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From fanboy to fanman, Newsychu shares the mic with his favorite podcasters Keith and Chemda. Chune in while Newsy asks the hard-hitting questions you want the answers to.

60: And You Can Chu!

Posted: 9/22/2021
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Hello folks! Have you ever felt one way and then felt another way? Did you ever decide, "Hey, maybe I don't wanna do this anymore so much"? Are you just as confused as Keith was during the show? Good. Sit back, and I'll fill you in. In today's episode we talk Jackass, brohavior, itineraries, NYC safety, and pageantry! Episodes discussed: 141: Old Farts, New Smells w/ Patrice 352: Jackasses w/ Matt B, Adam Brown, and Max Darwin 812: Unconstitutional w/ Jesse Joyce 1047: Hell-A w/ Christian Finnegan 1257: Fuck John Adams w/ Ray DeVito 1464: Missing You w/ Jesse Joyce 2248: Get Down w/ Chaz Kangas 2476: The Eagle Has Landed w/ Ali Clayton 3155: Red-Faced

59: Jiffy Chu

Posted: 9/15/2021
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In this post-camping episode, the gang tries to figure out what Fun is and whether or not Chu actually enjoys it. We also talked about gay hookup culture, the conclusion to The King of Everything, and hurricane defense tactics. For the main episode to dissect, Newsy chose to celebrate the recently departed Diane ODebra. 347: A Simpler Time 807: Learning in Moderation 1042: Better Than You w/ Marc Maron 1253: Do The Evolution w/ Myka Fox 2244: Your Brain on Drugs w/ Danny Hatch and Rosa 2471: Gun Shy w/ Danny Hatch and Libby Phillips 2714: It Was Bad w/ Tyler Snodgrass and Danii Gallegos 3151: Hustlers w/ Bianca Brady

58: Chu Magnet

Posted: 9/2/2021
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Oh boy, I should probably play the first part of this episode for my therapist. Holy cow. Eventually we talk about hurricanes, uninvited party guests, bachelor parties, scammers, safe spaces, and cults. Enjoy the ride, folks! This ones a gut buster! 128: Stop the Insanity! 798: The King of Kings 1033: 21 and Over w/ Myka Fox 1245: Re: Joyce w/ Jesse Joyce 2045: The Horny Games 2240: Rent Control w/ Josh Gondelman 2463: Safe Space w/ Katharine Heller 3144: Free Will w/ Troy Alan w/ Troy Alan 3315: What on Flat Earth? w/ Brent Terhune

57: Blue Chu

Posted: 8/26/2021
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Welcome back! Are you ready to rock?! I ask because this episode has sports, blunts, booze, biopsies, and even some moments of sincerity, which all rock! 113: Apologies All Around w/ Patrice 333: For the Children 793: No Offense 1028: Period Break w/ Ray DeVito 1240: God & Guns w/ Trey Galyon 2233: Deez Nuts w/ Lecy Goranson 2457: Body of Work 2702: Im an Alcoholic w/ Anne Whitman

56: $10

Posted: 8/19/2021
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They say everyone has a price! Whats your price to watch something you dont want to watch? In this episode Chemda implores Keith to watch some things, but its gonna cost her! We also get the skinny on colonics from our favorite liar, some bold word choices from our favorite robot, some big hugs from our favorite gorilla, and some opinions about good/bad jobs! See ya next week! 117: Walken 2008 w/ Patrice 329: Homewrecker w/ Matt B and Scooby Jeff 788: You're Welcome w/ Jesse Joyce and Ray Devito 1024: Skanks a Lot w/ Adam Brown and Myq Kaplan 1235: Copywrong w/ Myq Kaplan 1446: The Reviews are In 2036: Losing My Religion w/ Hollis James 2230: Wedding Daze w/ Wendi Starling 2452: Pair-bonded w/ Kaytlin Bailey 3135: Courtney James Salengo w/ Courtney Maginnis

55: Chugots!

Posted: 8/11/2021
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Heyooo! Another show I had a blast prepping for and then had a party recording! This week we talk about my staycation, blindsiding guests, tossed water, Twitter pranks, the death of Vine, This Is 40, and how to agree with Keith! 112: Animals w/ Patrice 1020: Count Me In 1441: Twat? w/ Dave Waite 2031: Shell Shock w/ Jason Nash 2226: Stugots w/ Harry Terjanian and Josh Accardo 2447: Just Keep Swimming w/ Jason Burke

54: WYD Eggplant Emoji

Posted: 8/4/2021
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Its show notes time! Now imagine Jim Carey as The Mask saying it! This week on Chu & A, instead of business ideas, I try to trick the team into a free therapy session, and it sorta works! Then we get into the meat of the episode; bothering to correct someone, blaming others for your issues, inhalants, Dad Emails, et cetera. IS HE INTO YOU OR NOT?! 108: Find Patrice a Job w/ Patrice 319: Two and a Half Apologies 779: KATG Marathon - The Magic Number w/ Mike Mattera, Jesse Joyce, and Dan Allen 1015: Making Boys Cry w/ Dan Allen and Ray DeVito 1437: Into the Wild w/ Hennessy 2026: Blinded by the Light w/ Greg Behrendt 2221: To Tell the Truth w/ Liam McEneaney 2442: Shindig w/ Tanael Joachim 3126: Shooter McGavin w/ Lucas Connolly

53: Shark Tank

Posted: 7/29/2021
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Hey y'all! Have you ever had a business idea? I have! And you'll learn about them in this episode! We talk Atypical, customer service, doctors, caffeine, and football! 103: Great Adventure w/ Patrice 314: Fancy Pants w/ Scooby Jeff 774: Dr. Feelbad w/ Peyton Clarkson 1010: Stage Fright w/ Myka Fox 1432: Money Talks w/ Sean Donnelly 2021: Collective Consciousness 2217: Shredded w/ Mike Lawrence 2437: Vomitous w/ Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles 3121: Once Upon a Time w/ Kyle Ocasio

52: Yummy

Posted: 7/22/2021
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What up, Chu Crew! If nothing else, I know I'll always have you! As per usual, we catch up with my life, my troubles, and my strife; and, then I turn to the past of our hosts: the ones you love the most! We got breakups and drug trips, heart attacks and poker tips, double dates and strip clubs, and other things you'll love! Episodes discussed: 99: Babies on Acid w/ Patrice 310: Leaving Las Vegas 769: Keith's Line 1006: Salty Biscuit w/ Ray DeVito 1223: I Find It Funny w/ Kyle Thompson and John F. ODonnell 1429: Something to Believe In w/ Jared Logan 2016: Shake It Off w/ Will Petz 2213: Laughing Buddha w/ Jess Wood 2432: Look Into It w/ Mike Lebovitz 3116: Full Metal Jacket w/ Justin Smith

51: Asshole Behavior

Posted: 7/14/2021
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Newsychu: Woowee! This episode kicks off with more tales from my life. We talk a little sex therapy, a little revenge ... My lifes got it all! Taking Rodericks advice, I chose the most controversial guest on the list to dive into. Find out which weasel got my hackles up! 94: Back in the Day w/ Patrice 307: Death Dealers w/ Matt B 764: KATG Marathon - Bobby Mitchell and Noemi 1001: Awesome w/ Myq Kaplan 1219: Bonehead w/ Costaki Economopolous 1424: The Heming Way w/ Marty Beckerman 2011: By the Way 2209: Celebrity Deathmatch w/ Jim Conroy 2427: In the Cards w/ Sara Armour 3111: Man Cave w/ Casey James Salengo, Will Winner, and Patrick Schroeder

50: Calendar Boys

Posted: 6/30/2021
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Hello Folks! Its DJ Newsychu back on the ones and twos for all of yous! This week Im joining Keith in staying organized wall calendar-style! We find why I ended up in the City Paper again, and we discuss Sex Yelp! as well as Pride, restaurant tips and tricks, and soccer. Remember, blowing out someone elses candle doesnt make yours burn brighter. Episodes Discussed: 85: I Have a Black Friend w/ Patrice 300: LIVE AUDIENCE! w/ Spooky, Matt B, Max Darwin, Adam Brown 756: The Customer Is Usually Wrong 993: Your Line of Questioning w/ Myq Kaplan 1210: Last Comic Standing w/ Myq Kaplan 1418: Just the Tip w/ Robert Kelly 2005: Classy w/ Danny Hatch, Chris Laker, Jessica Watkins, Michael Khalili 2418: Method Man w/ Frank Liotti 2202: Sticks and Stones w/ Jay Nog

49: Renegotiation

Posted: 6/23/2021
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Ladies and gentle-thems! After a hot and labor intensive vacation, Im back and ready to dig up dirt! There were 9 shows to discuss, with topics including bullies, used condoms, Fathers Day, the service industry, proper potty techniques, and NYC street etiquette. Episodes discussed: 80: Gaylordy Lordy w/ Patrice 751: The Dying and the Dead 987: I Love You w/ Myka Fox 1206: Smoke Weed Every Day w/ Kyle Thompson and Trey Galyon 1414: Game of Thrones w/ Brother Love 2000: SHOW #2,000 w/ a whole buncha folks! 2198: Evil Terrorist Sack of Landfill Rash 2413: Family Tree w/ Kerryn Feehan 3098: System of a Down w/ Shalewa Sharpe

48: Dog Smoking Weed

Posted: 6/9/2021
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Hello folks! Im happy to be back in your ears with another deep dive into the oeuvre of Keith and The Girl! As usual, we catch up with my life and then get right into the shenanigans: Xenu, shower practices, fast food divorces, choking, spitting - you name it! Episodes discussed: 70: Down With Scientology w/ Patrice Callender 285: Love Meter w/ Victor Varnado 975: Burns and Allen w/ Emily Epstine 1197: Ass to Mouth 1406: Who Let the Cat Out w/ Ryan Conner 1991: Basic Bitch w/ John F ODonnell and Myka Fox 2191: Safe Words w/ Ari Shaffir 2404: I Have a Gun w/ Carmen Lynch and Mike Yard Movie 1: Star Trek TNG: Justice w/ Myka Fox and Petey DeAbreu 3089: Love Lies Bleeding

47: 1188

Posted: 5/26/2021
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Hey, Folks! Welcome back to the silliest show on the KATG VIP Network! Barring the moment where I queued up a clip that broke the show, this was another successfully funny episode, and its filled with inappropriate party behavior, movie reviews over the years, fun(?) drug stories, interactions with neighbors, and art appreciation! Episodes discussed: 276: Corsages and Coconuts 966: If Charming Means Cunty w/ Ben Lerman 1188: Hoodlums w/ Kyle Thompson 1397: The Forgiven w/ Carmen Lynch 2183: The Writing on the Chalkboard w/ Danny Hatch 2395: Ghost Cat w/ Christina Galston 3082: PTSD feat. MNIK w/ Aldo Caballero and Xerxes 3274: Daddy's Home w/ Liz Miele

46: Deja Chu

Posted: 5/19/2021
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Welcome back to another trip down KATG memory lane! Before we get into the past, we find out how diligently Ive been saving my money and what I recently watched. Then we find out what Chemdas least favorite dad joke is from Keith. We talk about being prepared for the task at hand, uncovering the true identity of one of the guests, and we review all of Keiths modeling gigs! Episodes discussed: 962: Is This Thing On? w/ Myka Fox and Myq Kaplan 1183: Model Citizen w/ Dan Allen and Ray DeVito 1979: You Guys w/ Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini 2180: IMHO w/ Sabrina Jalees 2390: Open Tabs w/ Anthony DeVito 3301: Dogs in the Street w/ Myka Fox

45: Throw It in the Fire!

Posted: 5/12/2021
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Philosophically speaking, can anyone make Chu feel a certain way? What is a map pack? If you find a grave in the woods, what would you do? Are you really sorry? Youll have to listen to get the answers to these questions! Episodes discussed: 51: Podcast Outlaw w/ Patrice 726: Wanna Fight? 957: Enjoy Yourself w/ M. Dickson 1178: BOP! w/ Micah Sherman and Myq Kaplan 1387: Raise Your Voice w/ Kurt Braunohler 1975: Ballbag Surprise w/ Brother Love 2177: Tom Bradys Balls for Sale Nice and Hairy Get 'Em While Theyre Hot w/ Brandon Collins and Mike Brown 2385: Bathroom Break w/ Rebecca Vigil 3074: Human Shit: The Poo Movie

44: Chus Blues News

Posted: 5/5/2021
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Throw on your lab coat and goggles; this show is science heavy! The wonders of surgery, multiple hypotheses of marriage, new relationship chemistry, and the hydro-mechanics of the body. Hope to hear from my scientific community on Reddit after the show! Episodes Discussed: 1173: Danny Lobell Me Once... - w/ Chris Iacono and Kyle Thompson 1382: Sucked In w/ Dan Mahoney 3070: The Wet Spot

43: Mortal Kombat Chu

Posted: 4/28/2021
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If you follow the Keith and The Girl Reddit page, then youll know why I had to Chu it to em with todays theme song. This show has big dragon energy! We talk toilet tissue techniques, freaks and geeks, tiny people tantrums, and inappropriate creeps. Thanks for tuning in, and well see ya next week! Episodes discussed: 947: Thug Life w/ Pat Dixon and Mr. Internet 1966: Back to Square One w/ Shane Mauss 2169: Riotous w/ Mark Seman 2375: Live! with Liz and Chad w/ Liz Miele and Chad Zumock

42: Between Chu Ferns

Posted: 4/21/2021
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I was gonna record CHU & A, but then I got high! Just kidding, I did both! Join us this week as we discuss child rearing, 4/20, cake wars, casinos, and more! Episodes discussed: 942: Eye of the Beholder w/ Myka Fox 1372: On the Mark w/ Jesse Joyce 2370: Green Christmas w/ Chrissie Mayr and Mehran Khaghani 2614: 2017 24-Hour Marathon: The End w/ Tim Dillon and Ophira Eisenberg 3061: The View

41: Chu's Anatomy

Posted: 4/7/2021
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After a week of being away, Chu & A is here to play! Is that robot really gay? Call Pluto Nash to save the day! Glitter tits and high school shit, April Fools and Entenmann's! Download this show to be in the know, and I'll see you next week, bro! Episodes discussed: 250: Glitter Tits w/ Victor Varnado, Mr. X and Just Julie 699: WrestleMania XXIV - w/ Keith McNally and Matt B 1154: Shit Disturber w/ Pat Dixon 1364: Deenie w/ Carmen Lynch 1952: Nuke Em High w/ Justy Dodge 2155: How Does It Feel w/ Blake Joseph 2356: High Steaks w/ Tim Dillon and Ralph Sutton 2602: Mmm I Like That w/ Halle Kiefer 3050: Keiths Mom Is Dead w/ Conor Delehanty and Andrea Allan 3253: Kyle Hates Movies w/ Kyle Ocasio and 25: The Relationship Hour 1158: Bad Boy of Comedy w/ Kyle Thompson & John F. O'Donnell 2160: The Fast and the Furious w/ Jake Young 2360: Only in New York w/ Carolyn Castiglia 2607: Just a Person w/ Anthony DeVito 3055: Babys on Fire w/ J.P. McDade

40: Jolly Rancher

Posted: 3/25/2021
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Ah this was a show for the history books! We start the show with some breaking news, both good and bad. We hear about a new part-time gig I have and the stress it brings, and then we get nasty with some old school jerk-offs in an episode that isn't for the faint of heart. Okay bye love you! Send any questions to Episodes discussed: 925: Banana, Banana w/ Hennessy 1150: Inside The Woman w/ Patrice 1948: In Your Whiteface w/ Mike Brown and Brandon Collins 2152: The Break-Up w/ Christian Finnegan

39: Salty & Sweet

Posted: 3/17/2021
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Ta-tee ta-taa ta-too, what's up Newsychu! It's St. Patrick's Day, so get some green in you, however it is you choose! Folks, there are TWO songs in this episode, along with notes on how NOT to get a date, how to work oysters and Groupons, and how to rock sweet and savory foods. We also talk shady landlords, catcalling, and guests with dark pasts and dark futures. Tune in to find out who they are! Send your questions to Episodes Discussed: 9: The Girl's Brother 1144: The Blob 1356: Well Enough 1943: Spank You Very Much 2592: Nerd Justice

38: Just Dudes Doodling

Posted: 3/10/2021
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Hey Chu & A listeners! This show is packed with frantic energy as I try and cram 2 weeks into 1 episode! After we get through my neuroses, we have 8 shows worth of content to talk about - parents, sex, fraud, celebrities - you know how we Chu it over here! Shows discussed: 910: The Parent Trap 2582: State of The Industry 3032: Leaving Neverland 3240: TakE A hiKE and 914: Comics Strip 3244: Shooters Gotta Shoot 2341: The Average Hulk

37: Quick Shit

Posted: 2/24/2021
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Vampires and fairies and werewolves, oh my! This week we start off with me forcing my sweet sweet boyfriend to watch trash TV, me justifying purchases with Keith Math, and me being a therapist for my weed guy! Then we talk about hecklers, focus groups, silver linings; and, we get a live demonstration on how to have the cleanest ass in town in 30 seconds or less, followed by a surprise no one saw coming! Im still picking up my jaw! Send in your questions to Episodes discussed: 905: Connect the Dots 1540: We ARE Better 2136: Fuck Eddie Murphy 2330: Cool Stats 2577: Spitballing 3235: Plug It In

36: Rock 'n' Roll Detective

Posted: 2/18/2021
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Ahem ahem - welcome to Chu & A! This week's catch up with Chu starts off innocent and sweet and then takes a turn that isn't for the faint of heart! After the unpleasantness, we talk misremembered childhoods, jokes during sex, some more standup submissions, and porn porn lots of porn. See ya next week! Send any questions to Episodes discussed: 1129: Cerebral 2325: Mother of the Year 2573: Chew on This 3230: A Moist Wink

35: Chuvenirs

Posted: 2/10/2021
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Oh boy! What a show! This episode is jam packed with hilarious memories from the gang like flash mobs, bad gifts, selfish souvenirs, stand-up submissions, and so much silliness that will leave you hoping Keith and Chemda have 16 more years of episodes in them so we can keep this forever! Send any questions you might have to Episodes discussed: 896: Intent to Distribute (John DeForest Petrie) 1125: Oh Boy 1336: Pre-Cum 1533: Tales of a Struggling Cult Leader 2568: The Price is Wrong 3022: The Flying V w/ Kerryn Feehan 3227: Oscar! Oscar! 2020

34: I Need Faces

Posted: 2/3/2021
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Oh man, when I end a show and I have the Podcast Sweats I know I had a good time! After a little financial advice for Chu, we find out how everyone is recovering from the marathon, talk all things SNL and Super Bowl, hear some MTA stories, and dig up some old KATGuh drama. Chu know how I do! If you have any questions send them to Episodes discussed: 2129: Live from New York 2315: 2016 47-Hour Marathon: Piss Play 2563: 9th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

33: Lord of 222

Posted: 1/27/2021
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Hey friends! It sure is fun reminiscing, isn't it? This week we start the show with a sticky journal entry from my high school self, we talk about adulterous robots, Keith's dad jokes, Chemda's adventures on bikes, smarmy volleyballs, and so much more! If you have any questions for me and the crew email us at Episodes discussed: 211: Happy Slapping 1326: Southern Charm 1524: On the Horse 2125: Don't Look Down 2558: The Cheating Series 3014: 11th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

32: Anderson Chuper

Posted: 1/20/2021
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Woooo! What a fun show! After talking about my insecurities, we get right into it with a guest (and their tagalong friend) that it was clear the gang wasn't feeling, some classic stories about our hosts, this week's controversial topic, and a rather electrifying revelation from Chemda! You don't wanna miss this one! Send your questions in to Episodes discussed: 207: Titties for God 1111: I Want to Kill You 1520: Touche 2122: Jessica Walking 2306: All About Steve 2552: What a Pisser 3011: Burn Your Hat 3220: The No No Place

31: Crying Over Tots

Posted: 1/13/2021
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Hello folks! Take a break from doom-scrolling, and let's do some dirt-digging of our favorite hosts! We discuss our old pal Bobby, bromances, DUIs, lost keys, and knowing when to ask for help! Send your questions or comments to Episodes discussed: 203 - City Mouse Country Mouse 878 - Bromance 1107 - We Are at War 1516 - War Games 1904 - Reddit and Weep 2303 - This Is True 3214 - Holy Castle

30: Apples & Oranges

Posted: 1/6/2021
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Hey friends! We're back and excited to relive past KATG adventures! We've got plenty of holiday travel drama, some impressions, and some amazing singing. Send any questions to

29: Weird but Chu

Posted: 12/9/2020
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We kick things off with my recent interactions on the Nextdoor App, find out Keith's feelings about Schitt's Creek, get the skinny on some old-school jerk-off, and talk psychedelics and trips with some of our favorites!

28: Freestylin'

Posted: 12/2/2020
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It's December 2nd, the last important holiday of the year!

27: The Loudest Chu in the Room

Posted: 11/18/2020
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Welcome back! In this episode we learn how to be a pick-up artist, what pesto is (or isn't), what to get tattooed on your genitals, and the Tao of Keith! Get zen with us! Send any questions you have to

26: l Love That for Chu!

Posted: 11/4/2020
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Hey everybody. I have a boyfriend, a weed card, and a COVID-spreading sibling. Our show covers button pushers, audience punchers, daylight savings hoarders, tattoos, and Kentucky! Send any questions or comments to and get active on Reddit!

25: Token Black

Posted: 10/28/2020
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What a fun episode in a time when we really need it! In this episode we talk about taking critiques, haunted houses, fuckin' nerds, EatsPastegate, advertisement etiquette, Flavor of the Month etiquette, and Chemda poisoning Keith. There's so much to talk about! If you have any questions about past guests or KATG hijinks, send them to

24: Prussian Chu

Posted: 10/21/2020
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Uh oh, did someone mention Gilmoregate?! Double, double Chu's boiling up trouble! We also catch up on my new hobbies, talk tooth troubles, sugar walls, dirtballs, and bank fraud! Allegedly! Please continue sending questions to

23: Container

Posted: 10/14/2020
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Hey hey CHU & A! Guess whos having a completely tame, problem-free week! This guy me! I had a blast reminiscing about the KATG Tour of 2015 and all the gayness involved in the San Francisco show! Also we got some listener questions. To get your inquiries answered, email! See you next week!

22: Gonorrhea Goons

Posted: 10/8/2020
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Hello CHU & A-Listers! We discuss the best way to give your new boo some bummer news, then we get dirty with DERBY!, talk conspiracy theories, reminisce on KATG BINGO, and look at crazy celeb stories of the ages!

21: The Program

Posted: 10/1/2020
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Hello, Chu N'ation! (Thanks, Chris.) In this episode, a simple gif leads to the next chapter in Newsy's love life. Try to figure out why hes so comfortable with blue balls, and reminisce over the shows that happened on September 30ths throughout the ages. Send any questions you have to

20: Chu of Queens

Posted: 9/23/2020
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Hey Chu and Apostles! I kick the episode off with another round of Guess What Thing I Did That I Promised My Therapist I Wouldn't?. That leads to some of Chemdas best deduction work and 12 episodes worth of recaps! You don't wanna miss this one! Send all questions to

19: Comedy Nerds

Posted: 9/17/2020
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Jeez, I couldn't wait to start talking about my rampant sex life in this episode! After we get that goofiness out of the way, we take a trip back to September 16ths throughout the ages, this time including VIP shows! We also get a surprise guest to fill the Rage portion of the show. You won't wanna miss this!

18: Do Chu Remember?

Posted: 9/9/2020
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Newsychu brings up KATGs opinions from years prior to see if they stand by them or disagree with themselves.

17: Dr. Feelgood

Posted: 9/2/2020
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Oh boy, we get really real right off the bat with Chu's Tales of Childhood Trauma! After that detour, we continue in our time machine to September 1sts throughout the ages. We develop a new game: Guess the Guest, we talk about the age of KATG TV, the branding of an intern, bloody assholes, and even more butt stuff. This episode ain't for your grandma! There was so much, I didn't even get to ask the questions I got from you emailing Enjoy!

16: Hurricane Chu

Posted: 8/26/2020
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Well blow me down; it's another week with CHU & A, and there's a big hurricane coming! Newsy catches up with the gang before diving into the past, where they talk about Keith's gun purchase, comedians and their reaction to Keith and Chemda in the audience, Blind Justice, stolen penises, comedians dirty apartments, a blow-job cafe, turnstile jumping, and Lenny Dykstra! What a fun episode! Send any questions you have about shows past and present to

15: Illegal Dumping

Posted: 8/19/2020
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Look at this photograph! Woo, that song brings back memories, and it's how we start this week's show which is jam-packed full of memories! We talk about COVID and cold sores, we jump back in time to past August 19ths, and we end off by trying to find solutions for bedroom intruders. Thanks for the question, Ana! Keep sending them in to

14: La Isla Chu & A

Posted: 8/12/2020
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Welcome back Chu and A-listers! We catch up and talk about Silent Trailers and OMAT, my shitty sex life, and a bunch of episodes that happened on August 12th throughout the ages! Are there any guest origins you're curious about? Send questions to

13: Or Whatever

Posted: 8/5/2020
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Hey all Chu Assholes come and listen to us, it's the Chu & A podcast! This week I took a listen to a KATG episode of old, and we discuss! We also talk about old podcast jerks, emails vs. voicemails, Zoom etiquette, and more!

12: Wossamotta U

Posted: 7/29/2020
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Heeey Chu & Angels! We kick this show off with a listener question (keep em coming!) about KATG Weeks past and future. We also talk gym time, Pizzagate, Hugsygate, feelings parades, protest worries, and upcoming KATG events! Send questions for the gang to

11: CHUAR!

Posted: 7/22/2020
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There's a storm brewing, but that doesnt stop this Chu Chu train! We talk exes, robots, singing, YELLING, therapy, impulse control, and relationship resolutions. I'm pretty sure we all left this episode in a calm mood, and I'm happy for that! Send questions for the gang to

10: American History Sex

Posted: 7/15/2020
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Uh oh, is this about to be a juicy episode slam packed with some Real Nice Sex? You'll have to listen to find out! We DID talk about doing things you hate, Gilmore Girls, quitting, commas, and anger issues! I hope this is like therapy for you too! Send questions for the gang to

9: Gravity Kills

Posted: 7/8/2020
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Good feeling from start to finish. Which one of the 3 of us almost died recently? We talk gift giving, new KATG guests, salvia, marathons, Gilmore Girls, and an infamous roommate of Newsys.

8: Fuck Your Couch!

Posted: 6/24/2020
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What do we want? When do we want it? If you know the answer to these, you're starting off CHU & A on the right foot! We have your questions, and we get them answered. Does Keith still think America is the best?! Our friends from Dumpster Fireside Chat try to drum up some Diamond Dog controversy, we catch up on Newsy's hectic life, and this time Newsy gets Chemda's blood pressure up!

7: Warrant

Posted: 6/17/2020
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Oh boy, can't anything be simple?! This week we try out another alternative to "How are you?" I give my bootleg OMAT update as well as revisit that pesky Amy Cooper Bill. We poo-poo feel-good stories, Harry Pooter makes an appearance in the J. K. Rowling segment, and I talk about relating to a heavy KATG listeners letter. Then, we find out which of the 3 of us has an update to their personal life, and we end the show with some more KATG Memories. For fucks sake, email me some of your own questions! That listener letter should have come to me first!

6: What Did I Do?

Posted: 6/11/2020
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Good Covid, Chubirds! (Maybe I'll still workshop my fanbase name.) First off, this week I ask the question, "Can you get the coronavirus from a Memory?" We talk toxic cuteness (a Newsy specific disease), more protest talk, whether or not I'm a ****, and, in the Boiling Points segment, I voluntarily turn Keith's anger toward myself. Who could get mad at lil ol' me?! :D

5: NYPD Chu

Posted: 6/3/2020
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Welcome back to Thanks For Giving Me A Show Keith And Chemda featuring Chu. How did my first day of work end up? Unrelated, have you ever been used as an informant; because I have! Also, do you know how easy it is to get a gun? Cause I do! Tune in to figure out what the fuck I'm talking about!

4: Can I Get Real w/Chu?

Posted: 5/27/2020
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Oh boy Newsy. What did you do?! You made Keith yell red-faced, and you made Chemda cry! What questions could be good enough for that?! Did Newsy make a mistake last week? Why did he yell at his mom? Does Keith still play Best Fiends? Tune in and find out!

3: Chu is the New Math

Posted: 5/20/2020
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In this time of COVID, we are weary of the greeting, "How are you?". We find alternate ways to greet our fellow quarantiners. We hear about some excellent Chu Math, we get to the bottom of bad texters, and we jump in and out of recent KATG shows. You asked it; you got it!

2: How Am I?

Posted: 5/13/2020
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Newsy learns that it's not how you ask the question, but How you ask the Question. We learn about confidence, bumps and bruises, poker talk, Daddy Issues, future KATG plans, and more!

1: Niceeeeee!

Posted: 5/8/2020
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From fanboy to fanman, Newsychu shares the mic with his favorite podcasters Keith and Chemda. Chune in while Newsy asks the hard-hitting questions you want the answers to. In our inaugural episode, Nervous Newsy asks about perverted peer pressure, couple squabbles in the pandemic, relocating Keith and The Girl, reopening the states, and munching butt!
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