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Hello Sheeple!

The GOAT is back this week, and he takes you on a journey through all things KATG. If you didn't know who "The GOAT" was referring to in the first line of this description, know that itís me, Rod. I'm The GOAT.

GOAT means Greatest Of All Time. And that means no matter what I say or do, Criag loves it. Even when I'm saying things that make Craig feel bad. So don't feel bad for Craig. Know that Craig would LOOOOVE this episode.

Oh Keyth and Heemda were there too. I think that's their names. I can't be bothered to remember because I'm so great. I don't have to care about anyone but myself. Hell, I don't even care what we talked about. Doo doo on your heads!

See you cucks in 2 weeks when I'll still be The GOAT and you'll still be whatever it is that you are. Just remember that whatever it is you are, it's not The GOAT. You can't be. Because that's me. Rod Morrow. The GOAT.

Greatest Of All Time.


*Greatest Of All Time aka Rod "The GOAT" Morrow.

Rod Morrow

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