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Intervention advice/experience needed

My sister and I are planning to do an intervention with our Father.

He is 55 Years old, married/divorced once over 20 years ago, has no job and lives with his Mom.

Just today, it was brought to my attention that he has been emotionally abusing my Grandma/his Mom, then physically assaulted his brother and has been MIA all day long.

I suspect he has deep psychological issues that have just recently fast tracked him onto a very destructive path.

My Sister and I are the only people he has left in his life that he has not fragmented into some imaginary antagonist i.e. his Mom, brothers, sisters, and friends.

We are literally the only thing he has left to live for.

I'm going to speak with a therapist tomorrow on what I should do. I'm hoping to have an appointment scheduled for him this week. Currently the plan is for my Sister and I to present an ultimatum. Get professional help now, or else we will no longer participate in your life.

This sounds harsh, but he is extremely stubborn and these problems have escalated far beyond the abilities of caring loving family members, of which he has had plenty.

This is a really bad situation, and I have never dealt with anything this dark and scary from a person I care deeply about.

Not looking for the magic answer, just curious if anyone else has any stories or knowledge on a situation similar to this.

Thank you.
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