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I had a good relationship with my parents. Both were good people, sure we had our issues at times, mostly when I was a teen so, I have to blame myself because it was probably hormones.

Now the two of them together was like gasoline and and open flame. They would fight anytime they saw each other until they separated when I was about 10, one of the best years of my life! NO JOKE, them separating made life so much better. My dad would try to come home later and later and when they saw each other it was always an argument, no stressful for me and obviously no good for them.

Dad was emotionally distant until my Mom got sick about 10 years after the separation, that's when they started getting along again. Not that they got back together. It's just that the petty feelings just didn't matter any longer. Then she died and Dad changed, all of a sudden he wanted to be involved more. It was like a switch. I asked him about it once, some years after Mom passed, and he said he tried to keep distance because he had hurt Mom so much he wanted to give her all the space with us kids. He was there to support us financially and he wasn't really cold but he just didn't want to interfere with what he saw as her parental direction and relationship. He passed away last year on Valentines Day. (so now you know how I voted)

... so fuck Valentines Day for fucking ever now... My wife says she understands... This year I did a lover's day like thing the week before to make sure she felt loved and hoped she didn't miss it, it worked well. No I don't call it lover's day or anything but it's the same thing really, it gets the idea across.
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