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Originally Posted by Guy
How 'bout Zombie AOL:My Dead Customer. Then the sequel would be Zombie AOL 2:The Family's Revenge.
All I know is that for Zombie AOL 2:The Family's Revenge the trailer would start with the booming movie voice over dude saying:

"20 years later they brought him back...and this time he's not alone."
"This time he's fighting for his family...this time he's fighting for all of us."
"This time AOL messed with the wrong zombie."

The voice over would be on top of a sequence of the zombie looking over a pile of card statements and seeing 20 years of AOL payments on his old card, and when that was cancelled, payments on the credit card statements of random family members.

Then we would cut to a shot of the zombie crying while on the phone to AOL customer service trying to cancel the account.
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