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A couple of things that weren't brought up re: Fallon Fox during the show:
  • Fallon Fox was in the navy as a male-bodied transgender woman, having decided to live as a man despite being aware of what transgender is.
  • She didn't transition until she was 31 years old.
  • Not all organisations would allow her to fight. Some organisations do, and these are the ones she's been competing in.
  • She came out as trans after her second fight.
  • She is by no means the "best" female fighter. She's only had six fights, with one loss, and hasn't fought anyone considered top-tier.
  • She's 39 now, which is pretty close to retirement for most in the MMA business. The chances of her getting to face the best in the business are pretty slim.
  • Any fights I've seen with her in have been displays of raw power over any real technique - they've mainly put her in the ring with people who are completely outclassed in terms of physical strength.

Ronda Rousey (the current UFC bantamweight champion, considered the #1 female fighter on the planet) has been quoted as saying she will fight "anyone, anywhere, any time" and that she would fight a man, but she refuses to fight top-ranked Cristina "Cyborg" Santos - who many believe to have used steroids to become a champion herself - or Fallon Fox. I believe the difference there is that she doesn't want to put the belt on the line against someone she feels didn't achieve their position in the sport through training and natural ability alone.

This probably comes across as quite negative towards Fallon Fox, but for the record I think if people are willing to get into matches with her, there's no reason for her not to do what she claims to love - fight. I strongly doubt we'll ever see her fight anyone that people consider a worthwhile opponent before she retires but hey, the UFC knows how to turn a dollar, and if there's money to be made in seeing Fallon on the biggest MMA stage, I wouldn't rule it out.
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