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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post

I'm sure you know, cause you don't seem like a fool, but there are a lot of "therapists" out there who aren't therapists.
Yeah, im collecting a list of legitimate ones and will call them all one by one tomorrow and see which one I get a good vibe from.

I already found one therapist who had these Google reviews about her:

My boyfriend went to see Dr.Hong twice the first appointment lasted 1hr. During that hour he was given medication and was mis-diagnosed. The second time he went to see her she took a whole 15minutes with him and sent him out with a prescription. I really wished I had read these reviews before he went to see her.‎

Dr hong is by far the worst doctor ever. She didn't listen to me at all. If i said a medicine wasn't working, she would be like oh have you tried this? what about that? Just throwing medicines out there. She didn't say why they would help ...‎

She was always late for her appointments. She is a bit spacey. When I was at her office I was crying a lot. She would say why are you crying? I would tell her that my husband just died. She thinks it is wrong to cry. Don't waste your time ...‎
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