil Wayne impression Sayonara suckas! Rod OUT!

125: Shows 3336 - 3338

Posted: 11/2/2020
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Roses are red, violets are blue; if your state doesn't early vote, thats not on you. Run to the polls like you can run a mile in under 6 minutes, and don't trip on any shoes or laundry baskets on the way! And remember, be kind to yourself, and brush your teeth with your partner's toothbrush.

124: Shows 3333 - 3335

Posted: 10/27/2020
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Raise the roof because we're about to go bananas, you jerkoffs! Have you downloaded the free KATG Week stuff for VIP? Well you only got a week to go, dummy! We talk poon-branding cults, creepy IG likes vs. Saint Angels like me and Chemda, Billy Procida's love advice, and our "Post-COVID" but still during COVID paramours. See you in 2 weeks, jive turkeys!

123: Shows 3330 - 3332

Posted: 10/19/2020
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We moved at the pace of old people demanding their senior citizen discounts. Through it all, weve learned to stay out of corn fields, the dangers of wood, and how chin hairs are the real enemy. Bitch, Urban Dictionary helps keep you woke, and our pussy aint broke.

122: Shows 3327 - 3329

Posted: 10/12/2020
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I pull up to the VIP all drink on me! What's up my Last Weaklings? Gang gang. It's your favorite spin-off show host with the most ready to talk about what you've been talking about: Keith and The Girl. The Lubinator blew that shit up! Can Rod heal the divide in the forums? (No.) We were one wish away from Trump dying, and Chemda is ready to tell us why she let us down! We got karmic saunas, parental disownership, exit letters, and liking butts on the 'Gram! This episode has it all! Bye, weekly. (Get it because I am here every other week. Like 'biweekly' meaning every two weeks? But I'm also saying goodbye for now.) VAN HALEN! VAN HALEN! EDDIE VAN HALEN! P.S. Chemda thinks I make the show cooler. No one tell her about my corny pun.

121: Shows 3324 - 3326

Posted: 10/5/2020
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If you drop food on ya breast, pick it up, and eat it, does that count as sex? My horoscope said it did. Also dont forget to splash or dash.

120: Shows 3321 - 3323

Posted: 9/28/2020
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Step left up to the best damn spin-off on KATG VIP, my Last Weekas. (Only we can say that.) News flash! Carole Baskins is innocent! Who's ready for a trip down (not-so-distant) memory lane? From sexual assault to dead parents, this week had EVERYTHING. Rod is here to teach you how to take the Right Man down and welcome our brother in arm Keith to the Lefthood. We find out where the hell Chemda gets off and how to deal with on-the-job sexual harassment. Al-left, see ya'll in 2 weeks. Passing the baton to Karen! ROD OUT!

119: Shows 3318 - 3320

Posted: 9/21/2020
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Get down, get down. No for real get down because there's something behind you. Oh nevermind, it's just me. My Zoom name is IttyBittyTittyCommittee.

118: Show 3317

Posted: 9/14/2020
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New day, new week, new year, new attitude. Who knows what the hell is going on. Just know that if Keith goes missing, his dad did it.

117: Shows 3314 - 3316

Posted: 9/9/2020
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Hello Last Week-lings, You all mean so much to me, and I love what weve built here. Please keep in touch via Instagram @bianca_brady, and feel free to email me any time at Ill talk to you soon. Love, Bianca

116: Shows 3311 - 3313

Posted: 8/31/2020
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Step right up to the Last Week on KATG brain scanner! We'll give your brain a big check-up and scrape what needs scraping. Maybe without all that dumbness you'll be able to make some better decisions and have better ideas. It's definitely worth a try.

115: Shows 3308 - 3310

Posted: 8/24/2020
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Trivia question time!: What's Bianca's favorite street on the globe? Answer: Memory Lane! In keeping with tradition, Keith, Chemda, and Bianca discuss last week's episodes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your god damned life. :)

114: Shows 3305 - 3307

Posted: 8/17/2020
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Another day, another dollar! Bianca is writing this description in a rush, so she will keep it short: We recorded another banger. Press play on this Wonderful-Ass Podcast, and feel it wash over you.

113: Shows 3302 - 3304

Posted: 8/11/2020
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This episode is best listened to on the beach! Please enjoy responsibly, and don't say we never gave you anything. If you see Keith, be sure to call him by his true name, "Spider-Man." If you see Chemda, pretend you are a feral child and giggle creepily in her ear. If you see Bianca, blow her a kiss!

112: Shows 3299 - 3301

Posted: 8/4/2020
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Answer these questions in the forum, if you please: 1) Do you like water to be inside you? 2) Do you like to be inside water? 3) Do you like to drink water while you're swimming? 4) Do you cut your burgers in half? 5) And why? Thanks so much for taking the LW survey!

111: Shows 3296 - 3298

Posted: 7/27/2020
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Hello Last Week-lings! Thank you for being you. Bianca is reflective in this episode and says some really profound stuff. Wow, she's got beauty and brains? How does she make it look so easy? What's her secret? Listen away, you sweeties!

110: Shows 3293 - 3295

Posted: 7/20/2020
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Well folks, it finally happened. Bianca lost her shit. Listen as things get ~vulnerable~ and real as hell. Embarrassing! Please remember to social distance, wear your mask, and most importantly, ALWAYS LISTEN TO KEITH WHEN HE'S YELLING!

109: Shows 3290 - 3292

Posted: 7/14/2020
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Bianca has decided to re-brand and become a sex freak, so watch your ears! This episode is all about getting through hard times, turning lemons into lemonade, and putting one foot in front of the other. We hope that you're commiserating Covid-crying as much as you need. Remember to sit up straight.

108: Shows 3288 - 3289

Posted: 7/6/2020
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Bianca is fully chilled out and in island mode on this weeks episode. We learn so much from one another, like what poppers do, corporate apologies 101, and if you in fact ever do know. (Hint: you never do!) Remember to relax, have fun, and enjoy life!

107: Shows 3285 - 3287

Posted: 6/30/2020
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Here are the rules of Last Week on KATG: 1 - No dips allowed 2 - Must love picnics 3 - Be careful what you add to your cart See you next time. Watch out for The Purge.

106: Shows 3282 - 3284

Posted: 6/22/2020
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Don't you just love being a VIP? Behind the paywall you can find the juiciest nuggets, the heartiest scoops, and all the keys to success. Bianca is so glad you've tuned in yet again to go over the week's events. She's also newly obsessed with the Diamond Dogs. You guys were right -- this is the show for her! Arf arf bow wow. See ya next week ya maniacs!!

105: Shows 3279 - 3281

Posted: 6/15/2020
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Howdy! Have you stopped asking people how they're doing? Bianca, Keith, and Chemda cover the week with their signature flair for the dramatic. Bianca is turning into a socialite. Chemda is a poker champion. Keith is planning to eat a chicken sandwich. Be very wary of any "feel-good" news stories. They're trying to trick us! Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the show.

104: Shows 3276 - 3278

Posted: 6/8/2020
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Reporting live from Narnia, Bianca gives you her take on the week that was, including some discussion of CHU & A that you won't want to miss. God is watching us (and laughing) from a distance (six feet apart)!

103: Shows 3273 - 3275

Posted: 6/1/2020
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Everyone take a deep breath. Inhale, and exhale with a big, "ahhhhhhh." Bianca hopes that you're in okay spirits! This show has it all. We laugh, we cry, we talk about Chemda's eye. Plus, we debut a brand new segment! Bianca is going to recap a VIP episode of her choosing. This week's offering: Diamond Dogs #15 with Sue Costello. What a treat! And don't forget to celebrate Chemda's half birthday on June 2nd.

102: Shows 3270 - 3272

Posted: 5/26/2020
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It's another wrap up, ladies! This episode is sponsored by hotness and confidence. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Last Week-ling? Post your hashtag selfie on your socials with the hashtag "marketing"! Hashtag "no makeup"! Hashtag "quarantine chic!" Am I doing this right? Hot girls please help me.

101: Shows 3267 - 3269

Posted: 5/18/2020
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Howdy doody Last Week-Lings! This episode features a huge behind the scenes reveal about the Jess Wood show. There's also a lot of talk about pee! So many scoops, so many tidbits, and only the juiciest of nuggets. That's the Last Week guarantee. If you need me, call me on my flip phone.

100: Shows 3264 - 3266

Posted: 5/11/2020
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Bianca is doing well not so well that she seems like an asshole, but not bad enough that you should worry! She's an appropriate level of fine. Can you believe it's been 100 years since we started this journey together? Thank you, friends, for listening to Last Week on KATG. It really means so much to me, and I'm grateful for each episode. You are the wind beneath my wings! Love, Bianca.

99: Shows 3261 - 3263

Posted: 5/4/2020
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Hey there Last Week-lings! Are you ready for a madcap romp? In this episode, 3 best friends discuss Marilyn Monroes legacy, partnership, and how to only spend $300 for an $800 TV. Add Keiths Math to your repertoire. It stands alongside Keiths Science and Keiths Justice as a pillar of modern manhood. Hubba hubba!

98: Shows 3258 - 3260

Posted: 4/27/2020
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We're back to our old tricks. Bianca flew a little too close to the sun during KATG week. Now she's crashed back down to earth just in time for more pandemic boredom. Bianca proudly welcomes Keith and Chemda to this week's episode. They discuss bummer news, 4/20, and whatever the heck Fiona Apple is talking about. Please like, comment, and subscribe. It's the only drug Bianca is allowed to do.

97: Shows 3255 - 3257

Posted: 4/13/2020
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I think it's clear that we've all run out of things to say, and yet Keith and Chemda are still going strong. As long as these two have stuff to talk about, we're honor-bound to talk about what they talked about here on Last Week on KATG. Bianca is fine, just fine. There's no need to worry. Please enjoy, and we will see you online for KATG Week!

96: Shows 3253 - 3254

Posted: 4/6/2020
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The dictionary defines "podcast" as "A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically." The dictionary defines "listen" as "Give one's attention to a sound." Put the two together and press play on this motherfucker, which the dictionary defines as, "A person or thing of a specified kind, especially one that is formidable, remarkable, or impressive in some way."

95: Shows 3249 - 3252

Posted: 3/30/2020
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You thought you knew Bianca pretty well, didn't you? You were fooling yourself, idiot. Press play to meet the real Bianca. She's unhinged, unplugged, and unapologetic. You don't like it? Fuck you!

94: Shows 3242 - 3248

Posted: 3/20/2020
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We can't dwell on the present. We have to focus on the past. That's the mission of this show. Step back in time with us to Last Week, when we honestly thought we'd be able to gather in groups of 10 or more. Ha! Simpler times. Please be safe, everyone! Bianca hopes to high-five you at some point in 2023.

93: Shows 3238 - 3241

Posted: 3/10/2020
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It worked, guys! Bianca's platelets went up, and it's all thanks to you. There's lots to love about this episode coronavirus, poon, and best fiends galore. Please enjoy in good health!

92: Shows 3234 - 3237

Posted: 3/3/2020
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Hi, friends! Bianca is excited to tell you everything you ever wanted to know! Learn about Gilbert behind the scenes, class warfare, and Keiths childhood van game. Big platelet energy!!!

91: Shows 3227 - 3233

Posted: 2/25/2020
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From Oscar! Oscar! to the KATGuh Awards to the big Father Malley reveal, its the most wonderful time of the week! The gang discusses love, life, death, and family controversy, and no behind-the-scenes information is off the table. Get ready for the ride of your fuckin life.

90: Shows 3219 - 3226

Posted: 2/10/2020
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Rest easy, Last Week-lings; Bianca is back. There's a lot to get through, so I'd recommend hunkering down and pressing play immediately. All of your questions will be answered. All of your dreams will come true. I'm serious!

89: Shows 3211 - 3218

Posted: 1/20/2020
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Bianca Brady begins 2020 getting into the behind-the-scenes depths of everything KATG, including Keiths parents New Years phone call, getting caught having sex, Steak and Blowjob Day, Megxit, Chemdas art, whats in a name, astrology, and being a professional

88: Shows 3203 - 3208

Posted: 12/18/2019
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In this special holiday edition, Andrea Allan joins host Bianca Brady in summing up the recent shows, covering such topics as Keiths rotting leg, The Dad Emails and becoming Christ Jesus Himself, hospice care and emotional service bees, and the book reports of Father Malleys awesome, awesome masterpieces.

87: Shows 3198 - 3202

Posted: 12/10/2019
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This episode changed the way I think about my life, the lives of those around me, and the universe in general. - Female Human

86: Shows 3195 - 3197

Posted: 12/3/2019
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Andrea is back in action and sitting in the host seat. This week on Last Week we get deep into philosophy, periods, chicken sandwiches, and everything in between. If you love us, go on over to!

85: Shows 3190 - 3194

Posted: 11/25/2019
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Bianca is back! Please take a moment out of your day to encourage her platelets. Thanks so much! Have a happy Thanksgiving and a happy Chemdas birthday.

84: Shows 3185 - 3189

Posted: 11/17/2019
Download audio Comments
Adam Brown came to town and clowned with us in this very special episode of Last Week on Keith and The Girl. Was he as good a host as Bianca? Did he move as briskly along? Who knows if ANYONE can fill those shoes, BUT enjoy Adam's Brooklyn accent letting us know what he thought of this past week's KATG guests and content.

83: Shows 3180 - 3184

Posted: 11/11/2019
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What's up, shit-birds? Thought you'd have a perfectly timed served with a side of sass wrap-up show? Thought you'd move briskly along and not get entangled in the web of fights? Think again. It's Andrea in the driver's seat, and we are driving on the wrong side of the road. Or the right side? What is wrong? What is right? What am I, Myq Kaplan? You'll period on your chair over this one. Chef's kiss!

82: Shows 3176 - 3179

Posted: 11/5/2019
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I sing because Im happy. I sing because Im free. Heres another fantastic episode for you all to enjoy. Theres nothing ambiguous about it. Seriously, theres no ambiguity whatsoever. Its just fuckin good. Thank you so much for listening!

81: Shows 3172 - 3175

Posted: 10/29/2019
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This is an emotional episode of Last Week on KATG, and I think youre going to love it. Keith apologizes, Chemda is bilingual, and Biancas feeling sensitive. Dont miss this one, Last Week-lings.

80: Shows 3168 - 3171

Posted: 10/21/2019
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Welcome back Last Week-lings. Youre under arrest! Its Keiths world, and were just living in it. Dont worry about it, just listen.

79: Shows 3164 - 3167

Posted: 10/14/2019
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Bianca is back! Big announcement alert! Please listen to her recap her most recent saga as well as the past weeks episodes. Moving BRISKLY along

78: Shows 3160 - 3163

Posted: 10/7/2019
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Sorry, Bianca, we arent moving briskly along this week. Its Andrea Shit-Talker Allan hosting the wrap-up show, and we are meandering into all sorts of trouble areas. Andrea gets into the nitty gritty of Keith and Chemdas past, present, and future. We talk about all the shitbirds that have flown through KATG and make some thinly veiled references to ex-friends and lovers. You gotta dig a hole to get the dirt, if you know what Im saying. In the words of the great Robert De Niro: FUCK EM.

77: Shows 3155 - 3159

Posted: 10/1/2019
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Tensions are running high at Astoria Abbey. Lord Keith of Malleyshire has run out of printer paper, Lady Chemda has come into a large sum from her dealings with the city-dwellers of the Atlantic, and wench Bianca doth suffer from a hard bloat and deep grooves. Methinks the polishing wont be done in time. Listen to find out.

76: Shows 3151 - 3154

Posted: 9/23/2019
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Last Week was so great! Are you sure you can handle all this sweet content? DOUBT IT, DUDE. Bianca tries to find love, Keith gets mad, and Chemda watches a documentary. Dont miss it.

75: Shows 3144 - 3150

Posted: 9/15/2019
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Will you be able to handle this JUMBO episode of Last Week on KATG? I doubt it, but I challenge you to try your best. Am I the asshole? Are you the asshole? Who is the asshole? Everyone! People are complicated, but Bianca will always be here to explain them to you.

74: Shows 3140 - 3143

Posted: 8/30/2019
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Its all a fucking game. Keith Malley right now as Im typing this. Press play on this episode to shower yourself in his words of wisdom and truth. Also, please let Bianca know if you need any spare hardware from Ikea. Plus, hear about the riveting battle between Chemda and a hole in the ground.

73: Shows 3135 - 3139

Posted: 8/26/2019
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Well, you asked for it, Last Week-lings, and you got it. Bianca haircut Brady is here to explain everything succinctly and with great clarity. Were also joined by a special genius via phone. Nothing compares to this episode!

72: Shows 3131 - 3134

Posted: 8/19/2019
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Bianca is here for you, dear listener. She wants you to know that she has your back. Hop into her unmarked white van and careen down the winding roads of your imagination. You wont regret it. Peace and love.

71: Shows 3126 - 3130

Posted: 8/12/2019
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Biancas back, buddy! Dont miss this episode. Its legitimately filled with juicy gossip and fun behind the scenes takes. Plus, Bianca brags about her huge accomplishment. Listen now!

70: Shows 3121 - 3125

Posted: 8/5/2019
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program of moving briskly along to bring you Last Week with guest host Andrea The Mouth Allan. We learn about Andreas (terminal?) illness, which guests she loves, which guests she hates, and who she wants to fuck. Its god damn delicious.

69: Shows 3116 - 3120

Posted: 7/28/2019
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You cant always get what you want, but if you just press play, youll find youll get the audio of this episode.

68: Shows 3111 - 3115

Posted: 7/22/2019
Download audio Comments
I am entitled to my opinion that this show is the best piece of audio ever recorded. Keith, Chemda, and Bianca are joined by special guest Andrea Allan to dissect last weeks episodes. What is your bra size, and what is your favorite style of mashed potato? Please answer below.

67: Shows 3106 - 3110

Posted: 7/14/2019
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Last Week-lings, lend me your ears. Theres a lot to get through! Keith, Chemda, and Bianca cover the spa outing, The Emails, and the movies. All of your burning questions: answered. Dont be bashful! Listen!

66: Shows 3103 - 3105

Posted: 7/9/2019
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Bianca is in great spirits this week, and she shares some exciting news with Keith and Chemda. Is it a promising new romance? Is it a fabulous career opportunity? Did she find $20 on the ground? No! Its the Snack Pack Initiative. Listen and learn, you sweet angels. Listen. And. Learn.

65: Shows 3098 - 3102

Posted: 7/1/2019
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Hey, just wondering, whats the best deli in NYC? Im looking for prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. Kyle. Send.

64: Shows 3093 - 3097

Posted: 6/25/2019
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Voters, to your microphones! Keith, Chemda, and Bianca do their civic duty on this episode of Last Week on KATG. Dont miss your opportunity to participate in the process. Be a good citizen: listen to this episode right now.

63: Shows 3089 - 3092

Posted: 6/17/2019
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Hello Last Week-lings. Can I just take a moment to give you a huge shout out? Youre all the living best. This is a hot ep. Bianca makes a confession, Keith gets yelled at, and Chemda becomes a chef! Dont miss out.

62: Shows 3086 - 3088

Posted: 6/10/2019
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Hey, listener, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, listener! There are a lot of behind-the-scenes tidbits in this episode of Last Week on KATG. Can you even believe you have access to such a juicy nugget? How lucky!

61: Shows 3082 - 3085

Posted: 6/4/2019
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Calling all couples to the dance floor. Bianca tries to feel the love on this episode of Last Week on KATG. Is she successful? I don't know! Please listen and enjoy.

60: Shows 3078 - 3081

Posted: 5/27/2019
Download audio Comments
Welcome to Chemdas Movie Corner. JK, its Last Week on KATG. We all sort of argued on this episode while we continued our ever-important quest to get to the bottom of it. What is it? I dont fucking know. Enjoy the show!

59: Shows 3074 - 3077

Posted: 5/21/2019
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This episode of Last Week on KATG is totally drug-free. Bianca has no nicotine in her system. Is she freaking out? Youll have to listen to the episode to find out that the answer is yes. Please enjoy some nicotine on her behalf.

58: Shows 3070 - 3073

Posted: 5/14/2019
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Its the moment youve all been waiting for. Xerxes is in the hot seat. Does he know what pizza is? Listen to find out.

57: Shows 3066 - 3069

Posted: 5/6/2019
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Bianca and the team get really real on today's episode of Last Week on KATG. It's Real-Talk City, population: us. Plus, Andrea drops in! Sit back, relax, and learn something for once in your dang life.

56: Shows 3059 - 3065

Posted: 4/29/2019
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Keith and Bianca square off in this episode like it's Game of Frigging Thrones. Bianca shares her categorization system (pointy/weird/round/plain) with Keith and gives him some feedback on his "square head" theory. When Keith catfishes his dad, we all win! Press play now!

55: Shows 3050 - 3058

Posted: 4/11/2019
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Its a super-deluxe huge episode of Last Week on KATG. Front page headline, above the fold: BIANCA BRADY CROWNED WORLDS GREATEST PODCAST HOST. Listen, enjoy, and well see you at KATG Weekend.

54: Shows 3045 - 3049

Posted: 4/1/2019
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Let me ask you all a few questions. Number one: How would you like that cooked? Number two: Are you out here in these streets? Number three: What if God was one of us? Please submit your answers in writing by the end of the week.

53: Shows 3040 3044

Posted: 3/25/2019
Download audio Comments
Welcome, Last Week-lings. Bianca is asking the tough questions and getting the tough answers. There's singing, laughing, and arguing. Please let us know your reasons for agreeing with Keith more than Chemda, generally, or Chemda more than Keith. Make sure to use proper grammar in your posts!

52: Shows 3036 3039

Posted: 3/18/2019
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Bianca has been up since 4:30 am and she has a cold, so strap in for a wacky one. They really get to the bottom of it this time, let me tell you. Also, Bianca is spearheading a new initiative called Tell A Friend Week. It's easy to participate; just tell a friend!

51: Week of 3-4-19

Posted: 3/12/2019
Download audio Comments
Welcome to Biancas Special Episode of Last Week on KATG. The three smartest and most attractive humans alive take you on a magical tour of the past weeks episodes. Theyre sweet, theyre serious, theyre funny, theyre Keith, Bianca, and Chemda!

50: Week of 2-25-19

Posted: 3/4/2019
Download audio Comments
It's a recapitulation, folks. Gather 'round, Last Week-lings, and listen to Keith, Chemda, and Bianca talk about the week that was. They go over the beginning of the 24-hour marathon, dating, the Oscars, and Chemda's continued celibacy. Enjoy!

49: Week of 2-18-19

Posted: 2/22/2019
Download audio Comments
This show sells tickets! Bianca sits down with Keith, Chemda, and special guest Jerome to wrap up the week. They discuss fapping styles and Chemda posts a thirst trap. Its what it is!!!!

48: Week of 2-11-19

Posted: 2/18/2019
Download audio Comments
This episode of Last Week on KATG is a musical! Keith, Chemda, and Bianca have a lot of laughs and good times, as per usual. Just listen. You'll like it.

47: Week of 2-4-19

Posted: 2/10/2019
Download audio Comments
Bianca is here to jump start your week with a trip down memory lane. The three amigos talk about Biancas drawer, Keiths family, and Chemdas name being the new god bless you. Does that make us crazy? Possibly.

46: Week of 1-28-19

Posted: 2/4/2019
Download audio Comments
I hope everyone's feeling as loose and chill as this crew you're about to hear. Bianca, Keith, and Chemda take you from the KATGuhs to the Super Bowl and back again. There are some really spicy nuggets in this episode for your listening pleasure. Love is a battlefield.

45: Week of 1-21-19

Posted: 1/27/2019
Download audio Comments
Bianca's back in the building. Alliances are formed. Bjork is impersonated. Andrea and Chemda yell at each other. Keith bums everyone out. Go Pats!

44: Week of 1-14-19

Posted: 1/20/2019
Download audio Comments
Chemda goes for Most Ridiculous Moment in 2019. Keith and Andrea will not be tricked. Everyone fights.

43: Week of 12-17-18 to Week of 1-7-19

Posted: 1/13/2019
Download audio Comments
Strap in, Last Week-lings. We have a lot to get through. Keith, Chemda, and Bianca take you all the way back to a time before CHEMDA'S LEG-GATE 2018. The three discuss being injured while single, hitting 3,000 episodes, and Chemda's potential dating pool. Shout out to Bucho!

42: Week of 12-10-18

Posted: 12/16/2018
Download audio Comments
Join Keith, Bianca, and Chemda as they discuss their favorite topic: Last Week. Its a wrap-up show. Do you understand it yet? Thats the premise of this show. Xerxes makes a couple of appearances as well to share his extremely hot takes on crying and outer space. Is Keith a fan of crying and/or outer space? Youll have to listen to find out.

41: Week of 12-3-18

Posted: 12/9/2018
Download audio Comments
Welcome to Earth, Last-Weeklings. This week, Bianca, Keith, and Chemda discuss Last Weeks killer episodes. Can you believe this wild roster of A-List guests!? Plus, Bianca gives Keith a lesson on what is truly vomitous. Listen IMMEDIATELY.

40: Week of 11-26-18

Posted: 12/2/2018
Download audio Comments
This show contains multitudes. Join us as Bianca leads us in talking about last weeks episodes as well as Chemda taking mushrooms for the first time, Andrea visiting her boyfriend(?), and Hennessys controversial Bottoms Up episode.

39: Week of 11-18-18

Posted: 11/25/2018
Download audio Comments
Happy Holidays to you, Last Week-lings. It's all love. A blessing on all your houses. May peace and prosperity find you wherever you are. We get deep into it today, folks. Enjoy it however you'd like, but please do NOT review this episode on Yelp.

38: Week of 11-12-18

Posted: 11/19/2018
Download audio Comments
We are the champions, my friends. And well keep on blabbing til the end. Thats right, bros. Were back for more recapping and chit-chatting. We talked about The West Wing, Keith in the woods, and dolphins being overrated. Plus, Julia drops in! Dont miss out on this once in a lifetime episode.

37: Week of 11-5-18

Posted: 11/12/2018
Download audio Comments
Listen up, dudes! You're going to love this one. Picture this: Bianca, Keith, and Chemda blabbing about all of last week's action. Are you picturing it? Okay, now press play and see if you were right.

36: Week of 10-29-18

Posted: 11/5/2018
Download audio Comments
Welcome back, Last Week-lings! Keith, Chemda, and Bianca are fully medicated and ready to take on their common enemy: Kentucky. Just kidding! They love everyone!

35: Week of 10-22-18

Posted: 10/29/2018
Download audio Comments
Last week was a real doozy! Listen for behind the scenes scoops and secrets. Plus, we get a final count on Keith's couches and the final word on who messed them up. Bon apptit!

34: Week of 10-15-18

Posted: 10/22/2018
Download audio Comments
What a week! We had old guests! We had new guests! Chemda impersonated Keith! Andrea dropped in! We argued! Listen to this episode immediately!

33: Week of 10-8-18

Posted: 10/15/2018
Download audio Comments
Hello, Last Week-lings. Bianca here. Todays episode is a real delight. We talked about Chemdas alleged aggression, A Star Is Born, and which guest is a true multi-tasker.

32: Week of 10-1-18

Posted: 10/10/2018
Download audio Comments
This week on Last Week we have Andrea as guest host again! Is Bianca dead? Did Chemda kill her? We talk about a week full of controversy. We get the inside scoop on camping, how to take down Louis C.K. in a comedy club, The Great Aggressive Debate, and whether or not Shane Mauss is a scientist or just a guy who does a bunch of drugs.

31: Week of 9-24-18

Posted: 10/5/2018
Download audio Comments
After Chemda explains how someone can be hot and not sexually attractive (???), Andrea Allan leads the group into discussions on a week of KATG guests, from Keith watching the ballet live to comedians talking and refusing to talk about Louis C.K.s return to sexting and sobriety.

30: Week of 9-17-18

Posted: 9/25/2018
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This week on Last Week we have guest host and international bad boy Andrea Allan. Andrea was on the road last week and is reunited with Team KATG. The gang discusses a week of fantastic guests, the mess that was left in the kitchen, and Chemda's dirty little secret.

29: Week of 9-10-18

Posted: 9/17/2018
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Bianca is back! She still doesn't have hot water but she's HANGING IN THERE. The team takes you behind the scenes of Chemda's retreat and Keith's trip home. Plus, more on Louis C.K. Who wants to talk about him? Who doesn't? Find out!

28: Week of 8-13-18

Posted: 8/20/2018
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Last weeks episodes were jam-packed with great convos and fascinating guests. This episode of Last Week on KATG is TOTALLY frigging JAM PACKED with EVEN MORE details about last weeks great convos and fascinating guests. Its all you could ever want from a recap show plus oh so much more.

27: Week of 8-6-18

Posted: 8/13/2018
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Bianca is back! She joins Keith and Chemda for a rousing episode of discoveries. Listen to learn the difference between a sex computer and a regular computer, why Chemda is "lucky, and why Keith is yelling.

26: Week of 7-30-18

Posted: 8/6/2018
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This week we have Andrea back in the host seat. We talk about Andrea's speech at the Podcasting Hall of Fame, Kevin Doucet's courtship of Chemda, and Keith's movie-going frustrations.

25: Week of 7-23-18

Posted: 7/30/2018
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This week on Last Week, Keith, Chemda, and Bianca talk about the Podcasting Hall of Fame. Keith teaches Chemda and Bianca how to reconnect with someone you havent seen in over thirteen years. Try his method out at your next family function. This show teaches so much. Youre so welcome!

24: Week of 7-16-18

Posted: 7/23/2018
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Join us for another recap. Last week had everything! There were old guests, new guests, and a special blast-from-the-past guest! Do yourself a favor and reminisce with us.

23: Week of 7-9-18

Posted: 7/16/2018
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Tune in to this episode of Last Week on KATG for some major updates. Theres a Bianca Homelessness Update, a Keith Girlfriend Update, and a Chemda Celibacy Update. Honestly, there are too many updates to count! Please enjoy!

22: Week of 7-2-18

Posted: 7/9/2018
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What a week! Bianca, Keith, and Chemda break it down for you. Have you ever wondered what Keiths number two routine is or how often he washes his hair? Youre in luck. Press play, and find the answers inside.

21: Week of 6-25-18

Posted: 7/2/2018
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Andrea's back and it feels so good/bad. In this episode, we cover Chemda's new crushes/not crushes, sexual fantasies/not sexual fantasies, and we discuss her feelings on going/not going to poon/pound town. Did we get answers? Not really. Was it a joy ride? Of course.

20: Week of 6-18-18

Posted: 6/25/2018
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This week we all check in to see how were feeling. Theres been a lot going on behind the scenes! We discuss last weeks guests, cold medicine, and Westworld. Also, let us know which guest youd like to go on a picnic with!

19: Week of 6-11-18

Posted: 6/18/2018
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Last week was one for the books, folks! Bianca is out living her life, and Andrea is here to be the conductor on the disaster train. We cover drunk wild cards in the studio, apology emails from guests, Chemdas separation announcement, and the hard facts of life. What are the chances things will ever work out? Chances are: terrible.

18: Week of 6-4-18

Posted: 6/11/2018
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It's a family affair this week on Last Week on KATG. We hear from Julia and Andrea, and we talk about everything we learned from last week's guests. Get your STD tests, open up your diary, and send nudes. This is a good one.

17: Week of 5-28-18

Posted: 6/4/2018
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Bianca is thirty now, so get ready for new levels of wisdom and brilliance on this weeks episode. The team talks about whether theres a good way to break up with someone, whether Myq Kaplan is a robot, and whether Chemda is a pot pusher. These answers and more await you. Just press play.

16: Week of 5-21-18

Posted: 5/29/2018
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This week, sadly, we are without Bianca due to the holidays. With that said, Andrea is here as guest host to spit the truth and ruin her career with shit-talking. The gang starts out the gate with some personal information about Andrea's past lovers who are now dead to her, and they discuss the best possible way to alienate a woman and get her to dump you. The gang reviews last weeks guests. Who was the most controversial? Who was the most fuckable? Who sends the most polite and well-written emails? All these questions are answered, and more!

15: Week of 5-14-18

Posted: 5/21/2018
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Bianca is once again the captain of your recap ship. The team discusses pear holders, airport problems, and one listeners fear of not having a butt hole. Pip pip! Cheerio!

14: Week of 5-7-18

Posted: 5/14/2018
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Bianca welcomes Keith and Chemda back to New York for another spicy edition of Last Week on KATG. After the team catches up, they discuss anxiety, NYC vs. LA, and whether movies that are "interesting" are also good. Everybody is learning!

13: Week of 4-30-18

Posted: 5/6/2018
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It's another edition of Last Week on KATG in California! Andrea once again takes the host chair and is feeling zany as all hell. Keith and Chemda discuss their experiences guesting on other podcasts from Getting Doug with High to Bertcast to HarmonTown. Andrea discusses perfecting the art of taking edibles and hiking and her experiences doing stand-up in Tinseltown. We compare LA to NYC, and Andrea keeps us informed on how to get laid constantly.

12: Week of 4-23-18

Posted: 4/29/2018
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We are in Cali, baby! This week Team KATG is in Los Angeles, and Andrea is the Daddy Chair. The gang reminisces on their trip so far. From their pimpin pad to their struggles getting the remote audio rig set up to Andreas tinder adventures and her new husband, this show is PACKED with juicy content!

11: Week of 4-9-18

Posted: 4/17/2018
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Andrea hosts Last Week as the gang gets ready for L.A. and reminisces on the latest week of guests, which leads to the state of male comedians, the #MeToo movement, and open books.

10: Week of 4-2-18

Posted: 4/9/2018
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This week on Last Week, Keith and Bianca switch chairs. Biancas the captain now, bwahaha! The team discusses forum questions, Gilbert Gottfrieds post-show soda issue, and Tracey Carnazzos relationship woes. Also, KATG Weekend is this week, and the gang is jacked!

9: Week of 3-26-18

Posted: 4/2/2018
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Bianca would like to cordially welcome you to the final word on Toothbrushgate 2018. The forums came alive last week when Keith wondered, "Is there more to this toothbrush than meets the eye?" Find out the answer to this and more by pressing play!

8: Week of 3-19-18

Posted: 3/26/2018
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Bianca is back! She fills Keith and Chemda in on what's been happening with her. Tune in for the dramatic story and discussion of last week's guests. We discover who is actually an open book, and who just thinks he is. Bianca honors Andrea with a song.

7: Week of 3-12-18

Posted: 3/19/2018
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This week on Last Week on KATG, we have guest guest host Julia Schachter. Topics include Keiths adaptability regarding crushes and clementines, caustic interactions, sex parties, an update on KATG vs. Old Homesteads sexism, and guest behind-the-scenes. Enjoy!

6: Week of 3-5-18

Posted: 3/12/2018
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Andrea the trickster is at it again this week. Its another week without our sweet angel Bianca to move things along in a brisk and professional manner. Andrea takes to the hosting chair, and the gang gets into the nitty-gritty. We discuss technical fuck-ups and Keith's anger, our love for brassy female guests, if Andrea and Keith are insane or just heroes in a dark world, and we end the show by going in depth about Keith's triggers and why Chemda loves to pull them. Bon appetit.

5: Week of 2-26-18

Posted: 3/5/2018
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This week we have guest host Andrea Allan. She doesn't "move things briskly along" per se, but more jumps from topic to topic like she's smoking a jazz cigarette. Andrea covers the tide change in Keith's love life, she gives an update on her recent visit to pound town with another comedian, and Chemda, as always, is delighted and horrified with the people she works with. The gang discusses Andrea's stand-up, their takes on last weeks guests, and Andrea finishes the show off with a horrible song in honor of Bianca's absence.

4: Week of 2-19-18

Posted: 2/26/2018
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Were back! Listen to Keith, Chemda, and Bianca talk about Keiths love life and whether his recent happiness is going to alienate you, the listener. Plus, we cover the weeks guests, go over past break-ups, and map out Keiths apartment. Brisky business.

3: Week of 2-12-18

Posted: 2/19/2018
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This week on Last Week we ponder paypigs, mental health, and healthy relationships. Listen to find out if youre a good person or a bad person. (Keith knows for sure.)

2: Week of 2-5-18

Posted: 2/12/2018
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This week we go to the forums to find out what YOU want to hear about! Plus, we talk about Keiths dogs, how Keith is always right, and Keith and The Girl being a great forum for people to talk about their personal experiences. Thats brisk, baby.

1: Week of 1-29-18

Posted: 2/7/2018
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Welcome to Last Week on KATG! Bianca asks Keith and Chemda about the 24-hour marathon. What did they eat to get them through? How did they feel when it was all over? Plus, they discuss Dante Nero, Jeremy West, and online dating. Enjoy!
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