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Originally Posted by i_like_cheese_2001 View Post
This one isn't really a horrible thing, but it JUST happened about 20 mins ago and I want to tell the story.

Okay, so I was riding my bike through a park that they closed so they can set up the rides and midway because we're having a fair in a few days. It felt like riding through the abandoned amusement park on Scooby Doo.

I see a golf cart coming, and I know that's park rangers (the parks around here are closed from 11pm-8am, especially with all those free fair rides set up) and I book it (it IS a golf cart, and I know the area really well) and golf cart guy gets on his walkie talkie. I hear him describe where we are, and what I'm wearing, so I know he's talkin' to the federales. I get to the entrance of the park just as a cop car turns on the street a block away, and turns towards me and the park, so I ride the other direction, and cut through some alleyways/walking paths that I knew cars couldn't go on (and most people don't know about) in a large loop, and I'm back at the entrance of the park where I started, but the cop and golf cart guy aren't there, so I start riding home, and see another cop, just as I get near my house.

I cut through another big park that's all woodsy (so I knew they couldn't follow me in) and came out on the other side about a block away from my house. As I'm sneaking back in (via the roof) a cop drives down my street really slowly looking around, so I had to lay flat on my back on my roof and wait for him to pass, then came back in my room.

I win, coppers!
... if it weren't for those meddling kids!

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