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Rod Morrow

Co-host of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast.
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Are you ready to hear Rod hold Keith and Chemda accountable for being puppets of the liberal lamestream media information silo complex? Well you've come to the right place. The place where we all come together and find the REAL truth about what's going on. Segments: Where to sit in a movie theater People wanting to make movies about their own lives All the good restaurant workers quit or died Care package unboxing Anxiety for the family during holidays Is Keith about to propose? Keep fucking dangerously, Newsy The 3-Hole Punch Trapper Keeper Smut Club Chemda on Trump The best I told you so is the one never said Till all are one, Rodimus Prime* *cues Stan Bush's The Touch December 6, 2021


Rod MorrowRod Morrow
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