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dannyhatch 03-09-2015 07:28 PM

2143: Ten Years Down
with Troy Conrad - Defending Brian Williams; trying oysters; KATG memories; why women are better at business; Hillary Clinton's hacked email; Bill Cosby's new video; humans vs. dogs; #dancingman; Apple Watch

Troy Conrad

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WSEIII 03-09-2015 09:16 PM

I have a 108 IQ, Diploma in Communications and a General Education Degree. I've been playing Alto Saxophone since I was in the fifth grade (age 11).

My mom doesn't understand me listening to podcasts. I don't always agree with what the two of you say but I've been listening since 2009 and have over 900 forum comments, took out the numbers from the boys vs. girls game.

Oh yeah, dancing is a form of exercise.

Scumhook 03-09-2015 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by WSEIII (Post 840233)
My mom doesn't understand me listening to podcasts.


Your life is a litany of failure and stands as a beacon of "what not to do", your opinions are always wrong, you're probably a repressed homosexual or more likely a repressed pedophile; but podcasts are the thing she doesn't understand?

Keith 03-09-2015 09:45 PM

108 IQ?

Who told you that?

You have a 108 IQ and you think you can trick me by only answering some of my questions?

invader 03-09-2015 11:31 PM

I agree with Keith, this guy is just a charity case. I know if I was in this guys shoes I would hate to be put in this situation. Bad enough I was embarrassed once, but lets keep bringing this situation back up? I feel bad for the guy, but I also feel it would be better if they used the money they collected for therapy to work on this dudes self-esteem. So that the next time he dances in public and a group of people laugh at him, he'll dance over to them and try to get them to dance along with him instead of shamefully hiding it. As it stands, a year from now if he is in the same situation he is just going to have the same shameful reaction punctuated with a memory of the time when a room full of young women threw a pity party for him. If there is one thing that can kill a mans ego faster than being publicly mocked its pity and especially pity from a woman.

I know the woman organizing this whole thing means well but this isn't the way to really help a guy out.

Dean from Australia 03-09-2015 11:35 PM

Saw Wil Andersons new show down here at the Adelaide Fringe and he was hilarious. It was also his opening night so he was road testing his material which made it even more brilliant. I really hope he makes it big in America. He's been a mainstay in Australia for 20 years.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Gear - a gift from a couple Christmases back.

It is a pain in the arse and I hardly wear it anymore.

It's been done.

iheartnihilism 03-10-2015 08:35 AM

Is 108 supposed to be high?I tested in the 140's as a kid. (what the fuck do I know?)

Keith 03-10-2015 09:01 AM

You know that God is bullshit.

Lanfear 03-10-2015 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by iheartnihilism (Post 840261)
Is 108 supposed to be high?I tested in the 140's as a kid. (what the fuck do I know?)

There are all kinds of problems associated with the tests but ignoring that they are meant to work as 100 being average with two thirds of all people falling into a +/- 15 points range.
(woooohooo bell curves)

Roboevan 03-10-2015 03:35 PM

Talking about #dancingman

As a around 300 pound slightly socially awkward man, if people around the world were tweeting about how fat I was, even as a positive thing I'd be embarrassed. Never mind a group of women getting together to throw a party where I would just be uncomfortable, If it was me, I would have just preferred if someone felt sorry for me and then left it alone, because now instead of a viral image that would have lasted a day, there's a huge party around some shitty thing that happened to me that's now coming up as a topic on a talk show.

anyways, great show as always.

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