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Guys, why so serious? The word associations, the hyperactive, disorganized speech seamlessly and breathlessly jumping from topic to topic, the flurry of books Keith mentioned propping up his microphone. At one point he takes the word ďownĒ literally when Keith asks him if he does word associations with his own words, saying itís impossible for him to own a word. It seems like heís having a manic episode. No point being upset with something beyond his control.

That all being said, not everything he said was bullshit. It just so happens thereís quite a bit of it mixed in. But then, conspiracy thinking is a symptom of mania. The last time he was on, he seemed to be in a clear headspace and talked about an old manic episode. This time, it seems heís in the fucking think of it if my armchair psychiatry tracks (full disclosure, Iím not an expert). And no surprise, itís an especially tough climate for a mental illness.

Thereís something brilliant about him. The more Iím exposed to manic bipolars and schizophrenics, the more I think all the so-called prophets of old mustíve had it. Yes, thereís delusion, but thereís also a charisma and brilliant intelligence about them. Itís like unfocused brain power. Chaos with bright spots. I was hooked onto every word.

I hope heís OK.
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