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Keith 12-29-2017 07:18 PM

Now, when you typed that, would you say that you affected the keys on the keyboard in NO way, shape, or form WHATSOEVER, or would you say that you did make at least SOME kind of difference?

Lanfear 12-29-2017 08:43 PM

Well I'd consider myself fully atheist but I do turn my dice to 'train' them to roll what I want.
#vibrations #criticalhit #nerdalert

Jmsmittyroad 12-30-2017 09:39 AM

Man, we worked very hard for over an hour to not understand agnostic. I think I knew we were heading for an episode like this when I heard Chemda talking about the singing at the Hare Krishna center.

da_ticklah 12-30-2017 10:53 AM

Keith's right "your not religious your spiritual". It's the weed talking I've seen it all before, start eating Ital so it lines up with the hippie vitamins.

Jah Selassie I peace and blessings..

Keith 12-30-2017 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Jmsmittyroad (Post 865510)
Man, we worked very hard for over an hour to not understand agnostic. I think I knew we were heading for an episode like this when I heard Chemda talking about the singing at the Hare Krishna center.

And with you being so sure, you're wrong, because she doesn't question the existence of a god. She knows there isn't one.

"But what if a lamp is my god?"

That's fine. It just means you don't know what words are.

porky2468 12-30-2017 02:55 PM

I half get what Chemda is saying. We're all just energy and matter that came from the Big Bang. I like that everyone is connected like that and when we die we'll become something else (it makes me feel better about all the crappy decisions I've made in my life because I'll get another go soon enough). But I don't get the joint consciousness thing, I started getting lost there. I'm glad Keith mentioned spiritual because that's how I feel, but it can sound goofy to say. I just want to be one with the earth!

FingerLakes 01-01-2018 01:57 PM

I think there are people who definitely don't believe everyone effects each other and the "universe." Everyone who denys climate change, super religious people who think only God punishes or grants blessings and so people of other religions are going to hell and are full of hate. There's the difference between religion and spirituality. Just believing in the end result and the rules and not in actually helping each other here in the present because God's love is enough.

Chemda is a total hippie and has been for a while. I don't think that's a bad word. hippies are just as made fun of as atheist from other outside groups. While hippie invokes the image of a flower prancing silly person, atheist involves a fat white dude in a fedora leaving shitty comments on any religious content online.

Spiritual Atheist is the perfect word for her. The idea that We are God is not new and the mind over matter idea of kinda literally putting out what we get and see in the world.

Chemda never said she believes in elf powder. Keith has too much left over Catholic rigidity in him to allow himself to be in this space. Even after repeatedly saying he believes in spirituality and connected energies (IE affecting people in ways that are unseen and not immediately apparent) he has to make fun of it cuz it's too wishy washy and gray.

So at the end you're saying the same thing. And Keith is a prick. And I'm into it

Scorpion 01-02-2018 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by The Girl (Post 865495)

Very true.

I think I need to go back and visit the spaces that talked about vibrations that resonated with me.

I agree with you. I want to look at this other thing for a minute and see if there’s something to it. What if both are true? ...


Archimedes_Screw 01-02-2018 05:36 PM

With all things just apply achems razor to it. Also look into logical fallacies. It's a lifetime struggle for me. Loved this episode.

kat666 01-02-2018 06:16 PM

I think that god is just the collection of shared consciousness. I dont think it would be possible we would have a concept of that as a species if we didnt have speech or written language. Its the buildup of communication and shared ideas over a space of time. People can experience the same kind of feelings through a football club, or even (to a lesser extent but still the same idea) the same people you see at the bus stop each morning, or the ritual of walking your dog. People make waaaaay to much fuss over things, jeez wouldnt it be nice if we were all just goldfish.

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