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Gather up party people it's about that time Rod and Karen are back with a brand new rhyme Keith and Chemda are here too And we're sponsored by Rod, These Shoes We got a little Marty DeRosa pillow talk In therapy about to rub his penis off Does Billy Procida need a heater? His ex said they need to see other people And he better help himself to some therapy Chemda revealed the name he left a mystery But moving through like 2 am shrimp parmesan That had Keith's stomach screaming like Oh man, c’mon! Bianca is the real MVP for hosting with a migraine And she was still her cheerful self through all of the blind pain Newsy had a boring week of sucking and fucking And even had time to give Casey James a little something something The Diamond Dogs found out what makes Blucas tick And it's not a surprise Andy’s a big ol’ dick Silent Trailers is last up this week and to keep it brief I believe this chaotic crew discovered how to beat Keith You just need to cheat and have a lot of self-belief Okay that's enough of the comic relief You know Rod, I keep it light but forthright Bianca hosts next week so I'll see you in a fortnight May 16, 2022
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