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Troy Conrad

Comedian and creator of Set List - Stand-up Without a Net.
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KATG 2143: Ten Years Down

with Troy Conrad - Defending Brian Williams; trying oysters; KATG memories; why women are better at business; Hillary Clinton's hacked email; Bill Cosby's new video; humans vs. dogs; #dancingman; Apple Watch March 9, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Instant Classic: Troy Conrad, the most recent member of the KATG Classics club, is in studio
  • — The Biggest Devil's Advocate In Town: Troy tries to defend late night talk show host wannabe Brian Williams
  • — Not Inconsequential: Chemda tried oysters for the first time at her yearly KATG dinner with Keith. Listeners share memories of their first KATG episode.
  • — Who Knew?: Shark Tank's Kevin O’Leary has more faith in a company's success if a woman is running it
  • — First Email President: According to security experts, Hillary Clinton put the security of the United States at risk by using an easily hackable personal email address and server instead of her government address
  • — Far From Finished: Bill Cosby released a video featuring him in his pajamas on a fake phone call to promote his upcoming stand-up dates
  • — Life's A Bitch: A dog was discovered dead with poisoned meat in its stomach after winning 2nd place in a prestigious dog competition. A woman was arrested after her abandoned 3-month-old dog was discovered battered and starving in a plastic bag.
  • — #dancingman: After he was made fun of online for dancing, a fat man is being thrown his own dancing party filled with hot women and celebrities
  • — Time Is Money: The Apple Watch comes in three varieties, the most expensive of which is over $10,000
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Troy ConradTroy Conrad

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