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LW 137: Shows 3375 - 3377

Dear Keith and Chemda, I said a lot of reprehensible things in this episode and I would like it taken down. If my uncle ever hears how I jacked off while he was in the hospital it may cause my family to disown me. We all know podcasts are admissible as evidence in court. (Just ask Keith's dad!) If nothing else, can we take out the part where I expressed my unabashed love for Kenan Thompson on SNL? I know we made several references to that during the show but I would like it deleted. I also totally flubbed the order of the episodes and forgot my notes for episode 3375. I'm sure your paying listeners and fans will understand that they just aren't getting a show this week because I was a little bitch. Love, Rod P.S. Please delete this email after responding to it because I have. March 1, 2021


Rod MorrowRod Morrow
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