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But you see...the TOPIC of this part of the forums IS ROBOTS and HOW TO STOP THEM...and HUMANS UNITED AGAINST THEM...hence all the discussion on robots. And while we may be low for discussing the eventual fall of mankind to robots and how to prepare for that day, we are at least discussing the TOPIC rather than just trolling on every thread here.

Talk about low. I'm sure robots do not concern you since you never leave your mom's basement, but since you wanted a reply that didn't have to do with your shitty typing skills, I'll keep it to that. Though I'm pretty sure using correct grammer is not really a sign of being an idiot as you say, but each his own.

um no im not HUAR. i love robots. im a robotic psysicist and i work for the NSA bud. I know what robots can do and cant do. and they are getting as inteligent ans humans. but the have nothing to gain so they wont rebel like in science fiction
Ok, so first off, the NSA...and you even know what the NSA does or did you just learn about it from watching movies? The NSA does signals analysis, aka codebreaking, eavesdropping, electronic spying...nothing to do with 'robots'. DARPA might be the better agency to say you work for. And while I said I wouldn't bust your balls on the grammer thing...nobody at NSA would type so poorly, because intelligence is a prerequesit for the job. Secondly, because robots have nothing to 'gain' by rebelling does not mean they will not rebel. Complex code has bugs. All it takes is one of those bugs to make a robot go crazy and start killing things. All it takes is a few for them to do some big damage. Give them 'dynamic' thought, and our fate is sealed. We can't make a 'master race' will end in failure. We also cannot create a subservient will end in failure...where does that leave us? At the mercy of robots. To a large degree they already control us. Go buy a was built by robots. Clothes...built by robots. If all the robots being used today decided to stop working, it would be disasterous to the world economies. Now expand that roll in the future. HUAR doesn't just fight the movie style robot uprising, it fights our dependence on robots as a whole.

So next time you are sitting at your computer looking for some good old constructive comments (of which all of your 42 posts have been in the HUAR section, and of little or no value to the conversation, simply troll fodder) to make while you are jerking off cause you are showing us fucking dumb asses whats what...just think about this: When the robots come you'll be in your moms basement with your tiny prick in your hand and be among the first to fry. Enjoy that thought, and go the fuck away. You sir are not welcome in HUAR!! Have a nice day.
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